WWE Press Conference In Japan, Batista Deserved Better, Raw Backstage Pass Nixed

- WWE held a press conference at Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo, Japan on July 14, 2014 to announce the signing of KENTA. Former WWE Japan President Ed Wales and current WWE Japan President Kanta Nishizumi were in attendance. Thanks to WNW reader Hiroaki Kawafuji for sending this along.)

- Mick Foley posted a new blog on Facebook titled "Batista Deserved Better." You can read it embedded below:

- Raw Backstage Pass is not scheduled to air after Raw Monday night on the WWE Network. Instead, an episode of Beyond the Ring is scheduled for 11:06 PM ET. It certainly appears WWE has scrapped the idea of post-shows for now (which isn't a bad thing, in my opinion).

  • Ricky

    I agree it was the wrong time for Batista to return, the crowd at first was happy to see him back. Then when he won the Royal Rumble, the crowd got pissed and let him have it. He didn’t help by constantly complaining and even saying “The crowd should have been more supportive”.

    • Danny_Boy

      The smarks buried Batista’s push

      • chains82

        arenas must be full of smarks then…lol
        I agree with Foley, but had the fans not turned on batista the way they did…its safe to say Daniel bryan would never have been put in that main event spot…..so idk damned if you do,… damned if you don’t…

  • MoneyIce Sutherland

    in all reality the only thing that needs a pre and or Post show is the PPV.

    the Pre show to hype up the ppv like SUnday Night heat use to do. and on the PPV channel with the Free for All.

    and a post show to recap the ppv and do those psuedo Press confrences

    but i dont know why we needed pre show & Post shows for Raw and Smackdown

    • Moose

      I believe it was to promote the WWE Network. At the time, there wasn’t much to promote on there except for previous PPVs. Something new to pull people in was needed and the pre/post shows were what they went with. Hopefully, they will reserve the pre/post shows for the PPVs as you have mentioned.