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Sunday, November 24th, WWE presents Survivor Series from Boston, MA. When I realized that Survivor Series was going to be in Boston I was a bit bummed that I didn't pay attention early enough to get tickets, but looking at the card, I don't see as I'm missing much. Between the money I'm saving for the holidays, and that I'm going to be hanging out in the WNW Live Blog with a fantastic group of wrestling fans, I'm actually happy I'm staying home and not trekking to Boston for Survivor Series this year. I'm stepping back in for Jesse this month as he needs a bit of family time. I have to admit that it feels quite strange to be back here compiling the WNW Predicts, but I will be sticking with Jesse's format as it's much cleaner than what I used to do. I'm sure Jesse will be back soon, and all our hopes are with him that he will come out of his family issues stronger and happier.

This month Justin Mayo and Ed Smith will be joining me with full predictions while Alex Barie, Jesse Sherwood, CJ Blaze and my dear Stacy Morang will be on short predicts.


Survivor Series I should be excited. I want to feel excited. This is a Big Four Pay Per View, after all. I'm not excited. I usually don't watch PPVS anyways due to financial issues, but even if I could, I might skip it. Besides one or two matches, there's nothing compelling. The traditional five man tag looks good, as with Wyatts V Punk/Bryan, but the other matches just seem a bit too predictable or downright boring to me. I hope I'm proven wrong, though!

Kofi vs Miz

I'd say it should be in the Pre-Show, not the actual card, but I doubt it will be good enough to get the fans riled up for the PPV. Honestly, this is the type of match I'd expect to be tossed in on the fly because of Kofi being upset after being screwed by Miz on RAW. In my opinion it's daft that they actually put this on the Survivor Series card, and I worry that it will only drag the show down that much further. Maybe they're starting a big push for Miz? But what I've seen from him lately has been rather blah. Hopefully things will change, but I find this heel turn to be at a very odd time with his new movie is premiering on ABC Family this coming Tuesday night, 7PM. All that being said, I see Miz coming out on top of this one, and that's only because he's the one turning, and possibly heading into a push.
Ken's Predicted Winner – Miz

Both of these athletes have hit their heads on the glass ceiling so often and for so long that they've practically made it an art form. Miz was treated horribly when he first showed up in WWE and earned respect (from some, not all) based on good old fashioned hard work. Kofi is a total workhorse who can work well with virtually anyone. He makes it look easy and he's always fun to watch. Given the fact that they just decided to turn Miz heel and they seem to have a direction for him of sorts, I'm thinking he'll probably go over. Kofi hasn't really been going anywhere lately and, while I wish that would change, I don't think it will yet.
Ed envisions: The Miz

A match that all started from a heel and a rejected tag only 6 days ago? This is a match I have no interest in seeing, and it's disappointing when a spur of the moment filler match takes the place of a title match. Since I'm forced to pick someone however, I'll pick Miz, as I doubt they'd make him lose right after his heel turn.
Justin's Predicted Winner – Miz

Alex's Predicted Winner – Miz
Jesse's Predicted Winner - The Miz
CJ's Predicted Winner – The Miz
Stacy's Predicted Winner – Miz

IC Championship Match – Big E Langston (c) vs Curtis Axel

The only real reason I'm looking forward to this match is because it means the issues between them will be over and Big E can move on to defending the IC Title against some really solid wrestlers. I'm hoping that Big E holding the IC Title will help push the Championship back up to someplace of prestige. I think Big E is going to be huge in the WWE and this was his first big step in that direction, as the IC Title should be. I know I said that I predict we will be seeing Big E and Reigns fighting for one of the big Championships within five years, well, I'd love to see the kernel of that feud starting with Reigns coming after the IC Title. I know that could cause issues within The Shield, but those have been coming recently. All that being said, Big E will go out there and work it against Axel, and hopefully Axel will have more character and charisma than we've seen from him, and it will be a solid match where Big E will win and retain his IC Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner & still IC Champ – Big E

Ever since his face turn, Big E's been booked on a roll, booked the way Ryback should have been a year and a half ago. He has all the right people behind him, and he has the charisma, strength, and skills to back it up. Axel, on the other hand, while showing brief flashes of potential the last few weeks, is on a steep decline. I want the guy to succeed, but the he's just not showing me he can. I'm predicting a solid run for Langston, and don't see it ending tonight.
Justin's Predicted Winner & still IC Champ – Big E

