WWE Predicts - Elimination Chamber

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Sunday, February 17th, the WWE presents Elimination Chamber from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. There's a lot of great matches on the card, but there is only one actual Elimination Chamber Match. While the Elimination Chamber Match looks like a good one, I'm a bit shocked that the Six Man Tag Match hasn't been slated to go down in an Elimination Chamber. All that being said, I think this will be an interesting PPV, and one step closer to WrestleMania! I also want to introduce Andrew. He's been joining us for the past couple months in the Live Blog and been throwing his short predictions into the mix. He's been in the mix regularly since the start of 2013, so it's time his short predictions are added in officially. I hope you welcome him with open arms.

Ken Predicts - Pre-PPV Tag Team Match – Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow)

The big question is, "What is VKM thinking about tag teams this week?" I'm liking the growth and change of Tensai now that he's basically Albert hanging with Funkasaurus. It feels more organic for him, even though he was a tough guy in Japan, probably because that's the man I remember, and enjoyed watching, back in the day. I think that Tensai and Funkasaurus are just starting as a team, and they're comic relief, so I don't see as they have a big future with belts and all. Then again, how long are Rhodes and Sandow going to stay together after they formally broke up – because the WWE is saying it's 'One night only!', but The Rock vs Cena at WrestleMania was supposed to be 'Once in a lifetime!' - and will most likely really be going in the opposite direction after WrestleMania? Personally I hope Team Rhodes Scholars face Team Hell No at WrestleMania, but I don't think this is going to be their night. I have a feeling the big boys are just going to be too powerful for Rhodes and Sandow.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Funkasaurus & Albert

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes Scholars

Alex Predicts - Pre-PPV Tag Team Match – Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow)

Why are Sandow and Rhodes teaming up? It's a tough time for single stars as Wrestlemania is right around the corner. Plus, their tag team division is a wreck. They just teamed them up to have an established heel tag team. Clay and Tensai are the new ones and I don't think WWE will mess around with them. Vince likes this kind of stuff so I can see them going over. This match benefits them more than Rhodes and Sandow.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Brodus Clay & Tensai

Brooks Predicts - Pre-PPV Tag Team Match – Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow)

It seems as if WWE has decided that the one team they push per month is Brodus & Tensai, so I'm guessing they win this match. The too-soon reunion tour of Team Rhodes Scholars is pretty funny though, so maybe they want to flesh that out on TV a bit. But probably not. It seems like WWE has ended their tag team kick for now, so I guess one of these teams will beat Team Hell No soon and carry the belts for a nearly-dead division. It just seems like they'll want to give the newer team the momentum from this match, and further solidify Tensai's face turn.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Brodus Clay & Tensai

Ken Predicts - United States Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

As much as Miz has been pushed recently, and his new sexy Fig 4 will be a great torch for him to bring into the future, but I don't see gold in his future at this point. What the WWE really needs to do is get serious about this feud. It really feels to me that they've been pussyfooting around these two really stepping it up and taking each other down on an epic scale. Cesaro's playing tether ball swing with Miz was a big step in the right direction, but I want so much more from them. Moving them up from the Pre-Game Show was another big step in the right direction, but again, I want more, so much more, and I know they both have it in them. So much more! These two could give us so much more, and hopefully they will in this match so creative will bump up their feud for us. I want to see these two fighting it out at WrestleMania after a solid build between now and then.

Honestly, I was about to say that the belt should stay on Cesaro until WrestleMania, because he needs the push to continue, and after Miz dropped Punk on his head (being the #2 man, he might have issue with Miz being strapped after last weekend, even though I'm sure it was an accident, and Punk really shouldn't be that petty – not saying he is, just that he shouldn't be), but maybe it would be good for Cesaro to drop the strap and go after Miz to get it back. It could really light a fire under both of their tushies. So, while this could be a loss for me, I'm going with Miz winning the US Title cleanly over Cesaro!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Miz

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Alex Predicts - United States Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

I had no idea this match was going to happen, but thanks to Kendra, she told me. I know it is easy to forget a match, but WWE only has about 6 matches announced for this PPV and they did a horrible job advertising it. It is easy to forget a match when there are 8 or 9, but 5-6? Usually this would be the pre-PPV show match, but I am pretty sure it is the tag team match. Usually I would go straight to the point and say Cesaro will win, but I haven't seen him getting this big push he has been having before. Cesaro has been losing and has been embarrassed by the hands of Miz. I know they are trying to get Miz over, but Cesaro has great potential. Miz was WWE Champion 2 years ago and now is he going for the United States Title? Funny how things turn out sometimes. I still think WWE has some energy in Cesaro. I mean, why make him lose now? They could do some heavy pushing during this time to show everyone what he is all about. They need to capitalize on the opportunity with the viewer boost because of Rock and Brock. I have to go with Cesaro here.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Brooks Predicts - United States Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs The Miz

