WWE Predicts - No Way Out

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This Sunday, June 17th WWE presents No Way Out from East Rutherford, NJ. I have the feeling this is going to be a huge night for AJ as it's close to her hometown and she's been involved with a number of people, so possibly she could be around for a couple matches. I'm mentioning her in particular because of how her character has grown in recent weeks and how wonderfully she's been handling her character.

Ken Predicts - Pre-Show Match - Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

It was one thing to feed Clay to Big Show, then not let him near Big Show or be fired. Then to feed Slater to Clay, but Otunga? I'm sorry, but this man just doesn't have it! He has an amazing physique, but dang his ring and mic work blow! As long as Clay's 'injury' isn't too bad, he's going to run through Otunga like a hot knife through buttah!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Funkasaurus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Funkasaurus

Ken Predicts - Tuxedo Match - Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

This match is going to be fun! As I said in my little write up I did about meeting with Beth the other day, Ricardo has some great ring skills and has a lot in common with Santino. From seeing what we've seen from these two guys, this should be a lot of fun, but I hope we actually see some decent ring work from them as well. Up until this moment I figured that Santino had this in the bag, but I just thought about it and, well, Santino has been able to get the upper hand with Ricardo at every turn. Isn't it about time Ricardo come back at him and really give them something to feud about? ADR might be out for a bit, why not push a real feud between these two? On a whim I'm going to pick Ricardo, but we all know how my strange whims go when it goes to predicts, so don't expect this to happen!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ricardo

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Santino

Ken Predicts - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Christian (C) vs. Cody Rhodes

This is a hard one for me. I really like Cody and he needs to keep getting pushed up the ranks. Now that RAW is going to three hours weekly, they will need some bigger names to fill these holes and Cody should be one of these guys. He's really worked hard to get to this point in his career, will another PPV loss hurt him? Honestly, I don't think a loss to Christian will hurt him much right now. Christian is freshly returned and freshly strapped, so I think he's going to retain here. Will Cody cause a DQ of some sort? Either way, Christian will retain the strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Christian retains IC Title

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Christian

Ken Predicts - WWE Divas Championship Match - Layla (C) vs. Beth Phoenix

As much as I'd love to see Beth win, I doubt they'll book it that way. Of the two, Beth is much bigger, stronger and more dominant, but Layla just won the Title and I don't know as she'll be losing it any time soon. Unless Kharma's returning soon, in which case maybe Beth will win the Title... nope, I think Layla will keep it for now.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Layla

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Layla

Ken Predicts - World Heavyweight Championship Match - Sheamus (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler

I have to say that at the start of Smackdown I wondered if maybe Dolph could possibly win this, but the way he stole the win at the end and fled, I don't think he will. What I do hope Dolph does is really prove himself. Dolph needs to step up and show that he really is main event material. This is his big chance and he'd better grab it; prove that he should be at the top. While I really think Dolph deserves this spot a heck of a lot more than ADR does, I don't think he'll win this time around which sucks after the speech Punk gave about Dolph who keeps talking smack, keeps trying, but keeps failing. Having another big loss like this under his belt will blow, but I think he needs to move away from Vickie and from thinking like mid-card talent and do all he can to be at the top. I know he needs to prove himself in this match and I'll be shocked if he doesn't. Dolph has the skills, the charisma and the drive, now if he'd just bleach his roots!

I don't want to ignore Sheamus here as he is the World Heavyweight Champ, and he's been a lot more interesting recently. He's only had the Title for about a month and a half, and that's not really long in the grand scheme of things. I'm thinking Sheamus has what it takes to take care of Dolph in the then, but it will be quite the match!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sheamus

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship - CM Punk (C) vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Stacy and I were discussing how they came up with the idea for AJ to become the 'crazy chick' character. What was it that made creative, or whoever, backstage that realized AJ would be great in this role? We're just wondering how it came about because each week AJ takes 'crazy chick' to a whole new level.

But who will come out on top and who will AJ mess with, or help win? And while Kane was just thrown into this to slap us around, is there a way he could come out on top? Stacy thinks so, but I'm not sure. As much as I love Punk, and that Kane was just tossed in as a straight up slap to the smarks, I'm really liking Kane in this. He hasn't had a direction in so long, nor has he received any hot Diva lovin' in quite a while. Though I have to say that adding AJ into his list just makes his first two 'romances' that much stranger. Will he lose this one to another man as well? Could Kane actually pull out another Title reign after having very few big Title runs in such an illustrious career? I'd love to see it, but I'm not sure.

But then is there a possibility that this is all a ruse and AJ is working with Bryan to mess with Punk and Kane's heads? But I don't think it will help if Bryan wins right now. Right now he runs around screaming "YES!", or he'll be Champ and run around and scream "YES!" I don't think it matters whether he's Champ or not, so I don't think strapping him at this moment will mean a whole lot.

