WWE Predicts - Night of Champions

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This Sunday, September 16th, WWE presents Night of Champions from Boston, Massachusetts. I have to admit that I'm really bummed that I'm not there live, as I've been to a number of WWE shows in Boston the past couple years. Actually, as I'm writing this I'm missing a local house show, but earlier today I was able to watch a very good friend get married, and that's one of the best reasons to miss a wrestling show in my book. So I will be sitting at home watching NoC with you fine folks. Make sure you join me in the WNW Live Blog for all the interesting discussion that goes along all the WWE PPVs.

Ken Predicts - Pre-Show Battle Royal for a US Title Match on the PPV
- Participants TBA

Sadly I'm not at all interested in this match. I don't think they'll be taking the strap off Cesaro any time soon, though things haven't been great since he won it. Yay Santino will win, go after Cesaro, and the cobra will fall apart over Aksana again. Honestly, I hope that someone – most likely a face – other than Santino feuds with Cesaro to get him over. All I can think of are Yoshi, Ryder, Riley, Kidd, Gabriel, and possibly DiBiase, if he comes back as a face. Of those seven, including Santino, the ones I'd like most to feud with Cesaro are Kidd or possibly Gabriel. I'm going with Kidd. I know he's not the biggest face on the roster right now, but I'd love to see them feud. I'm going with my heart on this one.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kidd

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ryder

Ken Predicts - WWE United States Championship Match
- Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Preshow Battle Royal winner

As I said previously, I see Cesaro retaining the Title over anyone he's in the ring with, and it will hopefully push him to the top of the WWE, or at least get him noticed by the handful of fans who at all care. Hey, don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan when he was in ROH, and I really want to see him succeed in the WWE, but his character is dismally boring. Cesaro needs a shot of excitement, or I fear he might go the way of the dodo. He has it in him, they just need to give him a chance to show it. This five language thing could be an interesting gimmick if there was more to him that just that, but there is only that and Aksana. That's just not enough to get over, as heel or face. So while he'll most likely retain here, I hope he ups the ante and makes both this match and his character a lot more interesting, and gets into a solid feud that will push both him and his opponent.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Cesaro

Ken Predicts - Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship - The Miz (c) vs. Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio & Cody Rhodes

Is it too early for Miz to drop the strap? I think so. Miz needs to continue being pushed as the release of his movie comes closer. No, I don't know when that is, but Miz needs to be higher up that he is right now when his movie comes out. I've been enjoying Miz lately. It might be something about that VKM hair of his, but he has this swagger and grace that has grown from the last time he was a main eventer. I see big things for Miz, including winning this match to retain his IC Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Miz

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Miz

Ken Predicts - WWE Divas Championship Match - Layla (c) vs. Kaitlyn

I think this is a great time to move the Divas Title! Kaitlyn has shown that she's strong, can work the ring better than most of the Divas right now, can talk, has an interesting look, and has such a great personality. While Layla has been trying to show off what a goober she is, Kaitlyn just is a goober without having to show it off. I've liked Kaitlyn from her days in NXT, well before she won, and I like her that much more now. I think having Kaitlyn win the Divas Title would give Layla reason to turn heel, or maybe Kaitlyn could battle Beth – something that I would love to see now that Kia has stepped back from wrestling wrestling for a bit. But right now, I think Kaitlyn would be a very interesting Divas Champ, something Layla just hasn't shown since her return.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kaitlyn

Ken Predicts - WWE Tag Team Championship Match - Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c) vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane

To me this is cut and dry. Kane and Bryan have been stealing the show (RAW) on and off for weeks. The hug-fest about brought the house down, the anger management scenes were an absolute riot, and even though Kane broke kayfabe during their tag match, it was still a glorious success. Of course they going to continue to be pushed together in a big way as their chemistry is extraordinary! I can't wait to see what they do next, and their comedy as Tag Team Champs who don't get along will further make them gripping and a huge draw. The WWE would be daft to not strap these two and keep them tied together, even if the win is slightly absurd. Honestly, I wouldn't be so easy to say this if Kofi and R-Truth had been kept relevant, but they haven't been.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kane & Bryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bryan & Kane

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

I know I keep going with Ziggler over whoever he's facing, but he's the future and so good at so many things. I thoroughly enjoyed Ziggler feuding with Jericho, and while Ziggler has had some solid matches with Orton, they haven't been as all around absorbing as when Jericho was there for Ziggler to work against. As Orton will be leaving soon to film his movie (I can't help but laugh that there was such an outcry over Orton playing in The Marine 3 that they went about finding him another movie to act in), so why not have Ziggler go over him here and possibly 'injure' Orton in the process to give him a reason to be off TV for a bit – even though we all know why he'll be gone. I guess you can say that I'm grasping at reasons for Ziggler to win, but the thing is that he really needs to win so that his stock can be built before he cashes in his MITB case, and hopefully wins the Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ziggler

