More WWE Production Truck Photos, Goldust Day, Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella At Teen Choice Awards

- Below are photos of the new WWE production truck designs. When I saw the one featuring Ultimate Warrior, I immediately thought how glad I am to see him make amends with the company before his tragic and untimely death. Here are the photos:

WWE Production

- Sunday, August 10, 2014 was Goldust Day in Yakima, Washington. Here's a photo of him accepting the honor:

Goldust Day

- Below is a photo of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at the Teen Choice Awards:

Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan

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  • Smark Twain

    Loving the old school/throw back truck. And now I wait for the truck with the big bold bright “9.99” on the sides.

  • I forced myself to watch the teen choice awards last night, I felt like the old man who didn’t want kids on his lawn.