Alex's Predicted Winner – Big E Langston
Jesse's Predicted Winner – Big E Langston
CJ's Predicted Winner – Big E Langston
Stacy's Predicted Winner – Big E Langston

Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match – Team Total Divas (Nattie, Bella Twins [Brie & Nikki], Funkadactyls [Naomi & Cameron], Eva Marie, JoJo) vs Team Divas (AJ, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Fox, Rosa, Aksana, Summer Rae

I hope there's only a couple Divas who I really want to see working the ring, but as this is a Traditional Survivor Series Match, they will all be in there. Hopefully Summer Rae, Aksana, Fox, Rosa, Eva Marie and Cameron are eliminated quickly. We haven't seen enough of JoJo for me to say anything about her, good or bad. I'm sure, AJ, Tamina and Kaitlyn will carry their team, as Nattie, The Bellas, and Naomi will carry theirs. In the end I'd love to see Nattie the last Diva standing, but in reality, I doubt they will do that as Nattie just doesn't get the rub she deserves. Or it would be great to see Naomi get the recognition she deserves for just how all around great she is, but I doubt it's her time yet. So I'm guessing it will be a Bella, or both of the twins standing tall to win it for Team Total Divas.
Ken's Predicted Winners – Team Total Divas

My initial instinct is to say, “who cares?” to this...but I won't because that wouldn't be doing my job...LOL! Okay, who comes out on top? Hard to say, really. Aksana will not be a factor in any way because she's basically turned into the Curt Hawkins of the Divas division. Alicia Fox won't be a factor either. Eva Marie and Summer Rae could do serious battle for "Diva least able to work." Having said all these mean things, there are Divas who can actually work. I like Cameron and Naomi quite a bit and they know their way around a ring. Tamina Snuka has yet to impress me but I won't give up on her. She has a great almost Chyna-esque vibe about her that I like and I'm hoping she'll improve with time. Of course, we know AJ and Natalya can work with the best of them. As for who wins, I'm going Cameron, Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, JoJo, and the Bellas. I'll go further. I think they'll be so unimaginative with this that, as has happened so many times already, Natalya will finish someone off with the Sharpshooter. For the record, I *despise* the fact that excellent and committed talents like AJ and Natalya are stuck with matches like this one as neither one deserve the mess this may turn out to be - especially if Eva or Summer get any substantial ring time. I'd also rather see the Bellas out of this mess but I get why they kinda have to be there.
Ed envisions: Cameron, Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, JoJo, and the Bella Twins

Yawn. Ever since the mid 2000's, the Diva division has really fallen off the face of the earth. Basically, we have the entire diva division in the ring in one match, and it's nothing but Total Divas vs the rest of the roster. I have no interest in reality shows, so if that's the only reason the Diva's are getting attention, that's sad indeed. That being said, I think they'll further push Total Divas by giving them the win here tonight.
Justin's Predicted Winners – Team Natty

Alex's Predicted Winner – Total Divas
Jesse's Predicted Winners – Total Divas
CJ's Predicted Winners – Team Total Divas
Stacy's Predicted Winners – Total Divas

Tradition Survivor Series Match – Cody Rhodes & Goldust, The Usos, Rey Mysterio vs The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins) & The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro)

This should be the solid Traditional Survivor Series Match on the card. These men have proven how well they work together, and will probably take things to the next level in this match. This could be one of the matches that steals the show, then again the Rhodes brothers, the Usos, and The Shield have been stealing PPVs the past couple months anyway! With the addition of Rey, this match should be jaw dropping. Because this is Rey's big return to the WWE, I see him being the last man standing in this match, and I hope the last person he takes out is Rollins. We were lucky enough to see some fantastic moves between these two, and I think that was just the start of it. Rollins is the smallest guy on the heel team, and the highest flier of the group, so their work should be sick! So excited to watch this one.
Ken's Predicted Winner – Team Rey

This'll be fun! Just look at all the great workers in this match! There's not one worker here who can't really go! As is the case with the last match, I almost don't care who wins...but for totally different reasons. Not only can they all work amazingly well, but almost all of them (save Swagger) have a tremendous amount of charisma – so much that it'll be hard to focus on any one performer. To tell you the truth, I'm not as enamored with Rey Mysterio as everyone else is but I totally get his appeal and it is nice to see him back doing what he clearly loves. Because of this return, I'm not sure WWE can let him be on the losing end of anything right now. I'm also secretly hoping they'll break Cesaro away from Swagger and do something substantial with him.
Ed envisions: Cody Rhodes (whoa-oh!), (takes breath in) Gold....dust, U...Sos!, and Rey Mysterio (Boo-ya-ka!).