That leaves Punk. Going in to this match he'll have been Champ 210 days, this time around. Total he will have 238 days, tying Taker for the 20th spot for combined days as Champ. Those are all pretty big numbers. But will this be the end of it for him? Since Punk has stepped up into the number two spot in the company some might say he doesn't need the Title to be BMOC, others might feel he needs the Title to stay in that spot. Personally, I don't, but I do think he will retain here. But I'm not going to guess who he pins to retain his Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Punk

Stacy's Predicted Winner – AJ tries to help Punk, and in the process Kane wins!

Ken Predicts - Steel Cage Match - If Big Show loses, John Laurinaitis is “fired.”  If Cena loses, he is “fired.” - John Cena vs. Big Show

Stacy and I just had a big discussion about the last time Cena was 'fired'. Stacy thought it had been more recently that Cena was either fired or threatened to be fired, but I think the last time was with Nexus. So, does the WWE do the right thing and 'fire' Cena so he takes some time off to recuperate? Or, does WWE do the right thing and 'fire' Laurinaitis so we won't have to listen to his horrible voice or see his boring face? No matter which of them is 'fired' it isn't something that will last. So the biggest question is will the WWE, or VKM, force Cena to take time off and heal up a bit, or will he be allowed to fight through his (emotional and physical) pain while continue working? Laurinaitis, being 'Senior VP of Talent Relations' could have set up his own contract so that if he was fired something bad would happen. Then VKM would have to keep Laurinaitis around. Or Big Show could hire Laurinaitis as his manager. So, after all this, will Cena lose Sunday night? Will Big Show be vindicated after all the silly he's had to endure?

I don't think Big Show will ever be taken seriously if he loses this match, and after all these years, he sure deserves it. He can prove that he really is the man, plus then Laurinaitis will really run rampant over RAW and Smackdown. Besides, what does it all matter? VKM will finally step in, bring Cena back when he's ready and fire Laurinaitis – possibly completely.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Big Show

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Big Show, Cena goes on sabbatical

I'm hoping that No Way Out doesn't crash and burn as it's not one of the big four, and there's nothing huge an unusual at this PPV, though AJ is unusual for the Divas. Yes, I'm very focused on her as I think she'd going to be the biggest question mark of the night, even though I think VKM wishes that Big Show vs Cena was. I'm actually looking forward to a number of these matches, but nothing like I look forward to the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. Make sure you stay checked in to WNW for results, and maybe come hang out with me in the Live Blog which is always gripping, if not absurd! So, who do you think will win which matches, and why?

KB & Stacy

  • Nick

    Who is Stacy?

    • kbunyon

      Stacy is my significant other. He didn't watch wrestling before we got together, so he adds an interesting point of view to my blogs and he's been predicting with me for quite a while. He has an interesting take on the industry as he's only watched for about four and a half years. Living with me he's seen a lot of of WWF/WWE work, some WCW and a little ECW. He complains about TNA with me, but also reminds me that things could be a lot worse.

      He's a lot of fun and has an interesting take on wrestling, so I mention his little comments a lot in my blogs. Does that help?


      • Brandon Ceielo

        I like hearing his pov in these. It works for your predictions pages and a lot of the other places he's mentioned, so just keep it up!

  • David

    John Cena wins, John Laurinaitis gets "fired". Then John Laurinaitis comes back on an episode of Raw with Brock Lesnar and takes Raw hostage.

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Like NWO back in the days of WCW? Hmm….. imagine that. We always wondered who the hell Laryngitis keeps talking to on his cell, and we havent seen Nash for the past few months since he got "fired" awhile back. Add Lesnar with Paul E. and lets just say there could be a new "band" coming out soon if things go according to plan…. just wondering.

    • Marc

      Big Show will most likely win, as this is how WWE will give Cena his time off, buy storyline “firing” him.

    • Callum

      Cena wins but gets an “injury”. Laurinaitis gone Cena has time off Win Win situation!

  • Christ 4 Life

    Clay, Santino, Layla, Ryback, Christian, Punk, Sheamus, and Cena…

  • My prediction is that Big Show will win. However, just like before, John Cena will still appear on Raw week after week after week even though he's "fired". There are two reasons for this. 1) History of stupidity tends to repeat itself in WWE. 2) John Cena is WWE's cash cow. Quiet frankly, I bet John Cena would rather be working at this point to keep his mind off of his divorce.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    AJ in NJ: Definitely the show stealer of the night. She's probably got someone else in mind outta the 3 guys. A #4, perhaps? Not to mention she's still scorned, and wants to take it out on anyone in general. Mess with people's heads then drops 'em like a bad habit…. Method to her madness, yall..

