WWE Raw House Show Results (8/03/12) - Jacksonville, Florida

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Below are quick results from last night's WWE Raw live event in Jacksonville, Florida:

* Brodus Clay w/Naomi & Cameron b. Heath Slater

* WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth b. The Prime Time Players w/Abraham Washington

* ??? b. Alex Riley

* WWE Champion CM Punk b. Daniel Bryan in a street fight chosen by the fans

* WWE Divas Champion Layla b. Alicia Fox

* WWE United States Champion Santino Marella b. Jack Swagger

* Zack Ryder & Chris Jericho b. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Dolph Ziggler

* John Cena b. Big Show in a steel cage match

  • Adam

    So punk vs Bryan is before the divas, SANTINO, a non-title tag match. I dont mind Cena vs Show, but still.

    • Mason

      Just be glad santino isn’t jobbing to Antonio and they actually have divas. Plus the tag team match has high pitential

  • Noah

    Alex Riley lost to three ?

  • JJS

    Punk vs Bryan was actually after the Divas match. Dean Ambrose def Alex Riley

  • JJS

    The card went as:

    Brodus Clay def Heath Slater

    Kofi and R Truth def Prime Time Players (PTP won via pinfall but Kofi had foot on ropes, AJ came out and reversed it, called for the match to continue, dual pin by Kofi and Truth for the win)

    Layla def Alicia Fox

    Dean Ambrose def Alex Riley after Riley dominated match, quick finisher for win.

    CM Punk def Daniel Bryan in a street fight

    Santino def Jack Swagger

    Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder def The Miz and Dolph Ziggler

    John Cena def Big Show in a cage via pinfall after Attitude Adjustment

  • Nick

    The ??? was Dean Ambrose

  • CrankyVince

    That ??? is Dean. Ambrose …

  • Paul

    Who is ??? That beat Riley? How is cm punk going down at these house shows? Is he being cheered or booed? He was so loved by so many fans I can’t imagine they can just turn him heel that easily.

  • mo

    riley vs who

  • I think that WWE are doing good at the moment. The superstars all have good storylines behind them and it is obviously rubbing off a good effect on WWE ATM. Would like to see tends I go back to Albert or A-Train character.