It's been fun, fellow Cesaro fans. We had a good ride. Cesaro is definitely not done. He's probably on to bigger and better things. He's been nothing but impressive in WWE so far, and I can't believe I believe this with all the times the ball has been dropped with other guys, but I absolutely do not think WWE will stop Cesaro's push. He's money, and they know it. Unfortunately, The Miz needs some momentum. He's boring, uninspired, and can't properly do a submission hold that we've all known how to do since we were 5, but he's got the office's blessing, so we're going to be seeing more of Miz. They may save his big title win for WrestleMania, but with the thrashing he received on Monday, it seems like now is the time for The Miz to Overcome The Odds(tm).

Brooks' Predicted Winner – The Miz

Ken Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Kaitlyn (c) vs Tamina

Kaitlyn is one of the strongest Divas on the roster, and I think we've seen only a tiny bit of what she has to offer. That being said, Tamina is also a very strong woman, and I think we've only seen a tiny bit of what she has in her arsenal. After watching Tamina on Smackdown this week, I feel that she needs to place her opponent a bit further from the corner before she climbs and flies, as it feels like she has to hold back when she flies. This is something I noticed previously, but it really seems to have become a habit to her. Some could call me petty for bringing this up, but I did it to prove that Tamina is so strong, and has proven she has talent, and that's the only big negative I can say about her ring work.

I think it's too early for Kaitlyn to drop the strap, but I also think it's crappy that we've seen so little of her since she became Champ. I think she could be a very positive role model for girls, and she deserves a chance to show that side of her on WWE TV. I'm hoping she retains her Divas Title, at least for the time being.

Stacy says he guesses the outcome matters, he guesses, maybe. To me that not the way any championship should be looked at, but that's what the WWE has turned the Divas into of late. He had no good reason to pick Tamina, but he needed to decide between the two.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tamina

Alex Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Kaitlyn (c) vs Tamina

I really don't have any idea what is going on in the Divas division. Were they even on this past week's Raw? Ah, I don't know, but I know Kaitlyn won it against Eve. Eve is gone and I think that is enough to give Kaitlyn the nod to keep the title a little longer. I like Tamina but Kaitlyn has WWE's eyes.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Brooks Predicts - Divas Championship Match – Kaitlyn (c) vs Tamina

Not much to say here. I'd be all for making Tamina the new Big Bad in the Divas division, but there has to be more exposure and character development for that to work in any meaningful capacity. Right now, this is a nothing match. That said, I expect Kaitlyn to win, and I expect me to be drooling over Kaitlyn throughout the match.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Ken Predicts - 6 Man Tag Team Match – The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

I actually think this could be the hardest match on the card to book. None of these guys can made to look weak at this point, so close to WrestleMania. I don't know what the plan is for any of these guys, other than Cena heading to face The Rock for the WWE Title. So, the bug question is will they have Ryback lose yet another PPV match, or will The Shield lose the match and much of their momentum. Sadly, at this point, Sheamus is the least of the questions in this match, but I'm sure he will regain some momentum after WrestleMania and the drive to keep us captivated with the big name part-timers who are only around for the biggest PPVs.

While I feel The Shield needs to win to continue their momentum, I think the need for Cena and Ryback to come out on top going into WrestleMania is too great. The Shield will bounce back from this loss, and they have more time to do it because they're not already scheduled for a huge match for something gold and shiny, so I don't think it will be too bad for them.

What I really wish is that they had set this up to be an Elimination Chamber Match. With six men it just lends itself perfectly to the namesake of this PPV. The WWE has really dropped the ball on that aspect of this match. Maybe they didn't think it would work, or that they could book it well, but I think this match lends itself perfectly to an Elimination Chamber. It would break up what could be an average tag match into something unusual and possibly show stealing because I know these guys could do a stellar job in the Chamber. Hopefully they will spring it on us the night of the show, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

Stacy's Predicted Winner – The Shield

Alex Predicts - 6 Man Tag Team Match – The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

So far, this is just a regular tag team match. If it changes, I am sure I will hear about it and may have to change my views... in fact, I doubt that. It only makes sense that Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback go over. Why would Cena lose if he is going for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania? It doesn't make any sense. And what is this, The Shield's second match in the WWE? Lots of cluster going on, but I am pretty sure the safe bet is to go with the mega stars so they can carry the momentum.

