WWE Predicts - Hell In A Cell

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This Sunday, October 28th, the WWE presents Hell In A Cell from Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully the WWE hasn't backed themselves into a booking mess. There's a real possibility that this PPV could fall flat, even could be a train wreck, or the WWE could pull it out and give us something spectacular. I'm not recommending that everyone go out and buy HIAC, I don't want that on my head!

This month I will be joined by Gesus with full predictions, Alex Barie and Robbie will be adding their basic predictions at the end. Make sure you tell us all what you think will happen at HIAC!

No need to worry my fellow readers, the best part of predicting is back! No more going into your pay per view not knowing what is going on. I am sorry I have left you for so long. I will do my best to never let it go this long. I have been very busy but let’s just jump on into this possible train wreck of a ppv. Well after this reminder, I am giving my opinion on the build of this pay per view and how I would book the ending based on my Fantasy Booking.

Ken Predicts – US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Justin Gabriel

I find it interesting that Cesaro isn't on the card, he is US Champ right now, so I'm suspecting this will be the unscheduled match. It only makes sense. It also only makes sense for Cesaro to retain, I just hope this match is better than the one they had on RAW!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Gesus Predicts - US Title Match – Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel

Now this match isn’t on the official card. That is confusing to me since they have put on some good matches. I am huge Cesaro fan, despite what my wife may say under her breathe. I hope they get enough time to put on a good match wedged between all the other scheduled matches. I don’t see the title changing hands, but short of the tag match, if you want to see wrestling put everything aside for this match.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Cesaro

Ken Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

I am expecting a lot from this match. That match on RAW between these two was sick, and then Miz was knocked silly. But before Miz was knocked out, these two left me with my jaw hanging open. I'll fully admit that I didn't see their IC Title Match on Main Event, and I think the WWE dropped the ball by announcing Kofi's win, even though Richard broke the news earlier. I do plan on watching the match, I just haven't made it there yet, but I'm sure it was sick because these two have seemed to bring the best out in each other lately. That being said, I don't want to see this feud end here, nor do I want Kofi to have a short IC Title reign. I see some sort of kooky, strange or unexpected thing happening to end this match, but nothing that could upstage any strange endings that could come later in the night. Either way, Kofi will retain.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kofi

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kofi

Gesus Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

I am actually excited for this match. I think the build has been a bit intriguing. Finally bringing a little significance to the title. I wonder, like many things in WWE, how long will it last? While I think the stock has fallen for Miz, I think Kofi’s stock has fallen further. The difference between the two’s fallen stock is because Kofi got buried by Orton in a very childish “STUPID STUPID STUPID” way. Miz is just a case of bad booking. My position on Miz is conflicting. I really like the Miz, at least I try to anyway. His relationship with Maryse makes it really hard for me to like him but that’s a little personal. I am also not a fan of Kofi. I don’t know why, but I am not entertained by him in the ring. His ring work has yet to evolve. Every match he is in, we have already seen. This match is going to be more of the same that we have seen on Raw. They have given this match away too much on free TV to make me care too much. Then again, I have written more on this match than I will on other matches most likely.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Kofi

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

How many moves will be hit in this match? Ten, maybe? I'm not at all looking forward to this match. Not only is ADR at the bottom of my list, Orton has lost a lot of respect he'd earned over the past couple years. Not only has his ego gotten him in trouble backstage, his matches have turned very 'five moves of doom.' We're used to that from Cena, but he's 'the face of the WWE', and Orton has lost his status. To me that says Orton needs to pick up his game, but he hasn't been. Honestly, I'd rather watch Barrett work the ring these days, and I wasn't a fan of his for quite a while. Honestly, I don't think this match will hold my attention well unless one, or both, of these guys step it up in a big way. Stacy said it and I agree, this is a throwaway match, there's really no meaning behind it. We've been watching Smackdown, yet we still don't feel at all invested in this feud. Because I have to pick a winner, I'm going with Orton. He's back from taping his movie (I think), and will most likely be pushed harder (unfortunately), so he'll win this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Orton

Stacy's Predicted Winner – ADR

Gesus Predicts - Singles Match - Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

This is a match I don’t care about. ADR’s ego and unwillingness to be in this sport long term shows in the ring and has hurt him backstage. He was one of my favorite heels. Now, though, I could care less. Also, I am sure all of you know how I feel about Orton. I don’t care about this match. The only good thing about this match is that it may be long enough for a proper bathroom break leaving the Divas match to grab a beer. Orton will win, as per usual...yawn.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Orton

Ken Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match - Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

