WWE Raw Audience Drops For The Go-Home To Hell In A Cell Episode

This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the go-home to Hell in a Cell, did an average viewing audience of 3,825,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is how the numbers broke down by hour:

  • Hour 1 - 3,914,000 viewers
  • Hour 2 - 3,802,000 viewers
  • Hour 3 - 3,759,000 viewers

The show ended up doing a 2.71 cable rating.

An average viewing audience of under 4 million viewers is something that is becoming the new norm for WWE Raw. The horrible/unwatchable Monday Night Football game did an average viewing audience of 13,243,000 viewers on ESPN.

Raw Ratings & Viewership Audience

  • Xavier

    YIKES, that’s very surprising actually. I figured a lot of people would of bypassed on the Monday Night game since it was The Giants & Vikings and because neither team is worth a damn this season and the fact that it was a very sloppy game.

  • eskymi

    It will be interesting to see who they pin it on, whether they accept it as the new norm, or they say it’s because Cena is gone, or because Daniel Bryan is in the main event. I am sure that none of it will be the fault of Randy or Triple H or Stephanie…but I can tell you that my least favorite parts of each RAW involve those 3, especially Orton. I can stomach HHH and Steph to a degree, but Orton drags it all down for me.

  • Mysterion

    Next weeks numbers will be intriguing. I’m no Cena fan but I must admit RAW needs him right now. He’s back on RAW next week so, if his drawing power comes into play, we should see a rather decent viewership increase.

  • kenneth

    its not physics Daniel Bryan just cannot draw any ratings. and Vince McMahon Triple H and Stephanie will look at this as a sign to bring John Cena back in the main event. you bet your ass he will be back in the main event before this year ends. people better start getting ready to say no no no no no no no no.:-)