WWE Posts Official Pay-Per-View Schedule For 2012; Details On Purchasing In The UK

WWE has posted their full pay-per-view schedule for 2012. Rather than naming the return of WWE Bragging Rights on June 17, the event is listed as "TBD." As I reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the current plan is for WWE Capitol Punishment to be scrapped in favor of Bragging Rights. Below is the schedule:

  • Royal Rumble: January 29
  • Elimination Chamber: February 19
  • WrestleMania XXVIII: April 1
  • Extreme Rules: April 29
  • WWE Over The Limit: May 20
  • TBD: June 17
  • WWE Money In The Bank: July 15
  • SummerSlam: August 19
  • Night of Champions: September 23
  • Hell in a Cell: October 28
  • Survivor Series: November 18
  • WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs: December 16

All shows except Elimination Chamber, WWE Over The Limit, WWE Money In The Bank and Hell in a Cell will be on Sky Box Office for £14.95 each. Click here for more information.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Jason

    Only 14.95 pounds? Can the US price be that cheap? It converts to about $25 here!

    • Andy

      it's probably a "sorry we have to show it at 1am on Monday morning!"

      • Logan_Walker

        hahaha its not that bad… well for me any way

        how much is each ppv in the us ?

        • Eric

          A PPV in the US is $44.95. $54.99 for HD.

          • caz

            In Australia PPV's are about $30 (which is roughly the same in USD and is about £20)

  • infamous743

    No I doubt they’ll make it that cheap in the us

  • TruHeel

    We used to get them all for free 🙁

    • Logan_Walker

      We Will Get Most of them for free this year

  • tna

    so does that mean wretlemania will only cost £14.95 in England definitely ordering that!!

    • Logan_Walker

      Somethink Cheap Like that

    • Matt Scott

      it's always only been £14.95

  • Liam

    Just want to make it clear the £14.95 order fee is only for events listed on Sky Box Office, the other's are free on Sky Sports

  • Logan_Walker

    The Ones With Sky Box Office is the ones that we have to pay for this year but i think most of them will be shown in Sky Sports 3,4 usally for free as most ppvs if all ppvs start at 1 AM ( 8 PM EST ) and WM Starts at 12AM ( Midnight )

    Elimination Chamber: February 19
    WWE Over The Limit: May 20
    WWE Money In The Bank: July 15
    Hell in a Cell: October 28

    Royal Rumble: January 29 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    WrestleMania XXVIII: April 1 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    Extreme Rules: April 29 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    TBD: June 17 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    SummerSlam: August 19 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    Night of Champions: September 23 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    Survivor Series: November 18 (Sky Sports Box Office)
    WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs: December 16 (Sky Sports Box Office)

  • Conquistador Uno

    Yeah we already pay 14.95 as it is for the shows on Sky Box Office, that’s not new. The rest are free on Sky Sports 1-4.

  • Larry Hendry

    As someone who is from the uk but now resides in the u.s I can honestly say that I would never pay $44.95 for a pay per view especially when there is no guarantee that the show is going to be of a high standard.
    When I was living in England I used to order pay per views all the time £14.99 really is a fair price, mabie I was spoiled but I think that in the u.s they really need to re think the current pay per view model

    • Wayne

      Maybe why the buy rate in the USA is poor, expense!! Im in England and I tend to watch the first hour of PPVs then watch the replay in the morning.

      I honestly never realised it cost that much in America, shocking!!

  • joe

    hopefully, these will mostly be on wwe network

  • Jaryd

    I'm in the UK and I would absolutely summise that the lower price is due to the time difference. Also Wrestlemania is the same price as the others there's no big hike for it… Oh and I dunno about the broadcasting over there but when you order PPVs here you get wall to wall repeats for no extra charge 24/7 until the following Saturday 😀 **basks in American jealousy**

  • mark3man

    We do need to pay £30 a month to have the sports packages so the free ones plus raw and smackdown aren’t truely free, plus my football team(soccer) dont have much tv time and its the off season for rugby league, so the only thing i regular watch on sky sports is wrestling at roughly $60 a month, so not that cheap plus if we needed to pay a extra £30 for ppv’s, i think i’d watch tna, which we do get totally free- impact and ppv’s(not live though, think we get them the following wednesday)

  • GameBreaker

    In Turkey, a PPV costs 8 dollars which is 15 TL.

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    • chris

      when do u show wwe tlc