This is another match I wish I could see. With the exception of Swagger, everyone in this match is incredibly exciting to watch work the ring, and I expect this match to steal the show. The Shield, Rhodes, and Usos alone have all proven to have amazing chemistry working together, and this is one of those matches that I feel could be an easy 4 star match, as long as it's not an overbooked clusterfluff. If given free reign and enough time, this match will tear the house down. I see this match being a feel good moment after a hard struggle, and while I won't predict eliminations, I see this going to the families and the returning Mysterio.
Justin's Predicted Winner – Rhodes/Usos/Mysterio

Alex's Predicted Winner – Rhodes/Usos/Mysterio
Jesse's Predicted Winner – Team Rhodes (Mysterio sole survivor)
CJ's Predicted Winner – Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos & Rey Mysterio
Stacy's Predicted Winner – The Shield & The Real Americans

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family

There's been some people talking down this match because it's Punk and Bryan, and they're the easy targets for the IWC. I find it hysterical that the IWC pushed so hard for the WWE to recognize and accept these guys, and now that they have, all the IWC can do is bash them. I'm not say that Bryan hasn't been looking a bit rough around the edges lately, possibly a bit burnt out, but that happens to everyone, that's not a reason to bash him every chance there is. Personally, I'm thrilled to see The Beard and The Best working together. They're strong characters and wrestlers who can only help to push The Wyatt Family to the next level. Because of this, I see The Wyatt Family going over in this match, but it will be dirty. They will do something to screw over Bryan and Punk to win this match. It's too early for the good guys to go over, and while I expect this to be a really solid match, the good guys will fall – at least this time.
Ken's Predicted Winner – The Wyatt Family

Again, this one's gonna be fun no matter what the finish looks like. Much has been said about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and how amazing both are in the ring. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have come off as a rather solid team and they can both go. They'll have the beautifully odd Bray Wyatt at ringside with them so he'll be a factor at one time or another. Were this shown on “RAW”, I'd think “dirty finish” all the way. My issue is with regard to the fact that they almost can't blow this off here. The feud hasn't gone on long at all and there are so many other interesting turns this could take. I'm going “dirty finish” here too and I'm going rogue.
Ed envisions: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan with interference from Bray Wyatt

THIS is a match I'm looking wish I could see. In my opinion, it's a highly predictable finish, but it's one of those matches that sounds so good you don't care. Wyatts have been on a roll lately, and there couldn't be two better people to put them in the ring with than the Beard and the Best. I see the Wyatts picking up the win here, as it's too early in the feud to have Punk and Bryan win yet, but I expect it to be an excellent match!
Justin's Predicted Winner – Wyatts

Alex's Predicted Winner – Punk/Bryan
Jesse's Predicted Winner - Daniel Bryan & CM Punk
CJ's Predicted Winner - Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bryan & Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match – John Cena (c) vs Albert Del Rio

As much as I rip on ADR for phoning in too many of his matches, and just not putting enough of himself to get over with the fans, his matches with Cena are better than with almost anyone else. Because of this, I'm hoping that this match is at least solid. It doesn't hurt that their interactions recently have been pretty solid. All this being said, I think Cena will easily come out the other side as Champ. It's possible that ADR fights dirty and somehow ends up disqualifying himself, but more likely Cena will just beat him. Hopefully this is the blow off to their feud so they both can go on to work with other people. I don't know how, but I'd love to see Cesaro go after Cena for the WHC, but that's my own selfish want to see the two of them work together in a solid feud.
Ken's Predicted Winner – Cena