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

The only reason I would want to see ADR win this match is so Ziggler could cash in and become the WHC. While Sheamus has been more engaging lately, this feud with ADR has been downright boring! Either way, it's time for these two to go their opposite ways, ban on the brogue kick or not. Wait, if Sheamus uses the brogue kick he'll be stripped of the Title. While I'd like to go there so ADR couldn't win the Title, I don't want to see another tourney for a title belt. So, do I go with Sheamus retaining the strap, or ADR winning and then cross my fingers that Ziggler will cash in and win the Title? Right now I'm sticking with Sheamus because I just cannot abide by ADR with the Title belt, even if only briefly.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

WWE Championship Match - CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena

I'm going with the hometown boy losing. This is the win Punk needs to get to the next level and get that much more insufferable as a heel Champ. I think for Punk to continue on and end up facing the Rock at the Royal Rumble, he really needs to win this, and I do believe that Punk should be the one facing the Rock that night. This match will be the main event, being Cena and in his hometown, but I have a feeling that this match might live up to being main event worthy, even with Cena in the match. I have a feeling this one is going to be the match of the night, with Punk walking out with gold.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Punk

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Punk

So while I'm a bit bummed I won't be at NoC, I will be hanging out in the Live Blog, taking bets on whether Ziggler will cash in the MITB case, discussing our feelings about King (you know we will be!), and completely abusing Cena – even those of us who don't thoroughly loath him. It will be fun, so tell us all who you think will win, and come hang out Sunday night in the Live Blog!

KB & Stacy

  • Dave Barton

    I'm all for a lengthy feud…when it works. Unfortunately, Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio is a far cry from Undertaker vs Batista. Now THAT was a feud worth seeing.

    • Kyle

      I agree as I too love seeing long feuds if they have the right storyline. For example I believe last year was when Randy Orton & Christian had their feud and I loved it. I know most people didn’t like it but the storyline was good and they put on some great matches.

  • chris

    Ryder wins preshow, loses to Cesaro
    Miz steals pin on cody while he is distracted with one of the masked men
    Kaitlyn wins on the soul fact she is so much more relevant than Layla, and that's not saying much considering the Divas' devision.
    Team Friendship better become the actual name of this team once the titles are on them.
    Orton, because Ziggler is on the same path as Bryan last year, losing streak to mid-high card talent with rare win.
    Sheamus wins as Teddy's internal investigation ends half way through the match and the Brouge is reinstated. Del Rio & Otunga attack after, Ziggler cash-in to take the belt
    Screwy finish involving AJ and/or Heyman, Punk Retains

    • kbunyon

      Very impressive! I could see any and all of those things happening. Bravo! We need a shot of interest like that in our Predicts right now, I've been a bit bored trying to keep this interesting and exciting on my own.


  • Joey

    Didn't their matches last year qualify as "main event worthy"? I would say they exceeded those expectations tremendously, and Sunday night will be no different.

    • kbunyon

      I think Punk's matches have been main event worthy, but many of Cena's main event matches haven't been the best this year. Hello, he faced Johnny Ace in the main event of a PPV! That was not a good PPV main event, and that's just one of many. Punk should be main eventing as he's more than proven himself. Hopefully we won't be stuck watching only Cena main events after this PPV as well.


      • Joey

        Haha yes my bad. The main thing that has me worried is that they'll just flip-flop the title in this feud between him and Cena just completley devalues the prestiege Punk has built up for that title this past year, and that all that matters now is to get one reign out of Cena before the year is out, hell, it's what they did last year at this exact event (remember that two week reign that he won and lost the strap pointlessly to ADR). My main wish is that Punk faces The Rock down the road, either at Mania or RR. Outside of Cena, him facing Rocky makes the most, if not more sense. Now that you mention it though, I completely agree with you KB.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I think wwe should go for a swerve here and maybe have DZ cash in on Cena winning the title. For some reason it doesn’t make sense to limit it to just one title..

    • KevMen

      It does make sense as there were two separate Money in the bank matches…. One for each title.
      So how could Ziggler cash in on WWE champ when he’s the WHC money in the bank contract holder?

    • Bryant24

      Ziggler’s briefcase only works on the world heavyweight title,u should know that but I like ur idea if it was possible

      • Bigdaddychuck

        Because we all know logic is not important in wwe… They could come up with some idea or not even. Remember when Benoit won the rumble.

        • kbunyon

          What was wrong with Benoit winning the Rumble? I'm serious, I'm trying to follow your logic here.


          • Bigdaddychuck

            Nothing was wrong with him winning it but they came up with a loophole to get him on raw from smackdown. I think they could use the loophole again for DZ.. That’s my logic

  • ghodis

    Not bad predictions at all. I think u right ziggler will cash in tnte and think it be when sheamus wins straight after the match. Therefore orton will win his match against ziggler and then go and film his movie. I think cena will get booed quite a bit tnte and i hope punk wins as u rightly says he needs this to go onto rumble and face the rock.

