WWE Raw House Show Results (2/09/12) - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Below are quick results from today's WWE live event from Zayed Sports City International Tennis Complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

* Alex Riley b. Drew McIntyre

* Primo & Epico b. Mason Ryan & Santino Marella

* Michael McGillicutty b. David Otunga

* Kofi Kingston b. Chris Jericho

* WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger b. The Miz & R-Truth to retain

* John Cena b. Kane via disqualification when Kane used a chair. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment after.

* WWE Champion CM Punk b. Dolph Ziggler. The original finish was a double count out but John Laurinaitis came out and restarted the match after he helped Ziggler get in the ring while Punk was still out. Punk got in at 9 and hit GTS for the win.

  • Wes

    Kofi over Jericho . This has to be miss print

    • vivalajady

      there gotta build kofi back up since Evan has been suspended…. KOFI next US champion

    • Suhail Alketbi

      I was at the show Kofi won my roll-up

  • Dave Barton

    And Y2J is facing Punk at WM??

    • brandonsanewski

      I agree seems strange putting kofi over y2j maybe there giving him a push cause of Evan screwing him over

  • thatguy

    yea its odd to see kofi over jericho, but its a house show. let lone in another country. No biggie

  • Callum

    It's a house show. Unless it's a championship match with a heel champion the face usually wins so Kofi going over Jericho isn't that big of a deal.

  • Stinky Warm Farts

    They shouldn't even be on this tour! Women can't come because of religion? Blah! It's 2012!! Skip ABU DAHBI!!

    • Dave

      WWE is paying respect to the strict code, when TNA/UFC came they didn't give two shits about the code or whatnot they brought their divas/ring girls.

    • Dale A.

      If this is your name, you must be smiling ear to ear about Natayla's farting problem! Hell yes, did you write this deal with the "bombs over Tokyo" routine?

  • Wes

    Yea but over y2j. And he was already us champ wouldn’t mean much in terms of a push IMO. I mean put him over miz or truth. But one of the very toP guys on the roster is a reac

  • Thundercat254

    Yea kofi over y2j is something but when they went 1 on 1 during the 6 pack challenge..the crowd did do the whole LET’S GO KOFI chant lol

  • Mishal

    Will be seeing the second show tonight! 🙂