WWE Raw House Show Results (3/03/12) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Below are quick results from last night's WWE Raw live event from the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

* Brodus Clay b. Michael McGillicutty

* Eve & Kelly Kelly b. The Bella Twins. Eve left Kelly Kelly during the match to fend for herself as part of her heel turn.

* Xavier Woods b. Curt Hawkins

* WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger b. Mason Ryan via submission

* Chris Jericho b. Kofi Kingston

* WWE Tag Team Champions Epico & Primo b. R-Truth & Santino Marella

* John Cena b. Kane in a no disqualification match

* WWE Champion CM Punk b. Dolph Ziggler with Chris Jericho as the special enforcer.

  • Tyler

    So what are they doing with Kane? Are they feuding him with Randy Orton for WrestleMania? Looked that way on Smackdown

    • its like you watch it once a month yeah their going to have a match at wrestlmania

  • Ronan

    Yeah,its official randy vs kane at wrestlemania.why else would they do them feuding at the end of smackdown!

  • Paul

    Getting tired of Kane being buried to John cena. Move on!

  • Owen

    Remember that street fight randy vs Kane I think Kane wants revenge

    • owen you could not be so wrong it was mark henary who injured kane not randy orton

  • Moe

    I'm glad I didn't go.

  • wwe needs to stop with john cena vs kane getting old fast

  • i like masked kane but the john cena feud just didnt work it was like a monday tv show

  • cm punk needs to kick your face moe

  • @areyouseriousbro

  • wwe

    stop saying stuiff about the show you stink