Vince McMahon Unhappy With Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Top WWE Star Working With An Injury, Criticism From Raw, Two Stars Have Roles Flip-Flopped

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Backstage news and notes from WWE Raw in Biloxi, Mississippiā€¦

- Vince McMahon remains unhappy with the way the Stephanie McMahon and Triple H characters are coming across on television. One observer blamed it on the week-by-week writing of the angle and the constant changes to the final script. This same observer noted how Hunter and Stephanie look almost as confused as the viewers that are trying to following the angle.

- Randy Orton is working through some type of upper leg injury and is reportedly getting it evaluated again this week.

- We heard more criticism for Goldust wearing the face paint again this week on Raw. The feeling from many I spoke with was the story would have been told better without it.

- To give you an idea of how quickly the Battleground lineup has been thrown together, the first Raw script had Kofi Kingston and R-Truth flip-flopped. In the end, Truth ended up playing the role originally written for Kofi.

  • Santaisreal

    here’s an idea….stop changing the script! It’s a genius idea I know.

  • jomo12

    I know it’s been Vince’s way or the highway forever when it comes to the final script, but why can’t he just let creative come up with the show and go with it? I remember Richard posting a while back that the best episode they’ve had recently was when Vince stepped back and made no re-writes to the show and things ran smoothly. I think TPTB need to step back and come up with something that makes sense and can really draw the viewers attention instead of just throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks.

  • dektpunx

    it doesn’t help when a heel triple h comes out and cuts unexplained babyface promos either,,,i understand he is trying to be deceptive in a few of his promos but theirs some that just don’t make any sense…I thinkstephis playing her heel character a little hetter.

  • Gesus Oliver

    I don’t quite get what the issue here is. You have so many seasoned veterans behind the screen why is writing a show so hard? They should know by now. The rewriting is getting out of hand. It’s evident by the hard to follow lack of flowing story lines.

  • John

    Good i’m glad they switched Kofi with R-Truth. I’m sick of seeing Kofi in midcard title matches! He must be a 29 times Intercontinental champion by now!

  • John

    I got bored of the corporation angle once they started to make it all about Triple H and Stephanie (anyone surprised?). Taking the title away from Orton was a terrible decision. Now his credibility is gone as far as i’m concerned.