WWE Raw House Show Results (9/28/12) - St. Joseph, Missouri

Below are quick results from last night's WWE Raw live event in St. Joseph, Missouri:

* AJ Lee opens the show with a promo to explain John Cena's absence and that he will be replaced in the main event by Big Show. This leads to a promo with WWE Champion CM Punk and her making it a fan's choice match between a 2-out-3 falls match or lumberjack match. Refunds were offered up until the second bout because Cena wasn't there.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane b. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

* WWE Divas Champion Eve b. Layla

* Michael McGillicutty b. Dean Ambrose

* WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro b. Zack Ryder

* Brodus Clay w/Cameron & Naomi b. Damien Sandow

* Santino Marella b. Tensai. A trainer came out during the match to check Santino's knee but he finished the match just fine.

* Big Show b. WWE Champion CM Punk via disqualification in a lumberjack match when Punk hit Show with the title belt.

  • Jessie Skys

    WWE sucks!

    • Dave Barton

      I'm giving you a thumbs-down on that. I might change it if you give a valid reason. Until then, no reason = thumbs down for a pointless post.

    • VKM

      So your ticket says subject to change and you get your money back…….whoever made that call…..YOUR FIRED!

  • Mike B

    Card subject to change… Also great to see tensai lose to santino after about a thousand squashes… I think he could be officially grounded after this past week

  • Joey

    It's so awkward to think that just 5 months ago, Tensai scored a pinfall victory on John Cena.

  • Evon Reese

    Sounds so exciting……..NOT!!!!