WWE Raw Live Event Results (12/26/12) - Detroit, Michigan

Below are quick results from Wednesday's WWE Raw holiday live event in Detroit, Michigan.

* Vickie Guerrero opened the show by announcing the main event of Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena.

* The Shield b. Ryback, Daniel Bryan & Kane when Seth Rollins used a chair on Ryback. After the match, Team Ryback hit their finishers on all three members of the Shield.

* Brodus Clay b. JTG. After the match, Jack Swagger came out and challenged Clay.

* Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger

* WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres b. Kaitlyn

* The New Age Outlaws b. The Rhodes Scholars

* Zack Ryder b. Tensai. Because of the loss, Tensai had to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as voted on by the fans in attendance.

* The Uso's b. The Prime Time Players

* WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz ended in a double count out.

* The ring crew started to bring a cage out but they had to take it back. I'll have more on this shortly.

* John Cena b. Dolph Ziggler in a street fight. AJ Lee and Big E Langston were "banned" from ringside by Vickie Guerrero but came out later and were involved. Cena actually kissed AJ and Langston took him out for it.

  • Tyler Bowles

    The New Age Outlaws?! Nice!

    • PainOfDemise

      Wish I could of seen that. Wonder if there will be a youtube vid anywhere.

    • J-Dub

      I know right hope they get on television too!

  • Steve

    “Oh you didn’t know?”

    • Kevin

      Your a** better caaaalllll somebodyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loren_G

    Does this mean that we might see the NAO on Raw or Smackdown. They were always one of my favorite tag teams and I would love to see them in action. I have no problem bringing back superstars if they are used properly to elevate the new stars.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    And you can’t lie, Kip looks like he’s in great shape. BG never really was, but he’s still hella charismatic and I’m sure they can still put on a show. I’d live to see them on tv. Maybe updated a little.

  • Guest

    Cena and AJ? What?