WWE Plays Up Risky R-Truth Spot; Footage Of Him In Last Year's Elimination Chamber Match

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WWE didn't ignore the risky R-Truth spot from Monday's Raw Supershow that left The Miz with backstage heat. The company website posted an article on their official website, playing up the spot by writing:

R-Truth performed a slingshot somersault over the top rope onto The Miz, who was outside the ring. Although the aerial attack glanced The Miz, R-Truth ended up receiving the brunt of the impact, falling back-first onto the floor. At that point, the referee decided R-Truth was no longer able to compete, and WWE officials helped him to the locker room area.

WWE officials do not believe any injuries sustained from the fall will keep R-Truth out of action.

Continuing along with their push of Truth, the company posted video footage of him in last year's Elimination Chamber match. You can watch the footage embedded below:

As noted earlier, R-Truth is in Abu Dhabi with the Raw crew and participated in a press conference earlier in the day.

  • @RatedMKD

    I like how they showed his impressive initial flurry in this match, but cut it off just before Sheamus eliminated him.

  • bettysteve

    l saw the "miz miss", without replays etc, it was very fast, no wonder they tell you "don't try this at home".

  • James Mitchell

    Yeah, blame that flub on the miz

  • XKonn247

    It’s a shame living in England means I can’t view that YouTube clip.