WWE Polling Fans About Spoiling Major Events From Taped Shows

WWE is polling fans on Facebook to find out their thoughts on the recent internal movement to spoil major events such as title changes done on taped shows. The polls, available here, are posted below:

Which of the following statements best describes your thoughts on online “spoilers” for WWE’s TV shows?

  • I frequently seek them out in advance, as they help me decide whether to watch.
  • I frequently seek them out in advance, but I still watch shows no matter what.
  • I don’t mind when WWE reveals a rare historic moment in advance.
  • I don’t like spoilers. I want to be completely surprised by everything.

If you view "spoilers" regarding an upcoming WWE program, are you more inclined to tune in to that programming when it airs, or less inclined?

  • More inclined to tune in.
  • Less inclined to tune in.

Should WWE reveal information about title changes on taped TV shows (e.g., SmackDown, Main Event) on its website and social media before they air?

  • Yes, fans should know about title changes as soon as possible on WWE's website.
  • Yes, but clearly mark it as a SPOILER, so fans can avoid it if they wish.
  • No, WWE should wait until shows air to reveal the info on its website.
  • I’m quite surprised WWE actually sent this out.

    • Matt S.

      Why? It could be that, yes people here all reacted quite vociferously over the title change being totally ruined, but maybe the WWE comments page was hit up with angry fans who didn’t want it spoiling? I honestly applaude WWE for this. People weren’t happy and WWE did something. On here, when fans weren’t happy, every complaint was just shot down and nothing was done.

  • Kenneth

    I don’t want spoilers. I want to be completely surprised by everything. Whatever TV show I’m watching, whether it’s WWE or Grimm or Lost Girl or Walking Dead or whatever, if it’s even remotely drama-based, which the WWE is, then the drama is in not knowing what’s going to happen before it does. I don’t even read TV guide or fan site spoilers. Old school, huh?

    If I do see a spoiler I’m theoretically less likely to tune in. Since the in-ring action in the WWE these days is largely seen-one, seen-all it’s the storylines that carry more weight, so if I already know the results I’m LESS likely to tune in. That said, when it comes to TV shows I have a very OCD approach. I watch a series from episode one and I don’t ever skip episodes. That used to mean a strictly applied VCR routine with a strictly arranged schedule to avoid programming clashes, and if I missed an episode and couldn’t immediately catch up I’d miss the whole of that season until it was re-run. These days there’s torrent sites and online TV sites which makes life a lot easier.

    The WWE should not reveal spoiler info of any kind, taped TV title changes or otherwise, on its site without clear warning. Not everyone wants spoilers, and those who do can still look at it if they choose.

    I don’t use Farcefook but I wanted a rant.
    Sue me.

    • IlyasG

      There you go, that was the Jim Cornette (PG) rant of the week. On a more serious note, I agree with you 100%. While I understand Richard’s point of view, it is encouraging to see how several WNW readers complained about Del Rio’s title win being spoiled here. Hopefully the so called IWC is not the only one who feels this way

    • Boogie

      What the hell is farcebook?

      • lin


    • Bigb

      I’m the same exact way for a minute I thought I was reading something I wrote

  • Patrick

    just because WWE desides to spoil title changes or give away big suprises on taped shows doesn’t mean other Wrestling sites have to fallow suit and do the same thing…..if you Believe Joey Style’s WWE did it because they want fans getting their info from them not sites like WNW and others like it…. no matter where fans go if you see something listed as “Spoiler alert…..then it’s simple DO NOT click it….if a fan clicks it to reads it and learns of a title change then don’t blame the wrestling site blame yourself forr being stupid and clicking on it when you had fair warrning.

  • Richard

    i Dont watch WWE so it dont matter to me what they do