    On another note this has the potential to be one of the best ppv of the year. Im gutted i cant be there. I shall be getting up at 1am uk.time and watching it on sky sports box office.

    Just hope wwe for once book all the matches the correct way

    • kbunyon

      You're killing me here! I'm sitting here in my Christmas Story PJ bottoms and my favorite 'I'm sick' fuzzy sweater with a drippy nose and trying not to think about NoC being only four hours away tonight. I so wish I was there, especially if JR is going to be on announce tonight. Richard said JR is in Boston today, so there's a possibility he'll be on NoC tonight. I will admit that I'm bummed I won't see JR, but so excited that he might be on announce for us watching NoC tonight!


  • Joey

    Don't think it will happen, but I could see Del Rio winning via cheap roll-up, or title belt shot, OR he goads Sheamus into Brogue Kicking him, thus stripping him of the title (like Christrian/Orton last year at Money in the Bank) and after the match Sheamus goes ballistic and Brogue Kicks the living snot out of him due to no fear of being stripped of the title anymore, with Del Rio laid out, Dolph cashes in. Then we have a posssible triple threat feud between these three and then a feud with Orton when he returns from filming his movie.

  • Can

    Where did Kane broke kayfabe in the match?

    • mark3man

      He was on the apron and totally stopped concentrating on the match and started watching the doctors with The King…It wasnt as noticeable on raw but you could see it really clearly on a fan video that was posted on this site earlier this week

      • kbunyon

        He can also be seen yelling over to announce to ask what was going on and if King was okay. To me it shows the heart of Glenn Jacobs, such a difference from his character. I also wonder if a couple of those times that Bryan was selling in the ring, if he was also watching the happenings ringside, because he was looking off in that direction a couple times.


      • The arbiter

        I dont see anyone holding that against Kane. The fact he kept the match going at all while a friend was dying is a testament to his work ethics.

  • Joey

    And if my above statement isn't the case, then I see Del Rio and Sheamus having yet ANOTHER match at Hell in a Cell. Only because it makes no sense to have Sheamus start a new feud with someone and their first match being in Hell in a Cell, no real animosity or backstory, and Hell in a Cell woud be complete overkill for any other feud for Sheamus.

    • nick

      Enless DZ cashes in his MITB then feuds with Sheamus because they have had a mini feud in the past…

      • kbunyon

        Joey, what you say makes absolute sense, I'm just so bored and disgusted with Sheamus and ADR feuding. I think Nick does make some sense as this wouldn't be a first for Sheamus and DZ.

        Guess we will have to wait and see how VKM and creative book NoC tonight. I'm interested in seeing how this all goes down.


      • Joey

        Do you really think it desrves the justice that Hell in a Cell will do it? I'm just saying Del Rio and Sheamus have been at this since the night after Wrestlemania….

  • Joe

    I say cena will walk out as champion but I don’t see him holding the title till rumble I see cena holding it till survivor series where he drops the belt to punk

  • Jbreed

    Ryback wins the Battle Royal and becomes the new U.S. champ.

    Tag team match. I'm one of the few who hates the whole anger management/hugging in the middle of the ring angle. It's lame and Kane and Daniel Bryan deserve better than this childish crap, no matter how much it's over with the fans. Anyway, it's obvious they will win the belts tonight.

    Layla retains.

    The Miz retains.

    Randy Orton beats Dolph Ziggler because Orton always comes out on top in the end.

    Sheamus uses the Brogue Kick, loses the title. ADR is laid out in the middle of the ring and Dolph Ziggler cashes in.

    Paul Heyman interferes costing CM Punk the match but Punk retains the title.

    • kbunyon

      Jbreed – You could be very right about Heyman. I wasn't thinking about him when I wrote my Predicts, but I wasn't in my right mind, as I mentioned. I can't believe I didn't think of Heyman! Now I'm really bummed as Heyman is on my list of guys I still haven't seen live, and I'm itching to see at least once.


  • Tanner

    I see Dr. Shelby turning on Kane and Daniel Bryan and becoming tag champs with Harold.

    • kbunyon

      Just the thought of Shelby, his Mr. Roger's sweater and a title belt makes me giggle. Thanks for that!


  • Jon Graham

    Does anyone know what’s happened to Big Show?

  • Jon Graham

    What’s happened to Big Show?

  • rjc

    I hate to say it…but I see a cena title win so he(meaning vince) can get his rock v cena II match where rock wins the title and loses it to punk at mania

    • kbunyon

      I was thinking the other way around. Rock wins the title from Punk at the RR, then Cena wins it from Rocky at WM. That way Punk is free to face Austin at WM.

      A girl can dream!

      • Octavio

        i was thinking the same punk wins with heyman's help then the rock makes the save for cena building up to royal rumble that or cena losses the title on survivor series

  • proud

    Punk, Sheamus via dq, Kaitlin, Anger Management (Kane and Bryan), cessaro over Clay, mizzy
    Enjoy your show

  • proud