WWE Raw Attendance, The Rock's Injury Explained, Kurt Warner Appears Live

Post-Wrestlemania Raw Attendance

The announced attendance for this week's WWE Raw was 16,173 from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The show was a legitimate sellout.

The Rock's Injury Explained Live

Justin Roberts opened this week's WWE Raw taping by explaining The Rock suffered an abdominal tear at Wrestlemania 29 and wouldn't be appearing. We have the full story available at this link.

Kurt Warner at Raw

Legendary NFL quarterback Kurt Warner was in attendance at this week's WWE Raw and interviewed in the audience of Josh Mathews. Warner explained his new reality series called "The Moment" will premiere on Thursday at 10/9c on the USA Network

  • Chris

    Apparently the internet conspiracy theory is Rock pulled an Austin. “Took his ball and went home.”

    • Of course he did he’s a sellout always was always will be

  • Please please please not triple threat leave Henry out of it

  • pulkit

    rock’s injury is really shocking knock