For the record, I'm glad John Cena is back. There can be no question that he's the face of WWE – regardless of the storyline saying that Randy is. When John's on, ratings go up. He draws and that's that. Alberto Del Rio seems to be getting a bit more vicious...and I like it. He needed edge and he might finally be getting some. I expect him to do what everyone else has been doing and go after Cena's arm. Cena will be Cena...and he'll be over like rover for doing it. Do they take the title off Cena at this point, I seriously doubt it.
Ed envisions: John Cena retains

This is one of the most predictable matches on the card, but unlike Punk/Bryan and the Wyatts, I don't see this being a great match. I'm not saying it'll be bad, but even the vastly improved Cena and the recently intensified Del Rio can save the predictability of this one. Cena's the face of the company, and Del Rio's proven that he lacks the personality and crowd reaction to be an effective champion. After a solid match, I pick Cena to retain and hopefully move on to a better feud.
Justin's Predicted Winner and STILL WHC – Cena

Alex's Predicted Winner – John Cena
Jesse's Predicted Winner – John Cena
CJ's Predicted Winner – John Cena
Stacy's Predicted Winner – John Cena

WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton (c) vs Big Show

I loved that Trip and Steph had to think about whether they were completely behind Orton as WWE Champ right now. Further, I think it's great that they want Orton to prove that he can beat Big Show by himself. It should be nice to see a big main event match without interference. I worry that Big Show getting so many advantages over Orton recently will not win because of it. Even though it looks as though Big Show should easily win this, I'm expecting that he will only win it via DQ so that Orton can retain his WWE Championship, at least for now.
Ken's Predicted Winner – Big Show via DQ, Orton retains

Speaking of ramping up his character, Randy has done that beautifully as of late. He's been vicious and self-consumed beyond belief and it's great. I've always been a fan of Big Show and the fact that, despite his size, he can really work when it's called for. Given all the screwjob stuff they've been doing during Orton's reign as champion, it appears we could be in for more of that. However, I'm once again going rogue because of what could happen with Orton's character. I don't even think I need to spell it out, do I?
Ed envisions: Big Show as NEW WWE Champion

I'm torn on how to feel for this match. On one hand, I feel this match is the wrong direction for both parties. Orton's finally getting his edge back, and Show's proving that after all this time, he can still pull his weight (no pun intended!) as one of the top guys. Both men deserve the spot their in, but I don't feel they should be working against each other. On the other hand, however, the payoff to the lousy crying angle Show's been put through, I feel a title match, no matter the outcome, is well deserved, as it puts him in a very good position to get some payback on the Authority, severely injuring their champion. As predictable as I feel this match is, that has nothing to do with my indecisiveness on being invested in the match or not. As for the winner, I see Orton pulling a trick from his proverbial sleeve and coming out on top.
Justin's Predicted Winner and STILL WWE Champion – Orton

Alex's Predicted Winner – Randy Orton
Jesse's Predicted Winner – Randy Orton
CJ's Predicted Winner – Randy Orton retains – dirty finish
Stacy's Predicted Winner – Orton - dirty


As we set about the precipice of the start of the Road to WrestleMania, all I can think about is how WWE has seemingly set itself upon a path for yet another disappointing card. With everything they presented for tonight's card, and how seemingly predictable and droll it looks, I am starting to wonder if WWE's creative team and VKM himself have lost that spark they had for this business. Most of the matches here are rehashes of things we have seen repeatedly over the last few months and the lack of depth in the roster is frankly disturbing, as we never see more than 15-20 guys of WWE's 70+ member roster at any time. Couple that with the generic characters and cut-and-pasted storylines we have been fed, maybe it's time for WWE to pull a TNA and hit the reset button. We thought they had done it 4 weeks ago for Raw after Cena returned, but as is anything good that comes like that, it was just a fluke. Hopefully, Survivor Series proves me wrong and offers some surprises because I am really starting to question what WWE expects us to hold on to anymore.


