WWE Promotes Camera Man Injury Angle; CM Punk One Of The MVPs Of 2011

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- WWE has footage on their official website of Dr. Chris Amann discussing the camera man that was "injured" on Smackdown by a Mark Henry chair shot. You can watch it at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the link.)

- Wrestling News World writer Rick Craig sent this in... CM Punk was rated as #16 in Business Insider's list of 20 Most Valuable Players for 2011 in the world of sports. From the publication: "There was a brief stretch this summer where pro wrestling was relevant, and that's all because of Punk. His feud with WWE felt so real that he put the entire sport back in the spotlight."

  • Bobby

    As much as I hate to say it, but the CM Punk angle did little to put WWE in the “spotlight”. During the whole angle, ratings were still flat and the PPV buyrate for MiTB didn’t event hit 200,000. As much as I loved that angle and Punk’s work, it really did nothing in the grand schemes of things.

  • Jim

    He didn’t say that it helped ratings. He said that it brought wrestling some main stream exposure. Which it did in a big way. TMZ was all over that story, and in the entertainment industry that’s what they consider main stream exposure.

    • Bobby

      Mainstream doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t bring in viewership.

  • Kevin M. Robinson

    Bobby that is the WWE and the fault of Vince rushing CM Punk back.

  • dude love

    I don't understand when people say that WWE is no longer relevant. To tell you the truth, it never really was. Yes it has millions of fans across the globe, but the only time it ever makes headlines is if it involves a pro wrestling death or incident. Or if someone is making a joke about it. It is really hard for some people to understand pro wrestling, so they choose to avoid it. Just my opinion.

  • Mike

    Mark Henry vs. Camera Man for Wrestlemania 28…Rock vs. Cena better take a back seat because this bad boy is a ratings boon!