WWE Posts Storyline "Injury Update" On Kaitlyn

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WWE posted a storyline "injury update" on Kaitlyn, claiming she has a "torn tendon" that will not require surgery. The article notes, "she will be wearing a brace and is expected to be back in action in several weeks."

You can read coverage by dot com here.

  • MonsterMike42

    I do feel sorry for her. Not that she's injured since that's all storyline, but that she's been working hard lately trying to prove she belongs in the title picture. The build up wasn't much, but I was actually looking forward to the match between her and Layla. Maybe we can get a good feud between her and Eve.

    • SRP

      The divas division isn’t at the appropriate level for a face vs face title match to mean very much.

  • Logan_Walker

    Yeah because his Usernane is as funny as “A.W”. Lol. “C.W”? Really. You forgot to add “Anderson.

  • Matt

    Honestly, she needs about 3 years of training before she needs to come back. She needs to fix her hair and learn to wrestle. Right now there are so many deserving divas and instead they give shots to these women who couldn't wrestle their way out of a paper bag. They need to bring back the Women's Championship and bring prestige back to the division because as of now, it's all a joke.

  • Adam

    Womens division = boring scrap it entirely

  • proud

    I like Kaitlin and think she is getting sexier by the day and let’s hope they let her display her personality more, yes fix her hair and when she recovers from her “injury” she can dominate Eve and have a decent feud with Natalya or Beth Phoenix. I really hope she makes the most of her opportunity!

  • Tony P.

    Dummies shouldn’t use Iphones.