Before I started writing this I was glad that I hadn't spent the money to attend Survivor Series, but after writing the predictions I'm a little less thrilled with my decision. The card looks better than I thought it did on first glance, though I wish the WWE would look at the options earlier and spend more time setting up the cards for PPVs. We're starting on Road to WrestleMania, earlier and earlier each year – like preparing for Christmas – so they should be on top of everything they're doing, plus PPV buy rates should be something they're worried about year round. It just seems as though there's a lot more they could do to get ready for PPVs and push the card to together and hype it more so the fans are so excited that they absolutely won't miss the show, rather than blowing it off to watch Doctor Who. Okay, I had to get that in there as I blew off the Predicts for a few hours so that I could watch the 50th Anniversary Special, and thinking about it, other than the Live Blog, I'm worried that Survivor Series won't be a better show than what I saw on BBCA today. Make sure you join us for the WNW WWE Survivor Series Live Blog, I'm sure it's going to be a fantastically interesting night.

One final note, we are starting a WNW Cesaro's 100 Giant Swing Pool. Many people believe that Cesaro is working up to 100 rotations at WrestleMania. I don't think many of us are questioning the number, it's who is going to be at the dizzy end of Cesaro's spinning. There's been a new names already chosen for the pool, and if you want to get in on the fun, you have to join us for the Live Blog, or one of the Open Thread parties and talk to me about joining in on the fun. There will be a prize for the winner, provided by me, something wrestling related that will be a surprise. So, who do you think Cesaro will be making uber dizzy at WrestleMania?
Queen of WNW
KB, Ed, Justin, Jesse, CJ & Stacy

  • Nostaljack

    Doh! Forgot Big E. vs. Curtis Axel so I’ll put it here. Maybe I forgot about it because the winner is such a foregone conclusion to me. Big E. has the jet pack strapped to him. Big E.’s on the way up; Curtis, on the way down. His run as IC champ (heck, his run as Axel in general) was a total waste. It went nowhere – even after Triple H. stepped back in the ring to get him over. He has zero charisma and his ring work isn’t what we expected. Big E. has a tremendous sense of humor, a great look, and his work is coming along quite nicely. Again, total forgone conclusion.

    Ed envisions: Big E.

    (P.S.: Sorry, Kendra… ;))

  • monty

    Another PPV that just doesn’t have a lot of interest from fans. I hate this idea of slacking all year than having a WM card full of part timers, it use to be the best workers would get their spots at WM as a thank you for all their hard work

    But now it’s all about part timers, it all started because of rock and will not end. Now we are seeing rumors about VKM wanted HBK back(I full believe HBK will be back$$$$)

    They had DB storyline and their screwed it up
    What’s IP with Punk having boring feuds lately
    Glad Cena is back because he can mak that WHC belt mean something again

    Hopefully Big E can make the IC title also mean something. And where the heck is that US title?

    VKM stop ruining this business, you are like al Davis and Jerry jones, once great for business but now too stubborn to change. Also I hope we see Shane comes back in this authority storyline because that would be a huge payback and a surprise

    • Jbreed

      You’re 100% right. Unfortunately a lot of fans are spoiled now so they would rather see “dream matches” at WM than current young stars, who could actually wrestle, in important matches. But they don’t realize how these dream matches hurt the product because of all the crap during the non-WM season.

      • David

        I disagree entirely that the dream matches hurt the current roster as there have been successful times In the past.

        The rock vs Hulk Hogan at WM18 DID NOT hurt the roster at that time for example. When it comes to the very recent ‘title run’ with The Rock out certainly did do just that, but this was thanks to poor booking and a lack of any appearances on Raw by the champion in any wrestling capacity.

        If a star returns it ought to be to produce another level of depth in the main roster talent. For example John Cena going over The Rock earlier this year added nothing to John Cena as a character.

        Brock Lesnar going over CM Punk was an occasion that was both good booking and enhanced the character of CM Punk further as the match made him look equally as ruthless.

        If Michaels is to return to face DB it can be used to produce a story and depth of character for DB that no roster talent can match.

        • Jbreed

          Hulk Hogan and The Rock were on the WWE roster at the time. They didn’t steal anybody elses spot. Anyway, do you think it’s right for a guy like Daniel Bryan to be pushed aside come WM by guys who only wrestle once a year? If they do end up bringing in Goldberg, for example, he’ll probably be higher up on the card than Daniel Bryan, and Goldberg has been gone for ten years. Bottom line is, the WWE keeps relying on stars from the past instead of creating new must-see superstars. And this hurts the product and this years Survivor Series is an proof of it.