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    These Are All My Opinions They Are Not Fact's Wish They Were But They Are Not. 🙁 each number (1-8) is the match with very little detail
    2.most likely Santino very fun match cant wait
    3.Cody Rhodes i dont know why but i guess since wwe kinda spoiled it on twitter.
    4.Layla then kharma hopefully come's back.
    5.Sheamus ( i would say dolph but he won on smackdown 2 straight victory's against sheamus not sure)
    6.Cm Punk i have no idea how but it will happen either him or Daniel Bryan but this will be a very exciting match
    7. (pretty sure 1 un advertised match ryback vs 2 idiots) ryback win's yawn's whats next
    8.Big Show (took a long time thinking about this but remember when vince wanted to fire cena last year but instead vince got fired, and maybe vince still remembers (dont think so) but something along those lines and mark my word's vince will be involved in this match HUGE maybe another monteral screw job maybe)

  • H.M.

    Considering the situation revolving around the WHC and the general booking of this event, overall I'd say WWE has done an excellent job hyping up this PPV – something that's been uncharacteristic of them for the past several years. Sheamus/Ziggler will be a great match, Punk/Bryan/Kane speaks for itself and then you add in AJ and some potentially interesting twists. Personally I'd have Punk retain only to lengthen his title reign until at least Summerslam(praying for Bryan/Punk 60 Minute Iron Man Match). Of course the main event match(ugh, a non-title main event match) will have it's own intrigue though I do hope WWE goes about getting rid of Johnny and allowing Cena to get 'taken out' by the Big Show after some sort of screwy ending where Cena barely escapes the cage. I don't think Raw's had a good General Manager since Bischoff was 'fired.' The build for Christian/Rhodes has sort of fizzled out but Christian will definitely retain, and Ricardo Rodriguez/Santino will be fun only because they know how to play their comedic roles properly – though I do think that the US championship will only further be devalued. Please strap someone else.

  • Kris Hardy

    My Predictions:
    Brodus Clay squashes Otunga.
    Ricardo wins against Santino.
    Christian retains against Rhodes.
    Beth Phoenix beats Layla to be Diva's Champion. Goes around the ring to say she is the best diva in the WWE and no one can stop her, which brings Kharma out and takes out Beth Phoenix.
    Sheamus retains against Ziggler after the interference of Swagger.
    Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship with AJ betraying both Punk and Kane as a set-up by both Bryan and her.
    Big Show wins against Cena.

  • ZackPack

    I think Stacy was right about Cena, he was threatened with being fired if he lost to Punk at Money in the Bank. However this didn’t happen as Vince was taken off TV instead.

  • paulw3000

    Cena Wins, Jonny is fired… Cue Vinnie Mac heel turn, Cena beat down by Big Show et al and Vince re-apoints splints in a ‘New’ role which is just the same as GM with a new name…

    Other then that




    Sheamus Layla

    Bryan (pinning Kane)

  • James

    I think the last time Cena got 'fired' was when he lost to Punk at MITB

    • Eric44

      Vince was fired by HHH. Cena wasn’t really fired.

  • Van

    when it comes to the Cena vs Big Show match,it depends.if Cena wins,it means they realize John Laryngitis is causing ratings to decline and are deciding to take him off tv.if Big Show wins,it means Cena is taking time due to his divorce.

  • ❤crazychicks

    Cena was fired after MITB last year but was reinstated by HHH in the completely forgotten segment where VKM was released from his day to day duties

  • Jbreed

    Santino Marella vs. Rodriguez in a Tuxedo Match??? Are you people really gonna shell out your hard earned money to see this crap. It's sad what the B PPVs have become.

    Christian/Cody Rhodes: Match of the night if they are given enough time. Christian retains.

    Beth Pheonix wins.

    Triple Threat match: I don't see Kane going into the SS PPV as champion. Daniel Bryan will regain the title someday but it's not his time. So CM Punk retains.

    Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler proved he's main event material at the RR and then dropped off the face of the earth the next night. The WWE doesn't care about Ziggler and he's just there because there was nobody else to fill the spot.

    With the lack of star power I don't think the WWE is gonna give John Cena any time off. Cena wins.

  • Kate

    I think that Cena will lose so he can take time to deal with his devorce. Remember after his match with Brock Lesner that he needed time off.. Now would be the perfect time to give John what he needs to deal with is personal life.

  • Chuck

    Cena is going to win somehow.. How I would book it to make Cena win without making big show look weak is to do a spot where show throws Cena off the cage or through it. Like chokeslam him off the top where he lands on the table which breaks and his feet touch the ground.. You make show a monster by doing that Cena wins and big Johnny gets fired….

    • Kate

      That would make a lot of sense to do it that way