Second Report: WWE Raw House Show Results (11/30/11) – Yokohama, Japan

Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent in the following report from yesterday’s WWE Raw house show in Yokohama, Japan:

* Santino Marella b. Drew McIntyre. Before the match, Santino asked ring annoucer to call “1, 2, 3(San)tino(Japanese reading)”, and showed squat. During the match, Santino said “Ouch” in Japanese . Santino hit the Cobra for the win.

* Alex Riley b. Primo. Crowd was booing  Primo. Alex Riley hit the Hawaiian Smasher for the win. After the match, Jack Swagger came out and attacked Riley. Swagger did push-ups and said in Japanese that “I’m the No.1 foreigner”. The crowds chant “What?”. Mason Ryan came out.

* Mason Ryan b. Jack Swagger. Ryan hit the full nelson buster for the win.

* Big Show & Zack Ryder b. Dolph Ziggler & Kevin Nash. The crowds chanted “Let’s go, Ryder”. Big Show hit the knockout punch to Dolph for the win.

* Beth Phoenix b. Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Divas title. Beth hit a backbreaker and the Glam Slam for the win.

* John Cena b. The Miz. Before the match, The Miz cut a promo and said in Japanese that “I’m No.1″. he also said “shut up” in Japanese. Cena hit the Atittude Adjustment for the win.

* CM Punk b. Alberto Del Rio to retain the WWE title. Punk hit the GTS for the win.

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