  • Jbreed

    The biggest problem is how nobody cares about the title matches, which involve the two “megastars” of the WWE.

  • Mike McCarthy

    It’s weird, nobody thinks that Big Show is gonna align with The Authority and disband Orton. I thought that was one of the more likely scenarios.

  • Cubed56

    Since when has the Iwc been bashing punk and Bryan? Everybody has their detractors, but as far as I’ve seen and heard these two are by far very much over with the Iwc and casual fans alike. Punk and Bryan getting bashed is news to me, and quite frankly I believe is a very false statement.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      There is a very hard line sect of the IWC that has been bashing anything Punk or Bryan, blaming the lowered ratings on them, the failure of the SummerSlam buyrate, saying that they are “vanilla midgets” that cannot carry a company.

      • Cubed56

        O you mean justin Lal.

  • James

    What I want to happen..
    Miz beats kofi with scf (pre show)
    Aj and kaitlyn survive divas 7v7 ((spears every td and make them tap)
    Cody rhodes sole survivor (5v5 Ttm)
    Big e buries axel
    Whc m I don,t like both but cena not going to lose
    Wyatt family win due to new member
    Orton punts big show

    What will happen…
    Miz wins
    Total divas roll up everyone to win
    Rey and rhodes survive
    Big e wins
    Cena turns into superman again and wins
    Punk and Bryan win
    Big show wins

  • Vaneyscopaz

    Most like to be Rey Mysterio soul suvivor to beat all 3 men of the shield alone, WWE is gonna want to build him big because i think its gonna be Him vs Cena for the title at WM, Daniel vs Punks wwe title also (Punk will beat Orton for the title at RR) Bryan will win Royal Rumble 30 man match.

  • Avalanchian

    Miz beats Kofi
    Big E beats Axel
    E Total Divas beat The other Divas (simply to promote their show even though talent to me is on the side of AJ and Co.)
    Wyatt Family beat Punk n Bryan
    Shield/Americans beat Rey,Rhodes,Usos (Mysterio last one to lose powerbomb from Reigns)
    Cena beats Taco Del Riooooooooooooooooo
    Ortain retains over Big Show (Sheamus attacks)

    • Stephen Cash

      I think Sheamus will attack Cena. I think the authority comes out during the WWE championship match, Orton thinks it’s to help him, but instead they screwed Orton and help the Big Show win. We find out on raw big show was with them the whole time.

  • Navin T. Ramkissoon

    Ok well this PPV has had a lousy build but I am going to add my 2 cents to the pot.

    Pre Show: Miz defeats Kofi

    IC Title Match: Big E defeats Curtis Axel
    WHC Title Match: Cena retains
    Team Total Divas vs Team Non Divas: AJ and Tamina are the Sole Survivors
    Team Shield and Real Americans vs The Usos, The Rhodes Dynasty and Rey- Rollins and/or Cesaro are the sole survivors.
    Punk and Bryan beat the Wyatt Family (Punk and Bryan will make Harper and Rowan look extremely strong)

    Orton vs Big Show- Orton to retain and set up Triple H vs Big Show due to heavy interference from the authority

  • Mike McCarthy

    I guess I’ll throw mine out there too;
    Pre-Show: Miz wins
    Intercontinental Championship: Big E wins
    Total Divas vs. Non-Divas: Bellas and Eva Marie soul survivors
    Rhodes Brothers, Usos & Mysterio vs. The Shield and Real Americans: Mysterio & Goldust soul survivors
    Punk & Bryan beat The Wyatt Family
    WHC: Cena retains
    WWE Title: Big Show wins and aligns with The Authority

  • Jared

    Love the predictions, and it’s unfortunate that your predictions are almost all the same, it just shows that this pay-ver-view is predictable and there’s not many people that are going to see it. I have one major issue with what a couple of you said (Kendra and Ed). Summer Rae “should be eliminated quickly” and she should compete with Eva Marie for “Diva least able to work”. Where did that come from? Summer Rae did a good job wrestling on NXT and she’s also done a good job on tv. She’s a better wrestler than any of the total divas besides Nattie, and better than any of her teammates tonight besides AJ. There is literally no talent in this match, but Summer Rae isn’t adding to that, she’s one of the few that deserve to be there.