WWE Physician On Leaving His Practice, Kofi's Opponents Always Getting Hurt

Dr. Chris Amann, senior ringside physician, is spotlighted in the April 2013 issue of WWE Magazine. In it, he talks about leaving his practice in 2008 to take a job with WWE and his frequent patients. Below is an excerpt:

Leaving His Practice:

"Quite honestly, I wasn't looking to leave the medical practice I'd built up pretty strong back in Chicago. But I had the opportunity to send WWE my résumé, and I did. A couple of weeks later, I went out for an interview at a TV taping in Albany. I got a chance to see what went on behind the scenes and speak with the staff, learn the requirements. I was intrigued about having the chance to develop their sports-medicine program not to mention the job sounded like a bunch of fun. So I left my practice to join up with WWE."

Frequent Visitors:

"I can't single out one Superstar. But, and this is sort of funny, there was a period of time when the joke backstage was, 'If you're having a match with Kofi, you were going to end up with me.' So I was seeing his opponents one after the other at one point! Then there are Superstars such as John Cena, who barely frequent the training room. But when a medical issue does come up, he's good about letting us know.

For more on Chris Amann you can check out his WWE corporate biography at this link.

  • That must of been when Kofi was busting wrestlers foreheads open. When he didn’t wear those pads over his laces. If I remember correctly it was like 5 guys, Orton being the one.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    …That might be a small factor in why he doesnt get pushed. I know that sounds stupid, but if theres a running joke backstage about you hurting guys(even with the Docs), it cant look good with TPTB, Right?

  • Of course Cena rarely sees the trainer…when you got the 5 movesets of doom there’s not much room for injuries.

    • Razmos

      Take it you havent watched wrestling for a while, CM PUNK against Cena being possible match of the year, he used more than 5 moves then, i dont personally like Cena but give the guy a break he works a hell of a lot more than anyone else there.

      • I’m sorry but CM punk CARRIED THE WHOLE MATCH! If you were impressed with that botchacanrrana than your easily amused. Whenever Cena tries to perform something new hrs very awkward it’s like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You gotto pay attention to the wrestling itself and forget the story telling bullshit that wwe likes to do.