WWE Raw Live Event Results (2/8/13) - Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Below are quick results from Friday's WWE Raw live event in Poplar Bluff, Missouri:

* Zack Ryder b. Corey Graves

* Tensai b. Alex Riley… twice. Riley claimed he lost the first bout because his shoe was untied and got a rematch. Tensai went over both times.

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn b. Tamina Snuka

* The New Age Outlaws b. The Rhodes Scholars

* Justin Gabriel b. David Otunga

* Ryback & The Miz b. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro & CM Punk. The finish saw Ryback hit Shellshock on Cesaro, pinning him for the victory.

  • James

    Seems like it is a match or two light

  • Ricky

    Riley is buried, buried, buried

  • coolk

    Where was team hell no or the shield. Anyways good for the miz and ryback winning.I hope miz be on top again one day, maybe he could lead smackdown(I always wanted him to be world heavyweight champion and ryback will be wwe champion this year.