Alex's Predicted Winner – John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

Brooks Predicts - 6 Man Tag Team Match – The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback

This could be bad. This could be very, very bad. Stables in WWE always start out by doing an interesting thing, but then continue doing that one interesting thing every week for months with absolutely no variation. Nexus beat people up every week and got boring. The Shield beat people up until Ryback comes out every week, and it's getting boring. I just can't see The Shield pinning these guys either. Unless there's another swerve, I just can't see it. I'm sure the office is thinking that John Cena has to get his pre-WrestleMania momentum. Ryback and Sheamus need their dose as well. The Shield has been a decently fun thing, but I hope they don't stick around for much longer. I hope the members of The Shield do, and keep doing their respective things in WWE, but I hope the group doesn't last much longer. There's not much else for them to do that would be compelling. The "combating injustice" thing is an interesting angle, but it was never fleshed out the way it should've been, and realistically, it probably never will be. The Shield's probably gonna lose here. "Buried" is the most misused word in the IWC. They won't be buried here. They'll be beaten decisively, sure, but they'll probably look decent, and they'll recover. I just have to keep telling myself it's not the end of the world. Who knows, maybe The Shield will bring The Sword.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus

Ken Predicts - Elimination Chamber – Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

I have to admit that I'm struggling with this one because there's so many ways they could go, but it's also very limited as to who could really go to WrestleMania in the main event and make it work. This also depends on what happens in the WHC Match. I absolutely do not want to see Orton win. As much as ADR had been at the top of my 'Poo List', Orton has taken his spot, and no matter how much shine is put on him, he's still a festering poo right now. I think Team Hell No has too much they need to accomplish as a team, and against each other, so I don't think it's time for either of them to win and go to WrestleMania – even thought Bryan really needs a big WrestleMania to come back from his 18 second defeat last year. Then there's Henry. I have made my feelings for Henry glaringly obvious since his return, and nothing has changed. Right now, for me, he does not deserve to be in a top spot going after the WHC. Further, I can't see Henry facing either ADR or Big Show for the Title. ADR is too small, so it wouldn't be a fight. Big Show might be of a size, but he is also a heel, and heel versus heel matches are notorious busts. The fans don't care who wins because they don't want to see either come out on top. Even if Henry didn't have his arrogance, bad attitude, and sloppy ring work taking him down, that he couldn't really work with either possible Champ makes him a terrible choice.

Then there's Jericho. Like Stacy, I'd love to see Jericho win and go to WrestleMania, facing either ADR or Big Show. It would work fantastically, but in the end it would be fairly obvious that Jericho either wouldn't win, or wouldn't retain for long because of his uber busy schedule. So as great as he would be winning this thing, it's his spotty future with the company that makes me worry.

There's two possibilities left for me. First off, someone – Ziggler – attacks someone – Orton – prior to the match and takes his place. The fact that Ziggler isn't already in a match on this PPV really annoys me. The man is well past time for a serious push, and I think he's ready to hold the WHC and run with it. I'd love to see him face ADR at WrestleMania, and I think the two of them – if ADR can really work on changing up his ring work, as he had been doing until this past two weeks – could tear up the show. This is one match I would be bummed to miss live, as there's no way I'm going to make it to WrestleMania, even though it's so close.

All that being said, I don't see Ziggler fighting, or worming, his way into this Elimination Chamber Match. That leaves Swagger. Hear me out! All the rumors said that Swagger wanted to leave the WWE because of how things were going for him. VKM convinced him to stay, and while I wasn't sure at the time, seeing his new fierceness and mouthpiece, I'm impressed. Dutch is a pro, but this past week he's proven that he's the right mouthpiece for Swagger. All the while Swagger was running with Vickie, he really was playing second fiddle to Ziggler. It made sense at the time because Ziggler and Vickie have a great chemistry, but now Ziggler is off with AJ and Big E and getting his own chances, so it's great that Swagger has Zeb to help him get over with the fans. Some might say that the heat is mostly because of Zeb, but I disagree. Swagger has really stepped things up and has been exuding power, anger and ferocity. It's all that, along with Zeb, that makes me have to jump on Swagger for the win here. I'm known for making slightly absurd predictions, but I would really like to see Swagger pull this one out. It would be so unexpected, and would throw a huge swerve into the WHC Match at WrestleMania!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Swagger

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Jericho

Alex Predicts - Elimination Chamber – Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

This may be the hardest match to call. I can see almost everyone of these stars winning. I have no idea what WWE has for Jericho, so could they have him win to fight Rio... or Dolph? What about Bryan? He and Kane may be together, but I don't see either one of them going for the title. I will knock them out. Jack Swagger still has a long way to go to be in the main event again. WWE will work on him very slowly, so I think I can count him out. Mark Henry has this monster push and he wants to be in the main event. Orton is a main event star, but will WWE give it to him? I am going to narrow it down to Henry and Jericho. The question now is, who will hold the title? Will it be Rio or will Dolph cash it in? If Rio stays champion, I would pick Henry, but if Dolph cashes it in and wins, I have to say Jericho. With that being said... I think I have a much better choice to go with Henry on this one. I mean, why would Henry come back if he wasn't going to be in the main event?

Alex's Predicted Winner – Mark Henry

Brooks Predicts - Elimination Chamber – Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

I don't think there's been an Elimination Chamber match where I've been a fan of every participant, until this one (I go back and forth on Randy Orton, but he's stepped up his game since 2011). Every elimination is gonna disappoint me, and that's exciting. No matter who wins, I don't think I'll be disappointed. Naturally, I'd love Daniel Bryan to win, but the angle that we're all expecting will probably happen. Bryan and Kane will have another breakup and cause the eliminations of each other. Randy Orton could very well make his return to the main event with a win here, but WWE doesn't seem to be very high on unexpected chamber winners, so I'd call him a dark horse at best. Jack Swagger's character is coming along nicely, and the old-school demagogue by his side seems great in his role. It's about time the racists in WWE were heels. That said, it's a little early to thrust Swagger into the WHC picture. That was a disaster last time, and they won't repeat that mistake. For me, it's between Jericho and Henry. My gut initially says Jericho. Maybe Dolph will cash-in leading to a big rematch between Ziggler and Jericho. That'd be great and logical, but I'm just not seeing it. I don't think Ziggler is cashing in before WrestleMania, regardless of what he says. I think Del Rio is keeping his belt until WrestleMania at the earliest, so a heel has to win here. Mark Henry was on the roll of his career before his injury. He could've retired then, but I think he was coaxed into coming back with the promise of another main event run. That run begins here. Jericho is inducted into the Hall of Pain as Mark Henry begins his road to WrestleMania.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Mark Henry

Ken Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

I had to think through this match in conjunction with the Elimination Chamber Match. Obviously whoever wins one has to work well with the other. Considering who I picked to win the Elimination Chamber Match, I have to go with ADR to retain the WHC. I'm not going as far as saying that ADR will get the pinfall on Big Show. They made a big deal of ADR continuing to beat Big Show, but not getting a true pinfall. I think they can continue along that vein and make Big Show even more pissed, then turn and have ADR face the winner of the Elimination Chamber Match WrestleMania. I think it would continue to add tension to the WHC, and make things much more interesting leading to and at WrestleMania. So ADR will retain, but I'm not saying that he will win the match. It could be a Big Show DQ, count out, or something else obscure. I just don't think ADR can get a completely clean three over Big Show at this point in the game.

Ken's Predicted Winner – ADR retains WHC

Stacy's Predicted Winner – ADR

Alex Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

I don't understand how we worked backwards on this rivalry. I would have expected a Last Man Standing Match for this PPV, not the last. Since this is a regular match, I see Rio wining. He is on a role and I like how he is getting over. It's about time WWE has him in an interesting spot.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Brooks Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

I'm not expecting Ziggler to cash in, but I'm still expecting Del Rio to retain. He's got the freshest face character in the company right now, and there's no reason to pull the rug out from under him at this point. Let him get his WrestleMania moment. Big Show has played his role in this feud very well, but I'm still of the belief that he should never ever ever under any circumstance be world champion ever again. Despite being at least competent in just about every aspect of the business, I can just never get excited about Big Show. Hopefully this is the end of this feud and both guys can move onto different things. We've already had two Last Man Standing matches in less than two months. We don't need a big blow-off match at WrestleMania.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Ken Predicts - WWE Championship Match – The Rock (c) vs CM Punk

I think Punk and Heyman, with the help of Maddox, The Shield, or even Brock, will try to cause The Rock to get counted out, or end up with a DQ in some way. It won't work. There was a stip added to their original match, and that didn't matter, neither will this one, even though Punk will try. My question is, Will Heyman turn on Punk? After the love shown on RAW, I think it's a great possibility. Or what about Taker? Or Austin? Either could absolutely show up and cost Punk the match. It's a swerve no one would be expecting! Actually, I'd love to see that happening, and I'm going with either Taker or Austin (I'd prefer Austin, even though I love Taker over almost anyone else) showing up and somehow costing Punk the WWE Title and setting up their match at WrestleMania! Otherwise you have Punk without the WWE Title, and without a direction going into WrestleMania. It's time for Punk's WrestleMania match to be revealed!

Ken's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Stacy's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Alex Predicts - WWE Championship Match – The Rock (c) vs CM Punk

I liked their first match last month, but the ending was unnecessary on many levels. This match may be even more bizarre. This is one crazy booking on WWE's part. Why would Vince make the title switch hands through DQ or count out? Wasn't he against Paul Heyman, Punk, and The Shield? Now he is begging them to come and interfere in the match. I have no idea what WWE will do to make this match a nightmare, but I am glad they haven't hyped it as much as last month's. Rock will go over as it is the only business decision to do.

Alex's Predicted Winner – The Rock

Brooks Predicts - WWE Championship Match – The Rock (c) vs CM Punk

They aren't even pretending Punk has a chance, so we know he won't win. There's a tiny chance that something like a no contest or screwjob will happen, leading to a Triple Threat at WrestleMania, but most likely, we'll see The Rock huff and puff his way to victory. Maybe he's just great at selling fatigue, but man, it seems like he gets gassed just walking to the ring. He's definitely ripped, but I don't know how much function has been sacrificed in the name of form. But I'm skinnyfat, so it's not like I have room to criticize Rocky's physique. In any case, I just want a decent match here. I've been underwhelmed with Rock since his return, and this may be his best remaining opportunity to get a good-to-great match from his latest run. I know he knows how to work a crowd. I know he can put on a good match. This is his chance. Let's see him silence the critics and put on a clinic with Punk. They don't have the novelty of a title change to get the people talking. To get a buzz about this match, they have to put on a great match. They can do it. Let's see it.

Brooks' Predicted Winner – The Rock

Guy Landau Predicts

Pre-PPV Match – Claysai
US Title Match – Cesaro
Divas Title Match – Kaitlyn
6 Man Tag Match – The Faces
Elimination Chamber – Jericho
World Heavyweight Championship Match – Del Rio
WWE Championship Match – The Rock

Gesus Oliver Predicts

Pre-PPV Match – Team Rhodes Scholars
US Title Match – Cesaro
Divas Title Match – Kaitlyn
6 Man Tag Match – Team Cena
Elimination Chamber Match – Swagger
World Heavyweight Championship Match – ADR
WWE Championship Match – The Rock

Andrew Predicts

Pre-PPV Match – Clay & Tensai
US Title Match – Cesaro
Divas Title Match - Kaitlyn
6 Man Tag Match – The Shield
Elimination Chamber Match – Swagger
World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio, then Ziggler cashes in
WWE Championship Match – The Rock

After writing my predictions, and reading what the rest of the guys are thinking about this PPV, I'm itching to see what happens. For some of the matches we're all over the board, but on others we mostly agree. My biggest question is what swerves will the WWE try to throw at us, and will anyone unexpected appear out of the blue? The WWE has really worked hard to shock us with unexpected appearances, and I'm hoping they'll pull off another at Elimination Chamber. Make sure you join the WNW writers and readers in the Live Blog during Elimination Chamber. Where better to hang out with other wrestling fans and enjoy Elimination Chamber?

KB, Stacy, Alex, Brooks, Guy, Gesus & Andrew

  • Ryan

    I find the EC match very intriguing. I see the WHC picture going into Wrestlemania in one of three ways:
    1) Jericho wins EC/Big Show wins championship. They started setting up this angle a litle bit on smackdown.
    2) Jericho wins EC/Ziggler cashes in. This would continue the awesome rivalry between these two; personally, this is the one I want to see.
    3) Swagger wins EC/ADR retains championship. With the new meaning being given to the whole “real American” deal, what would be more natural than a rivalry between a nativist and a Hispanic? I can’t say I would necessarily be comfortable with some of the rhetoric that would come out of it (just like I didn’t much care for Big Show’s comments about minorities in Miami) but it seems to be a storyline that would write itself.

    • The Awesome James

      I think we’re more likely to see Mark Henry win, smash ADR to pieces at WM but fail to get the win, only for Ziggler to cash in on ADR there. Bigger spotlight for Ziggler that way, no-one’s buying Elimination Chamber…

  • The Awesome James

    Brooks, are you high? Randy Orton has done NOTHING since his last wellness strike, and won’t be seen holding either big gold belt ever again. They can’t do it. One more failed test and he’s fired.

    Anyway, here’s my (abbreviated) predictions – I could go into the hows and whys but lets face it, no-one cares.

    YouTube preshow – The Funkasaurus and the Hip Hop Hippo
    US Title: Cesaro
    Divas: Yawn
    6-man-tag (pray for WarGames) – The Shield
    WHC: Del Rio
    ECft#1CttWHC: Mark Henry
    WWEC: The Rock

    • The Awesome James

      Oh, and also calling random impromptu IC Title defence against that NXT guy. Its not ending well for him though. Winner: Wade Barrett

      • The Awesome James

        And, well, since Andrew and Stacy’s opinions on why they made their picks are curiously missing, I feel I should speak in defence of The Shield. Or at least, why it doesn’t matter if “The Sword of Law” loses.

        We know Cena has a big match at WM, but currently, neither Sheamus nor Ryback have any real direction going into the biggest show of the year. John Cena is big enough to be able to take a loss, even 6 weeks shy of Wrestlemania. It’s not like ANYONE is going to remember once WWE rolls into NY/NJ anyway. On the other hand, The Shield need to look strong, otherwise all these months of build have been for naught and they got as far as Nexus or even Legacy… the great big wall of Cena. Someone’s going ot have to get past him eventually, and I think these are the men to do it.

        Below this line is how I’d fantasy book the match…


        So, at the start of WWE-EC-PPV the match gets made into a 6-man elimination chamber tag-team match. Have Roman Reigns go up against Sheamus to start things off. Next participant in is either one of the shield members, doesn’t matter which. They go to town on Sheamus while the clock ticks down and brings in the third member of the Shield. Ryback and Cena are going crazy but are helpless to watch as their teammate and friend gets triple powerbombed into oblivion. Let Ryback come out next but get overwhelmed by the numbers, but hangs on until Cena gets out. 2-on-3 looks pretty good when your 2 are Ryback and Cena, but throw in a little Brad Maddox/Heyman related shenanigans (lead pipe passed through the cage) and then your monster Ryback is taken care of. 1-on-3 and even Michael Cole is starting to doubt if Cena can make it through this. He starts his standard comeback with shoulder tackles flying everywhere, cleans house and has Seth Rollins all laid out for the FKS. Out of nowhere Ambrose catches Cena while he’s running the ropes, The Shield are back in control, and beat seven bells out of Cena before the finish, all three men stood tall over a prone Cena, and the rest of the WWE truly is put on notice. Where you go with the angle from there is anyone’s guess, but I’d be entertained by this match, and it beats any outcome of The Sword of Law winning…

        • Andrew is new to our predicting group and has just started with short picks. Stacy is my significant other, and it’s all I can do to strong arm a solid answer out of him for some matches. Only when there’s no one else writing with me can I really force him to write full predictions. But I asked him and this is about what he said

          Stacy says that Cena, Ryback and Sheamus have been coming off strong recently, and there’s the old thing that the person/group getting their bums handed to them leading up to the PPV will win when they get there. That used to be a common way of booking things back in the day. The face would not be able to get ahead all month, but then he would at the PPV, and that’s how they got more fans to pay to see them win.

          Then there’s also the fact that The Shield has been built up to be so strong, and there’s been so much time and energy put into the group. They’re three very strong men who have a lot of potential in them, and this win could do a lot for them.

  • Mick

    Punk wins at ec,at wm29 rock gets a rematch with punk and cena gets shot at title therefore we have a triple threat match for the wwe championship.

  • lbp365

    The card being so predictable I think the Big show to set up the Big show Mark Henry with at wrestlemania Henry winning and Cena

    • Kris Mystery


  • anyone else thinking No ziggler in a match might mean he is cashing in? Would love to see Jericho win chamber and challenge Ziggler at WM for belt.

  • The Scottish one

    It could be time to return randy orton to the main card..but cant see it happening as he was beaten by mark henry! The only two people in the smackdown chamber that have recently recieved a push is mark henry and the now “real americ!an” jack swagger! Altho both good wrestlers Jack swagger has been there before and never really worked out for him and he vanished from wwe screens for a while. Again mark henry is a good wrestler but isnt getting any younger and dont think thats a good direction for the adr storyline to go… the work between ADR and big show right now is already very stale and there is no unpredictablity to the scripting where as bringing back orton to the main event card and turning him heel screwing everyone in his path would make for a better storyline. For me the smackdown chamber is weak at best so orton turning heel could ignite what on paper doesnt look like an “out of the world” chamber. In other matches i can see the miz beating cesaro as he has momentum behind him where-as cesaro is up and down with wins and loses! The rock is clearly going to go over cm punk as its not hard to read the direction VKM wants to go for Wrestlemaina! I cant see the shield reigning victorius either tonight i feel was a good bit of programming bringing a heel stable into wwe what is clearly missed the direction is being poorly scripted again and the momentum has been lost. The only way for the momentum to return for the shield would for someone like brock lesnar to be the man in control of them or throw another curve ball. Or potentially watch these 3 talented superstars fall down the pecking order like we seen with nexus eg david otunga, justin gabriel. Another note for me is i dont like the team of “rhodes scolars” it has no relavance to WWE at the moment and again is two men doing 1 mans gimmick. Sandow does well on his own and rhodes is a talented superstar being lost behind this poor gimmick. If they want to make a team worth putting on tv bring back legacy with ted dibiase as there work was good and also both worked as heels. This is the first time i have written on this so if anybody dont agree then im open to speaking about what they think should be the direction of WWE.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Tensai and Brodus Clay win. But who cares the tag team division is becoming a joke again.

    The hotter muscular diva retains.

    Antonio Cesaro beats The Miz.

    EC match. I think they’ll pull a fast one here and let Randy Orton win. It’s already set up. Orton doesn’t usually lose to the same guy twice and let’s him get away with it. So it will come down to Orton and Mark Henry and so he gets his big win over Henry and becomes number 1 contender at the same time. I hope it doesn’t happen but it’s a strong hunch.

    Six man tag match. I just don’t see the WWE letting the golden boy, the fastest rising star and the Celtic Warrior job to a bunch of rookies.

    ADR beats The Big Show in a snoozer. I would say Zolph Ziggler cashes in here but since I predicted Orton to win the EC match and it looks like a Chris Jericho/Ziggler match is in the works for WM, well than it’s not the case.

    The Rock/CM Punk. Nothing out of the ordinary happens here despite the stipulation added. The Rock beats Punk fair and square and Punk goes on to WM to unfortunately become another victim of the streak while we’ll have to put up with a month and a half of lame back and forth promos between The Rock and John Cena.

  • JL

    I don’t know why people think that the Shield need the win tonight, let’s be realistic here, they probably won’t even have a match at Mania so what’s the point. Cena/Ryback/Sheamus is way more of a priority at the moment seeing how all three of those guys will have a high profile match at Mania, therefore they need the win more at the moment. And besides, Ryback needs a big PPV win at the moment seeing how he doesn’t have one yet.

    PREDICTION: Cena/Ryback/Sheamus win.

    Rock/Punk can go 1 of 2 ways. And it all depends on the future of Undertaker at WM. If Taker is at Mania (which means that Vince/Taker have a deal worked out) then Rock goes over Punk clean. If Taker is no-go for Mania then Punk will be left without an opponent. Which means that Rock/Punk will either end in a No Contest, Double DQ or Countout leading too a triple threat between Rock/Cena/Punk at Mania. Triple Threat matches are overrated so I’m hoping Rock wins here. I’ll take Rock/Cena 2 & Taker/Punk over Rock/Cena/Punk everyday of the week

    PREDICTION: Rock wins via pinfall

    I know this is going too be the unpopular pick seeing how hating on the Miz is the new trend around here these days but if Vince wants the fans too take Miz seriously as a face then he needs a win over a quality opponent and tonight seems like a good night for that win.

    PREDICTION: Miz beats Cesaro for the title.

    I’m really digging this ADR/Show feud, kudos to both guys for making this interesting b/c on paper this match up seems blend but it’s been everything but blend. ADR as a face is working far better then anyone could have hoped.

    PREDICTION: I’m taking ADR in this one, he goes into Mania with the strap.

    This one appears too be a no brainer too me but who knows with the WWE. But I”m gonna go with Mark Henry without a doubt, He’s so over as a monster heel right now that I think Vine would be craz not too have him win here. I think ADR/Henry would be a lot better then people think, and it also frees up Show for Ryback which I think would be good in it’s own right.


    As far as the DIVAS go I honestly haven’t invested much in the division. I’ll take Tamina here. She’s one of the few divas on the roster that can wrestle and I think she’s earned it.

    PREDICTION: Tamina

    I’m actually excited about the pre-show tag match pitting the Funkasaurses against the Rhodes Scholars. I”l take the Funkas in this one. This is easily as OVER as a A-Train as ever been in the WWE past or present and if dancing is what it took for him too get there then so be it.

    • I’m one of the few not jumping on the ‘We hate Miz!’ bandwagon, but I’m also one of the few who loves Big Show as a face, and thinks Kane is just as good being a comic as being a monster – and feel he can mesh them better than almost anyone (Abyss is right in there with him). But I enjoy Miz, and I like the way he’s handling being a face. He’s not all popcorn and bubble gum like Cena, he knows how to be mouthy and sarcastic while still being a (mostly) good guy. I was one of the three who went with Miz over Cesaro, and while one of the others is my 9 y/o daughter, I still think he has a fighting chance. Having Miz win the strap could really light a fire under Cesaro’s bum, and set them into a killer feud going into WM!

  • Frankie

    Has anyone mentioned the fact that the shield talk about the “sword” and Brock has a giant sword tattoo on his chest?

    • Not at this point, but it has been mentioned previously. It’s not the first time they’ve mentioned the ‘sword’, and I think it’s a real possibility that it could come to that, but I don’t see Brock showing up unexpectedly at a PPV. PPVs are all about bringing in the paying viewers for the show, and if he’s not announced, then there’s no reason to spend the extra money on him. I could see this happening on the future, but I think it’s doubtful at WM.

  • Chris

    Funk Train – I hope this actually becomes their name(Funkasuarus + A-Train). Plus they need the momentum, and last I checked Rhode Scholars were broken up.

    Kaitlyn – Oh yeah, she exists and has a title. We might as well have have ‘Taker vs the Diva’s division at WM in a buried alive match so show how buried they really are

    Cesaro – A week ago I would have said Mike “Flair 2.0” Mizanin, but after the house show botch and his beat down on RAW, I don’t see WWE strapping him for a while again

    Shield – Alot of people have been arguing that The Sword need momentum heading into whatever matches they get at Wrestlemania. WM is 7 weeks away, a loss now won’t hurt them as much as people think. Shield have something screwy up their sleeve, I honestly don’t see this being a 3v3 match until about halfway through, possible attacking and injuring someone(s) backstage before the match starts?

    ADR – This will be an inconclusive finish, possibly a DQ or countout. Jericho-Show was hinted at on Smackdown this week, but I don’t see them taking the strap off of Del Rio so quick after how well received he has been as a face. Possible Triple Threat at WM? I’ve predicted a Ziggler cash-in the past 3 or 4 PPVs in a row, but don’t see him doing so tonight.

    Jericho – I know Jericho’s contract expires after WM, but if they put him in a title feud, maybe even giving him another run with it, he will gladly extend the contract, possibly into a feud with Ziggler cashing in MiitB on him.

    Rock – The Heyman/Punk love in the ring seemed too forced to me. With Twice in a Lifetime coming up for Wrestlemania, Punk needs a feud, so why not have Heyman turn on him? The Champion’s Advantage being revoked is the perfect opportunity, fake Punk about to be attacked by Lesnar/Heyman, only for him to turn and attack Rock, getting Punk DQed and Rock retaining.

  • Eddie

    The rock will beat the crap out of punk

  • nanadancer

    Want to see a match with Mark Henry vs Brock L. to see who is the BIGGEST BULLY.

  • Jimmy

    Dolph is either gonna cash in tonight or be put in a random match with Kofi Kingston or something thats the only logical explanation for not being booked in an advertised match. I really hope Cesaro does not lose because he’s getting over alot better than The Miz with me and if they do decide to make him drop the title i hope its so they can give him a bigger push. No idea whos gonna win the EC match i really want Orton to win because he’s been out of the title picture for too long but i dont think he will win. Rock is obviously retaining but dont know whats happening with Punk at Wrestlemania.

  • Jimmy

    I wonder if maybe Brad Madoxx will play a role in the Shield vs Faces match.