This is one of my favorite matches on the card. Team Hell No has made such a huge splash, but Team Rhodes Scholars have been rushing up behind them. They're such different teams, and that's making this feud so much fun! Honestly, I think THN will retain, but it will be by sheer accident, not by them working as a team. Maybe it will be a DQ, but this will not end with THN winning because they worked as a team, even though I do think they will retain. I think the ending of this will be questionable enough that Team Rhodes Scholars will have reason to come back and continue fighting with them for the belts.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Team Hell No

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Team Hell No

Gesus Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match - Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Not much to say about the build that hasn’t already been said. Though I fear that after weeks of getting over with their Anger Management Therapies, they’re going stale. Their gimmick is falling hard and I feel it’s more due to poor writing due to the talent both Kane and DBD have. In my opinion they can’t quite find their footing as either face or heel. I feel the people are getting a bit confused or maybe it’s just me. As for Rhodes Scholars, what a magnificent team! I am missing a bit being as I don’t watch Smackdown regularly. I feel like they are a solid tag team, and if WWE knew their butt from a hole in the ground they’d give these two a more prominent role on TV. This has all the makings to be the show stealer match of the night. I think Rhodes Scholars should take these titles and push them as a tag feuding with Team Friendship. Side note Team Hell No just sucks as a name, Team Friendship is way better. They could be feuding a few months and maybe dissension growing between Kane and DBD. They could ultimately have a showdown on the grandest stage at Wrestlemania. Then again that’s how I’d be booking this. Either way I don’t think RS will win so my prediction is Team Friendship.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Team Friendship

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship - Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

It's time that things are going to get ugly. On Smackdown there was some issues between Layla and Kaitlyn, and I see those carrying over to this match. I'm hoping that these three are given the time and booking to work the ring hard, as they all have been the past couple weeks. As much as I don't want to see it happen, I think Eve will retain. That way Kaitlyn can come back with even more proof to get her one on one match with Eve and become the Divas Champ then.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Eve

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Layla/b>

Gesus Predicts - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship - Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

The Divas have really tried to put on quality television lately with some solid wrestling. Sadly it’s just Eve carrying the division now that Beth is leaving. They’re really dropping the ball on Natalya as well. This storyline has just been bad, as well, but at least they’re trying. I really don’t care how this match ends but I feel like Eve should win.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Eve

Ken Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match - Sheamus (c) vs. Big Show

Will Big Show pull off finally winning the WHC? And if he does, who will be able to take Big Show down? I'd love to see Big Show win and have one more run with the WHC, but I really don't know how they could pull it off with Big Show in the role he's been in recently. When he was face it was possible to see someone beating him somehow, but right now he seems virtually unstoppable. The only way I could see Big Show being beaten is in an Elimination Chamber Match, but will they let him carry to February? Wait, I see it! Hear me out. Big Show will win the WHC from Sheamus, but he won't walk out of HIAC as WHChamp. I'm not sure if his title reign will be longer than 45 seconds, but I'll be shocked if it is. Big Show will win, but after the match he will eat yet another brogue kick – or Mark Henry will come out and take out Big Show in some way, or Kane, or Bryan (he's sure ticked off a lot of people recently) - and Ziggler will swoop in, cash in his MITB contract and defeat Big Show. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always the one in the Live Blog who doesn't believe that the MITB will be cashed in, but I'm calling it for this one!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Big Show → Ziggler

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Gesus Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match - Sheamus (c) vs. Big Show

This match I didn’t really care for since I feel like they’re turning Sheamus into a boring character. I do think he is better heel, but he is turning into the Cena like cheesy face. Big Show is also letting his age show. He can’t go like he used to and it’s quickly getting boring to see. If I were to book this, and I will explain more in the Punk versus Ryback match, but I would put Show over for the title. Shake up the title scene and set up a nice feud for Survivor series. Also I wouldn’t have Ziggler cashing in you’ll see why later.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Big Show

Ken Predicts - Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship - CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback

I think that this match will be the clincher of the night. Either they will book this match beautifully, or it will be the biggest mess we've seen in years. Hopefully creative will be able to pull this off. Personally, I think their only choice would be to look back 15 years to the debut of HIAC in the WWF. HBK and Taker had been abusing each other all over the place and the only structure that could guarantee a clean win would be the demonic HIAC – or so they thought. HIAC did what it should in keeping Trip and Chyna from costing Taker the match, but then Kane debuted, led to the ring by none other than Paul Bearer. Kane ripped the door off the cage and nailed his brother with a tombstone. HBK had been virtually beaten by that point, but he was able to crawl over and flop across Taker's prone body. Who other than Brock could come down, rip the door off the cage and destroy Ryback? While I don't want to see Ryback's streak to end, and I'm sure VKM doesn't want that to happen, I don't know how to get around that unless the ref calls for an interference DQ. That's one I just can't figure out, but VKM is much sneakier than I am about twisting his own rules to what he wants at any specific time.

I do want to address something I've been seeing all over the web since Ryback was announced to face Punk. So many people think Ryback can't handle a match like this, that he doesn't have to skills to work the ring with Punk. I can't say that Ryback's been tested as a main event worker on the bigger PPV stages, but he does have the skills and does know how to work the ring well enough to hold his own with Punk. I've gone back this week and watches older matches with Ryback in them, and I have to say that I'm rather impressed with his ring work. He does have the skills to work this match, the question that comes up for me is – Will creative/bookers/TPTB in the WWE actually book this match so Ryback can show off some of those skills? I'll be highly surprised if Ryback actually gets to show off many ring skills. I think he'll be sent in to dominate, then get beaten down by Brock, then something screwy happening so Punk retains his WWE Championship, possibly also retaining Ryback's streak somehow.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Punk retains

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ryback

Gesus Predicts - Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship - CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback

Man oh man, can anyone say train wreck? As many have said, this is a booking nightmare. I could see them going a few ways, but ultimately resulting in how I would book the next few weeks of TV going into Survivor series. First could be Ryback gets assaulted back stage and unable to compete throwing Cena into the match, making it not so much of a booking nightmare, then revealing who attacked him mid match. More on that reveal as I go on. Second I would keep Ryback in the match and compete with Punk. Then, when Punk looks like he is in fear of losing, have Lesnar surprise entrance, have the cage mysteriously lift to let him in and help out Punk. Then Cena will come out and be Super Cena. Then Big Show runs in. Then Sheamus shortly after. This could ultimately get the match thrown out where no one loses face. Before you get crazy, according to my research there have been 2 HIAC matches that ended no contest. While they were both on free TV, and never a PPV, anything could happen. In the ring would be faces Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback, while the heels would be Punk, Show and Lesnar hopefully ultimately standing tall.

This would set up perfectly for some must see TV on Raw. Have the heels come out and declare themselves as Heyman Guys, and that they dominate the title scene and control WWE. At first I was trying to come up with 5 guys to be Heyman guys and was stuck on ECW alumni then I realized it would be great if Vickie was in cahoots with Heyman, and Ziggler never cashed in so he could be a part of the 5 man team for Survivor Series. There will remain one more man, and that’s where I am drawing blanks. I am hoping it’d be someone good. I think it’s to early for Antonio Cesaro, and Barret would just make no sense. Let’s remain optimistic.

As for the faces, we would have Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. There are a few guys we could get in their team and the options are more open for it. Maybe Orton and that’d set up ADR being the whipping boy on the Heyman team. Not really sure, but this would be a great way to get the title to bypass a PPV, and create must see TV.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - No Contest

Alex Barie Predicts -

Kofi retains - His title reign has to last longer otherwise it would be worthless.
Randy wins - Thinking he will go for the World Title soon.
Rhodes Scholar wins - Team Hell No can't last too long.
Eve - She retains.
Sheamus wins - Nothing to special about the match.
CM Punk wins - There has to be a swerve as there will be an outlandish finish.

Robbie Predicts -

IC Title Match – Kofi Kingston
ADR vs Orton – Orton
Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No
Divas Title Match – Eve
World Heavyweight Championship Match – Big Show, Ziggler cashes in and defeats Big Show to become new WHC!
WWE Championship Match – Punk

This PPV looks like a waste of time and money. The go home show was terrible, and the build was lackluster, thanks to the HIAC match. Though I am hoping WWE will blow us out of the water, like they have so many times this year with bad cards. I know my booking seems a bit crazy but it sparks hope into a PPV that really stinks. I hope to see you all in the Live Blog.

Honestly, until I watched Smackdown last night, I had completely forgotten there was a PPV this weekend. That's not a good thing for the WWE. I'm a dyed in the wool wrestling fan, I call myself a wrestling junkie, yet I forgot it was a PPV weekend. RAW was a piss poor go home, but hopefully the WWE has something up their sleeves for Sunday, otherwise there will be a lot of very unhappy fans at 11pm when it's over. Either way, come join us for the WNW Live Blog, I can guarantee it will be an interesting evening, even if it's all because of good talk, if not good wrestling.

KB, Gesus, Stacy, Alex & Robbie

  • Osfan1

    You need hip boots before you read the Orton v ADR predictions. And Im sure Orton will lose tons of sleep knowing he's lost your respect Kendra.

  • Alex Barie

    I didn't know the United States title was up for grabs! Since it is, I will have to add to my predictions! I say: Cesaro retains!

    • Robbie

      Neither did I! I shall go with you on this one also

  • I was just taking a guess in that the match will be on the card with the build on tv.

  • jdl

    If the US title is up for grabs, hopefully it ends with Cesaro dumping the belt for the European Championship. That'd be a nice change up. Also kind of hoping Zigger cashes in, just to get the belt of of Sheamus as this championship run has been a huge bore.

  • Razmos

    I think the CM PUNK vs RYBACK match will end a draw, its not ideal as people will hate it, but its the only way of keeping the undefeated streak and keeping the strap on PUNK, i think there will still be outside interference but somehow both guys will end up either pinning each other, or knocked out and unable to compete

    • Austin

      Would never happen seeing as the Cena/Punk match that was just last month also ended in a draw. My money is on the WWE doing something I wouldn’t expect. Something crazy.

  • Robert olley

    Gesus you said barett would t make sense as a hetman guy remember what he said on his return “wade Barrett is open for business”?

    • I must have missed that what do you mean? Don’t get me wrong though barret is a rising star and is a main eventer just think with talent in the heyman stable would over shadow him. Cream rises to the top but the competition maybe a little to think to differentiate and devastating to his career.

  • Maxx Stylez

    Hey Kendra and company! Here’s my predictictions on HIAC.

    1. United States Championship- Cesaro

    2. Intercontinental Championship- Kofi

    3. Divas Championship- Eve

    4. Orton beats ADR

    5. Tag Team Championship- Team Hell No

    6. World Heavyweight Champinionship- Sheamus retains, but is hit by Big Shows WMD, allowing Dolph to cash in.

    7. WWE Championship- No Contest. I’m thinking that Lesner and Cena both will somehow get involved in the match and Punk and Heyman will slip through the crowd or up the ramp during the chaos. This way they also have a good way to set up for a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match.

    Now as for if Ryback can put on a long match, I watched him work a 22 minute match with Pumk at the Jonesboro AR house show 2 weeks ago. He can easily work it. After the match he stayed in they ring for a bit and it was like he hadn’t even been in a match. He is in great physical condition and is more versatile in the ring than they show on weekly tv.

    • mark3man

      Yeah I agree about Ryback, I think a lot of people are forgetting this is just a gimmic, so he must be doing it well if people think he cant have a long 'wrestling match. I've youtubed some of his Skip Sheffield stuff and he wrestled and lost and sold, he looked totally different so h can definitely go if needed

  • SDD619

    I think Book Ryback to win. Have him in the Survivor Series match, Have him lose at TLC. So he can claim that he has never been pinned nor submitted. That way you are keeping him Dominate & strong

  • Borgi83

    Since Vickie is now in charge of RAW she will allow Ziggler to cash in on the wwe title. We will see no winner between punk and ryback but a cash in.

  • proud

    Cesaro and the only way I’d care is if he threw the US title in the bin and restored the European belt.

    Kofi via DQ and big beat down by Miz.

    Del rio comes to the ring in a front end loader and uses it to pin Orton’s shoulders for 3

    I’d like to see Kaitlin win by pinning Layla and Eve says she retains as she wasn’t pinned and the she gets beaten down by the faces.

    Team Hell No with help from Dr. Shelby who helps get their composure back or maybe even rings the bell before the 3 count.

    Please get the title off Sheamus as I haven’t cared since his feud with Bryan. Big Show reign would entertain me.

    Punk after he ‘borrows’ del Rio’s front end loader and pins Ryback to the cage for 3.

    Everyone hates it and complains but tunes in for RAW to see what Vickie will do next

    • Ellen

      Hate to tell you – other than being annoying Vicki won't "do" anything – if the writers do write something decent soon it won't even matter.

  • Andrew Feminella

    Kofi def. Miz
    Gabriel def. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd attacks Gabriel, cuts a promo on how he always thought he was better than Gabriel yet Gabriel got all the chances.
    Orton def. ADR
    Scholars defeat Team Hell no by DQ, team Hell No retains
    Eve def. Layla and Kaitlyn
    Big show defeats Sheamas, Big Show faces the stage to watch for Ziggler, who doesn't show up. He turns around and is brougue kicked, Sheamas leaves the ring and Ziggler appears from under the ring and wins the title.
    Ryback def. CM Punk
    Ryback remains champion and competes in the 10 man tag match at survivor series. The week before TLC Ryback is knocked out backstage and is unable to compete, CM Punk defeats John Cena at TLC. At the royal rumble, CM Punk tries to walk out and get counted out in his match against the rock, but ryback comes out and forces punk back to the ring. The Rock wins the title. Then after the match ryback comes into the ring and says he wants to fight his attacker at wrestlemania, and this is where Lesnar comes out.
    I do also think that Gesus' idea with no contest sounds good.
    Can anyone put my predictions in the standings for tonight.

  • dave spad

    ryback will get jumped and cena will take his place, only thing i can see happening

  • mark3man

    Not going to predict every match as im pretty much in agreement however I think Rhodes Scholars will win the title.
    Next on to Cena, I said this in Landaus weekly blog but think Ziggler will cash in, and Cena will have a match straight after with Ziggler….Then I go into fantasy booking mode, Heyman to be revealed as the man behind AJ getting fired, Ziggler to be the 5th member of team Heyman at SS (punk,lesnar,big show and would love it to be MVP as he's a self confessed Heyman guy but I'm guessing Cesaro) vs team Mcmahon (Cena,Sheamus,Ryback and Hell no) So with the Cena/Ziggler feud ongoing they will face off at TLC with Cena winning making the title match for the Rock at RR a triple threat which the Rock will win and then around the time of EC, a loophole can be declared meaning the Rock has to give up one of his titles(like when Bobby Lashley gave up his ECW title). Like I said fantasy booking but it would be great (IMO)

    Back to tonight, I'v gone back and forth but im saying that Ryack will smash through the Cell showing his power, he would then leave punk helpless outside again showing his power then an angry Big Show and a returning MVP(I know its never going to happen but I really like him, I think he could bring so much if he returned) Ziggler and Lesnar take out Ryback and the ref has no choice to start a count as both men cant make it too there feet, out will come Cena,Sheamus (with Mcmahon on the stage) for the save but be over powered. The HIAC match ends as a double count out and the show ends with a fuming Mcmahon on the stage Heyman staring at him doing his evil laugh and punk sat like he does after a beating title in hand Ziggler stood over Sheamus with his title in hand and Cena/ Ryback down and out,

  • mark3man

    Also would love Bryan to win the RR, and Sheamus to win the WHC at Elimination Chamber so we can have a proper rematch at WM and get Bryan some redemption

    On a side note, does anyone know what time th show starts in the UK, our clocks have just changed but not sure if the US has as well?

  • Gage

    I'm going to say 3MB interfere at some point 🙂

  • Chris

    Miz over Kofi, I think that title change earlier this month was just to show legitimacy for Main Event, putting the title back on Miz feels like the right move.
    Del Rio over Orton with some help from Ricardo and/or Barrett
    Hell No retains, I'd like to see some sort of double finisher come out of Hell No, similar to how DX would usually pull Sweet chin music into a pedigree, and tonight would be a good time to establish that
    Kaitlyn wins divas title, not much to say about this match, Kaitlyn wins her first PPV title match that she should have had last month.
    Sheamus wins, Ziggler cashes in, but gets brogued while in the frenzy of giving the ref the briefcase, and fails to win the title.
    Punk vs Ryback goes to a no decision, Punk retains. This match is way too difficult to call. I like Gesus' setup for next month(Possibly Punk/Lesnar/Barrett and Rhode Scholars v Cena/Ryback/Orton and THN), but feel Lesnar is way too obvious an ending to this match and some creative swerve will be pulled on the viewers. I've thought of the cell collapsing to end the show, but the issue is maintaining the safety of the wrestlers referee and people around the ringside area while keeping it looking realistic.

  • Frank

    My Predictions

    Kofi def. The Miz, it would be stupid for kofis title reign to last for 2 weeks.
    Gabriel def. Cesaro.
    I don't care who wins the divas match, never watch them.
    Orton def. ADR
    Team Hell No def. Rhode Scholars, after the match they say ' WE are the tag team champions'
    Big Show def. Sheamus, Dolph comes out but gets hit with a WMD.
    CM Punk def. Ryback, But as this is the only hell in a cell match they will destroy the cage and i hope John Cena comes out but only gets attacked by a returning Brock Lesnar, Thus setting up team Heyman Vs Team McMahon (Vince will captain Team McMahon) At Survivor Series.

  • JoMamma121212

    Gabriel beats cesaro and Tyson Kidd celebrates with him only to attack him.

    Kofi retains and mix beats him to a pulp

    Layla wins the divas

    Rhodes scholars beats team hell no.

    Alberto beats orton and sidelines orton. Dolph

    Joins in and super cena makes the save.

    Show wins and ziggler cashes in the MITB

    Ryback wins and lesnar ambushes him. McMahon announces ryback lesnar for next ppv

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have people have to promote your names so much, like writing Ken Predicts, Ken Predicts in every match, as though you're some Dave Meltzer.