WWE Raw House Show Results (10/19/12) - Trenton, New Jersey

Below are quick results from last night's WWE Raw live event in Trenton, New Jersey:

* Santino Marella b. Tensai

* WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres b. Layla

* Michael McGillicutty b. David Otunga

* Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger

* Damien Sandow b. JTG

* WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No b. Epico & Primo

* WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro b. Sin Cara

* Ryback b. WWE Champion CM Punk via disqualification in a Lumberjack Match. Punk got disqualified when he used the title belt as a weapon.

  • Jon Graham

    Tensai lost to Santia!? That’s one serious fall from grace! DAMN!

  • Blazeking

    I was there once again, but this time was different. If you've never went to a WWE "House" show before, now the time to go to one. They're even better than they were before. The show last night was like a mini televised Raw with the opening theme with pyro!!! There were numerous wrestlers who had their pyro and one that recently got pyro. Cesaro, Layla, & Brodus all had new pryo.

    I've got the full CM Punk vs Ryback match and the others too. Just haven't edited them together and uploaded them to youtube yet. Stay tuned to "TheTruthNJ09"…

  • JasonGaza

    wtf? tensai lost to santino but beaten cena before. wwe really needs to make good choices. I like that they are finally giving Heath Slater the start of his journey though. the next rated r superstar when he drop his recent gimmick

  • Andrew

    Looks better than a regular televised raw.

  • Joe O.

    Serious questions from this, why is McGillicuty facing Otunga? Is McGillicuty face now? It appears Jack Swagger is back. And where’s JTG been since that makeover? Speaking of looking for superstars… #wherestrent?!

  • Trel67

    Did swagger have a different gimmick? Different anything??