WWE Posts Storyline "Injury" Update On John Cena

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WWE has a storyline "injury" update on John Cena over on dot com. The official website notes he will appear on tonight's Raw Supershow from Dayton, Ohio. Below is an excerpt:

"The most obvious injury was the laceration to his head, which caused a substantial amount of bleeding," said WWE locker room physician Dr. Chris Amann. "He also has suffered a shoulder injury. Initial testing in the training room leads me to believe there may be torn muscles, possibly a torn rotator cuff or a biceps muscle."

Click here for the kayfabe update by WWE.com.

For a legitimate update about what is going on with Cena, click here. If you are not yet a Premium Member you can signup now at this link.

  • Campbell

    Cena seemed to know at the end of the match he had suffered the same injury as he had before.tbh most of the fight looked more “rough” than normal not sure if Brock is use to the less physical side of wwe again since being in UFC?

    • Philip Thompson

      Yes, if it was a work then I was certainly drawn in because I genuinely believed he was being too physical and that rather than protecting the person he was in the ring with it was almost like he either forgot he wasn't in a real fight or he wanted to work stiff on Cena and show him that he should be the face of the company, not Cena. Either way, it really made me dislike Brock Lesnar even more.

      • CaliburUK

        They worked stiff to put over the fact that Lesnar is an “ass kicker” but as far as I could see Brock didn’t take any liberties with Cena at all and always protected him. They were talking about Cena taking time off before the match so this is obviously a work to accommodate that. Don’t forget Cena hitting a stiff shot with his chain that bust Lesnar right open, they both had a part in the brutality.

  • The Breaker

    If we're supposed to believe Cena seriously injured his shoulder, how the heck did he get Lesnar over his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment?

    "Super Cena" is not an acceptable explanation. -.-

  • Blake Griffin

    Could you stop this "Super Cena" garbage? In every sport there is a guy who wins, do they go calling them "super"? Get over it nerds, if there wasn't a dominant "winner" in the WWE, it wouldn't be believable. Is Floyd Mayweather called "super"? Is Jonny "Bones" Jones being called "super"? Was Michael Jordan called "super"? No, so stop it! Cena has improved in the ring, and gives it his all every match. He earned my respect yesterday, and I'm officially sick of the hate he gets. At this point its ridiculous and unwarranted.

    • PikaPal4ever

      Cena has improved in the ring? I'd like to know how!

  • Bruno

    Imagine lesnar was fighting someone like cm punk an did all those things. Punk should have been dead.

  • Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened