WWE Predicts - Money In The Bank

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This Sunday, July 15th, WWE presents Money In The Bank from Phoenix, Arizona. As per usual, this MITB has an interesting lineup and is almost guaranteed to be a really solid show. I'm looking forward to any swerves they might throw our way, and I have a gut feeling there will be a couple surprised. Please don't think I'm going on any insider information, I'm just going on what I feel. Also, I'm writing this on Wednesday, so I don't know anything that happens on Smackdown, so please keep that in mind.

Ken Predicts – Pre-PPV Tag Team Title Match – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (C) vs Hunico & Camacho

If R-Truth is healthy enough to work, then he and Kofi should retain. Kofi has had a heck of a time with partners this past year, and deserves to really have a solid Title reign. Taking nothing against Camacho, but I really don't know much about him yet. I can't even think of a time I've seen him in the ring. I adore Hunico and think he should be pushed, instead of ADR, but I've already been quite vocal about that. All that being said, I think Kofi and R-Truth should retain here and hopefully they will get pushed more now that R-Truth seems to be feeling better.

Ken's Predicted Winners – Kofi & R-Truth

Stacy's Predicted Winners – Kofi & R-Truth

Ken Predicts – MITBLM for WHC Match contract – Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs Santino vs Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sin Cara

I honestly forgot that Santino was in this match. He should add a lovely flavor of fun to this match, but he won't be the one to win it. Sin Cara is going to have some sick moves, and even if he doesn't get injured, or 'injured', he won't be winning this. I haven't seen enough of Sandow to say about him, so I'm not going with him to win this just yet. As much as I love Christian, I'm thinking it's time to push a younger wrestler. This is really the time for a growing wrestler to take this case and run with it. Kidd is young, and now being seen on RAW, but I think it's still too early for him. I'm expecting Tensai to possibly show up and take Kidd out of this match before it's over. That leaves Cody and Ziggler, both of which more than deserves this shot! Who do I pick? Honestly, I'm not sure who to pick! I walked away from this one for a couple hours to think. Are they going to go with Cody who has been slowly working his way up through the ranks, and has proven himself? Or are they going to give it to Ziggler who has also proven himself, as well as stepping up and saying that he's ready? While Trip might have been a bit cranky that Ziggler said he was ready, I have to wonder if he wasn't a bit impressed with Ziggler's grapefruits. Either way, whoever wins this is in for quite the push, and I think that person is Ziggler. I just hope he isn't the first to win a MITBLM, but not succeed in becoming Champ.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ziggler

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ziggler

Ken Predicts – World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus (C) vs Alberto Del Rio

I don't think anyone will be shocked that I think Sheamus should retain here. While Sheamus hasn't had the best Title run, but ADR would be a million times worse. At least Sheamus is showing passion and drive, ADR only talks about destiny, drives around like a cross between Eddie and JBL, and is less than impressive.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Ken Predicts – MITBLM for WWE Championship contract – Big Show vs John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Kane

I still believe that there's going to be someone else added to this match, but that's just me. Do I think that mystery person will win? Only if it's Rocky who appears, other than that, nope. If Rey is inserted in this match, he doesn't stand a chance. But the big question is, who does. If it's not Rocky, then I'm going with Jericho. Other than Kane, he's the only one I could see meshing well with Bryan and Punk, as I know they're not over yet. I think Jericho in with Punk and Bryan could continue to push all four (can't forget AJ) in a wonderful way.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Jericho

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cena

Ken Predicts – WWE Championship Match w/ Special Guest Ref AJ – CM Punk (C) vs Daniel Bryan

I said this in my RIB, this match absolutely should be the main event. These three have proven how over they are with the fans, so this will be just awe inspiring from every angle. I have no clue what's going to happen in this match, other than the fact that we will be talking about it for a long time to come – if creative continues on the path they've been going on. We all know that Punk and Bryan are going to about kill themselves and each other in this match, because that's who they are, but what about the crazy chick? Because of AJ, I don't see a clean finish. Something totally absurd is going to happen, but at the end of this match, Punk will retain. Not saying he'll retain through the end of the MITB PPV, but at the bell, Punk will still be Champ.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy, Punk retains

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Weird, Punk retains

Thanks for bearing with me not having seen Smackdown before writing this, but I have one SCA (medieval) event a year, and this is it. As much as I love wrestling, this is a special event that I've been attending for over ten years; a place that myself and my close friends can enjoy a nip or two. All that being said, unless something untoward happens, I will be back in time for the WNW Live Blog for the WWE Money In The Bank PPV, and I hope to see you there! Don't forget to watch the up to the minute coverage of MITB on the front page of WNW.

KB & Stacy

  • Guy Landau

    Quick picks:
    Sheamus, followed by a Ziggler cash-in

  • David

    Tensai is in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match.

    • David

      Why would somebody thumbs down fact?

    • Guy Landau

      Why is this thumbed down for God's sake? He's correcting Kendra's post for the betterment of all involved, and rightfully so. Tensai is, in fact, not mentioned as being in the WHC MITB match when, in fact, he is.

  • PietroGiampa

    Kofi & R-Truth
    CM Punk

  • Austin

    I would be pissed(but not surprised)if the Raw MITB match goes last because Cena’s in it/scheduled to win.

  • Randy

    Kofi and truth
    Alberto then cash in

  • Wes

    Ziggler is def the easy pick but I think Vince will try given Mitb to tensai to try and get him oveR

  • Topherrulez

    Cena’s wins!! Comes out kills Punk! The champ is back! Heel turn for Cena!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    i really think there will be a cash in on that day for the WWE title champ i dont know why but i do.

    • King:)57

      Cena wins:)

  • Robert olley

    Cm punk retains via dq when dean ambrose debuts who else agrees?

    • Ger


      • Ace

        Lol you beat me to it

  • proud

    R-truth and Kingston
    Cena (purely to show that not everyone cashes in wins the belt)
    Bryan and Bryan w/AJ hitting Cena in the head when he cashes in with title or briefcase

    • Mr.Love

      But he will win at the following Ppv he doesn’t win it at lol

  • Borgi83

    Kane wins MITB and cashes in on punk or bryan and wins with AJs help. She will screw both.

    • ranewber

      Lol… might wannabe watch how u phrase that given the way shes been kissing everything that moves lately!

      • Borgi83


  • AT

    Jericho said via his twitter that his contract says that he is not going to win any PPV

    • Razmos01

      He also said he wasnt returning to WWE and look what happened

  • Jman72485

    Kofi & truth


    I want Jericho to with, but I have a feeling its gonna be Cena…

    Sheamus (with Ziggler cashing in his MITB)

    Bryan (I like Punk as champ, but I think Bryan needs this win)

  • Bishop

    No Miz eh? Surprise entrant for the WWE Title MITB match.

    • Mr.Love

      I was thinking the same thing! But he is still filming I believe

    • Razmos01

      He is filming the marine 3

    • Guy Landau

      We can only hope, however he wasn't anywhere near a big enough deal lately for WWE to care making him a surprise. I'd assume Ray Mysterio as a surprise over him., and I actually doubt there'll be a surprise. Besides, as far as I know he's still off filming The Marine 3.

  • Joshua

    Big show will win and so will bryan and will cash in and beat bryan in less time as Bryan did to show

  • Jbreed

    Wow John Cena is not in a PPV main event! Finally. Oh wait, there's still a chance for him to main event if he wins MITB and decides to cash it in on the same night.

  • Kleck

    If Jericho is to leave around SummerSlam with Fozzy, I would think that naming him a winner would be a good way to bring him back once he is done and ready to return. I don’t think Punk will hold on the the title much longer though. This has been such a strong title reign and I’ve enjoyed every step of it. Maybe at SS, Punk will lose it

  • JakShowtime

    Kofi and Truth


    Cena (Though if its him or Jericho, they will lose their cash in… has to happen eventually)


    A great match. We all win.

  • RKO

    If Tensai wins, we riot

    • Mr.Love

      Ain’t that the truth!
      Kofi and r truth
      Sheamus (ADR really sucks)
      I think/ feel Jericho is goin to win but super cena is in the match so most likely him. But still go jericho
      I like Cody to win
      I like both punk and Bryan but punk will retain with a screwy finish
      No cash in on brief case tonight

  • Iamwill

    Realky do think Kane is winning this thing tonight! Any read see aj’s tweet about hell??

  • George Takei

    I agree with you about Hunico deserving ADR's spot.

    The only person I don't want to see win the WHC MITB is Christian. Everyone else in the match has never had a push like this, so it would be something completely new and refreshing for WWE. We've already seen Christian attempt to be a champ.

    I'm more interested in watching Ricardo than Del Rio. He's just so boring and says the same thing week after week. Ricardo is actually fun to watch. He's goofy, and can take pretty crazy bumps.

    WWE MITB is just a boring situation. They're just sticking with the biggest names that the belt always cycles through, and at the sake of a slow paced spotless ladder match!! What fun.

    I love both Punk and Bryon, so no complaints 'bout that one. I'd really like to see DB win this one.

  • The Spire

    Does noone else see Kane winning MITB and then Bryan winning wwe title only to be screwed over by AJ who is really in love with the big red machine