Is The Undertaker Injured? Will He Work SummerSlam? One WWE Performer Forgets Their Lines On Raw, Backstage Reaction To The Wyatt Family, Why Some Are Souring On Sunday's PPV Lineup

Backstage news from WWE Monday Night Raw in Baltimore...

- Regarding reports The Undertaker is injured, I cannot confirm that but was told he's "a little worse for wear" and WWE is unsure if he'll be able to work SummerSlam as they had hoped at the beginning of the summer. At any rate, there's been talk of either Kane teaming with Undertaker to oppose The Shield or Kane and someone else to oppose The Wyatt Family. Plans are subject to change and these are just some things we heard from this week's Raw.

- We're told Vickie Guerrero forgot her lines during the "Performance Evaluation" segment including the Brock Lesnar part that Stephanie McMahon brought up.

- The Wyatt Family was over backstage and everyone thought they came across well, however, we heard some thought the Kane beating went a little long and the dead crowd didn't help.

- Many are souring on the Money in the Bank pay-per-view lineup. Both MITB ladder matches have company officials worried, not from an in-ring standpoint but from the all babyface/all heel setup. We're told there are some worries about the in-ring work between John Cena and Mark Henry with the unforgiving Philadelphia crowd.

- We heard several people backstage complaining of a cockroach problem at the 1st Mariner Arena. Obviously this isn't groundbreaking news, but I thought it was enough to mention to perhaps trigger the need for an exterminator.

  • Nostaljack

    Vickie covered decently. I didn’t really notice.

  • Xavier

    If Vickie forgot her lines then I could hardly tell, like I said last night, Vickie is easily one of the top 4-5 heels in wrestling today. She’s a heat magnet. She’s one of the best on the mic as well.

    With the Wyatt Family coming in and attacking Kane I have a feeling that the Shield will move further down the card. Two heel trio stables on RAW seems a little overkill at the moment. Wouldn’t make more sense at this point to do Taker/Kane vs The Wyatt family as opposed to Taker/Kane vs The Shield? Ever since the Shield lost too Bryan they’ve lost so much steam.

    Why would officials be worried about Cena/Henry? Both are very good workers and the mic work in this feud has been very good. Cena/Big Man matches are typically very good. Henry is very over as a heel right now. And rather fans are cheering or booing Cena they will still be invested in the match.

    I think the WWE title MITB match will be fine. I do however worry about how fans will receive the WHC MITB, because of the real lack of star power.

    • Ben

      The problem with The Shield is they’ve faced almost all of the top babyfaces. There’s nowhere to go but down. About the only team left they could possibly put together is Ziggler and Punk, but I can’t think of any logical scenario for that storyline to develop.

      The officials are probably concerned about Henry being limited in the ring. I’m not sure I buy that concern after seeing Cena get a couple good matches out of Ryback the past two PPVs (aside from the horrendous LMS booking at Extreme Rules). It’s not going to be some five-star match, but these guys have built up a strong enough storyline for the match to keep the fans interested for 15-20 minutes. I could see Henry getting cheered against Cena, but that shouldn’t matter or concern anyone. Cena has been getting mixed reactions for years now and that hasn’t altered booking yet.

      The WHC MITB match should go over well. Philly crowds tend to be smark-heavy, which can favor quality in-ring workers, and that match is full of them.

  • amaanakter

    I agree with the majority of what people are saying. The Shield has been booked strong right off the bat since debuting last November. Going over nearly every main eventer. But it is inevitable that when another faction like the Wyatt Family debut they are going to get pushed down. But I really do hope that Taker comes back for Summerslam and faces them. The interesting thing will now be where do they go from here are they going to be pushed and are they going to be kept relevant we’ve seen time and time again that one minute your going to be pushed to the moon next your nowhere to be seen. I love the Shield and hope they remain a staple of WWE TVs over the coming months

  • sir-rusty82

    Didn’t stuff like this start going around the net about Taker before Mania & it turned out to be greed being the reason if he turns up or not. I don’t think they need him anyway especially against the shield my problem with their loses on smackdown is it came out of no where, if they had them lose a big match at raw or a PPV then start losing that wouldn’t be a problem but its like they went from main eventers to mid card over night and what do you think of wwe putting Vickie & Ryback together???

  • John

    The Wyatt family are 2013’s version of The Godwinns!