WWE PPV Tonight, Benoit Mentioned On New Broadcast, Billy Corgan Pitches New Developmental Territory

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- WWE will try their hand outside of wrestling Saturday night with their Rolling Stones pay-per-view at 9 PM EDT. The cost is $49.99 for HD and $39.99 for the regular broadcast. There will be a pre show on E! at 8 PM EST. Vince McMahon said in a recent conference call this was the company's attempt at appealing to an older audience.

- This week's WWE Vintage Collection featured Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam from WWF Backlash 2002. Perhaps more interesting than the match is the fact Jim Ross mentioned Chris Benoit on the original broadcast and it was not edited out.

- Billy Corgan told The New York Times he's pitched his Resistance Pro Wrestling promotion to Stephanie McMahon about possibly becoming a developmental territory for WWE. You can read a full writeup on Corgan and Resistance Pro at this link.

  • Joe

    It was interesting to know they mention Benoit. Maybe they're trying to see if there's any reaction to it. I, for one, don't condone what Benoit did and that nasty tragedy. However, he did so much in the business, it would occassionally be hard to not find a match during his time around where he's not mentioned

    • Larry C.

      JOE—Neither do I BUT as it stands he was one of the greatest for his size to be able to tell a story. He is sorely missed by me. I feel there are some outstanding questions still too this day that were never answered, and I really would like for the correct people to answer those questions.

  • WWE slowly easing Benoit’s name back in the business?

  • ericdraven86

    I've heard his name mentioned in repeats of Nitro as well. I think they are mainly editing out his matches/segments, as opposed to any mere mention of his name.

  • The Big Organ

    Maybe enough time has passed where its okay to mention his name again? I for one am sick and tired of wwe pretending Chris Benoit never existed.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    No questions were left unanswered. He did murder suicide his wife, son and self. It was NOT due to roid rage. Chris was steroid free. The so called performance enhancing steroids the press jumped on and started ranting about were growth hormones for his severely undersized child. When the truth came out their were no retractions or appolgies for their blatant lies. The autopsy did show he (Chris) had severe brain damage in a region that could very easily cause severe anger and delusions as well as paranoia. In short all those chair shots we love to see the performers take are likely the cause of his breakdown that caused the deaths of three beautiful people. When the cause came out not one reporter retracted or appologized. That was wrong. When truth came out the press barely even acknowledged it. That was wrong. I could go on this subject for hours. But instead I’ll just say. Rest in peace Benoit family. You are missed and loved by many.

  • Snap

    There's no doubt about it that what Benoit did was a horrible, unforgivable act and I can fully understand WWE wanted to distance themselves from him, but I don't agree with retroactively removing him from the footage he appeared in. Maybe they're just not as diligent because Linda's not in a political campaign and can't have it used against her.

    Despite the horrible tragedy, Benoit left behind two children who no longer have any parents. They have done nothing wrong and, much like WWE did when Eddie Guerrero died (huge difference, I know, but the sins of the father should not be passed down upon the children), they should use Benoit's legacy to help look after his surviving children.

    Charles Manon's music wasn't deleted from catalogs following his conviction as a mass murderer so any royalties Benoit would have earned from merchandise containing him could go towards supporting the children.

    Unlike Eddie, however, there should be absolutely no illusion of Benoit going into the Hall of Fame. Yes, as unfathomable as it may seem, there are people who still believe he deserves a spot in there.

    • overthetop

      You're wrong on the second paragraph. Benoit's other two kids are still living with their mother (Benoit's ex-wife) in Canada, so I'm happy to say they still have one half of their parents. The one that was a murder victim, on the other hand, left this world along with both his parents. God rest their souls.

      I still believe that Chris was murdered, though. His phone calls to his coworkers, the text messages, Bibles and the fact that he was normal for so long makes me unable to buy into the "brain damage" story, much less "roid rage" (even though the murders took place within 20 something hours, all the stupid media talked about was steroids, smh). Chris is innocent and hopefully there will be a reinvestigation that changes this. Maybe then action figures, video game appearances, TV mentions and promotions of his legendary career will see the light of the day again. WWE.com looks so awful with so much classic material missing.

      His name not being edited out of broadcast is the first step in progress though.