WWE Planning On Moving Away From PG Programming?, More Radical Pay-Per-View Changes Being Considered, WWE's Struggling Stock & Why They Are Still A Public Company

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- Vince McMahon is still 100% committed to WWE's PG initiative and there are absolutely no plans to alter the ratings of the company's programming. While some have speculated that recent promos done by The Rock and Brock Lesnar are a sign of WWE going in a different direction, I have been reassured that is not the case and McMahon stands by his decision to produce family-friendly programming.

- There has been talk of offering a WWE pay-per-views package that can be purchased for a flat rate, much like what the NFL does with their "Direct Ticket" on DirecTV, the NBA with their "League Pass," MLB with "Extra Innings," or the NHL's "Center Ice" where a viewer would be able to purchase all of the company's pay-per-views for the year. This part of many different options being considered for WWE pay-per-views as the company is formulating whether or not pay-per-views will be included on the WWE Network.

- Despite the struggling WWE stock price, there are no plans to end their status as a public company. Vince McMahon feels being a public company allows them to tap into different elements and it's more than one man's vision. McMahon feels the all-time low stock price is due to the company's poor performance in 2011 and is not indicative of the company's recent success, especially with Wrestlemania XXVIII setting a record buyrate.

  • Bault16

    Good pg makes for better tv

    • hurrigame

      Good PG done right, yes. But the tripe that passes for PG presently is anything but good, especially with Super Cena routinely being shoved down our collective throats.

  • torben

    I feel the exact opposite way. It’s too bland and boring.

    • WNW Fan

      I have to disagree. It won't be bland if its done right. There is plenty of great PG shows to watch. Fans just don't want our intelligence insulted.

  • blast21dave

    They’ve already pushed through price increases at the PPV events. I’d look for them to increase revenue through TVs and PPV events (especially those Platinum Ringside seats). Corporate seems committed to the dividend but if they’re burning through cash, raising prices is the way I believe they will go.