WWE Raw House Show Results (2/05/12) - Wichita Falls, Texas

Below are quick results from yesterday's WWE Raw live event in Wichita Falls, Texas:

* Brodus Clay b. Michael McGillicutty

* Ryback b. Alex Riley

* David Otunga b. ???

* WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger b. Kofi Kingston

* WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix b. Eve with Santino Marella as special guest referee.

* John Cena & R-Truth b. The Miz & Kane

* WWE Champion CM Punk b. Dolph Ziggler

  • Dave Barton

    Alex Riley’s stock has fallen terribly. He blew the roof off when he finally attacked Miz, and now he’s jobbing @ house shows to a guy who isn’t even on tv yet.

  • Ann

    I agree – I think Riley has great potential to be a superstar – can't for the life of me figure out why they'd by-pass him like that….