WWE Raw Loaded With Punk vs. Cena, McMahon/Heyman, Brock Lesnar

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WWE will broadcast Monday Night Raw tonight from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. While neither WWE Champion The Rock nor Chris Jericho will be there, it's looking to be a loaded show. The following is confirmed:

  • John Cena vs. CM Punk for the right to challenge The Rock for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29.
  • Vince McMahon's fight against Paul Heyman
  • Brock Lesnar is advertised
  • The continuation of Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter and Glenn Beck controversy
  • Rey Mysterio is advertised

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  • PainOfDemise

    And hopefully a surprise Undertaker appearance. *crosses fingers* I can hope.

  • I have a feeling one of the “predicted” WM matches will not happen. I have a feeling WWE will go in a different direction. Rock vs. Cena, HHH vs. Lesnar, Taker vs. Punk — those matches will be changed up somehow.

    • shwo

      I’ve been saying since the day after rumble that they would do lesnar/taker, I have a source and its been right so far

  • Hopefully a good RAW tonight.

  • Andrew Ace

    Lets have one more Rock vs HHH WWE title match. Jk maybe HHH and Taker vs Punk and Lesnar woth McMahon and Heyman in the corners

  • PFElton

    Oh boy, Rey Misterio Jr., whoop-dee-freakin’-do. I love 200 pound, bloated luchadores.

  • Willie

    Tonight gonna be #Epic…….. But its hard to put The Undertaker in a storyline with C.m Punk. What The Undertaker gone do interfer that means nobody wins the match with Punk Vs Cena i understand if Punk was talking bout him bad but he havent said nothin bout The Undertaker so that would be all mess up but Vince Vs Hayman is the best way for The Undertaker to come back and should be the last match tonight…… Vince beatin down Hayman Lasner comes out and finna do a number on Vince then the lights go out!!!! IF YALL REMEMBER YEAR AGO THE UNDERTAKER WAS AT A UFC MATCH THAT LASNER WAS IN AND LASNER WALK BY AND THE UNDERTAKER SAID “YOU READY” ITS ON “YOUTUBE” LOOK IT UP…….. I Still hope they go with The Rock Vs Cena VsC.m Punk

  • Willie

    This what need to happen tonight Vince Vs Hayman should be the last match tonight…….. Vince beatin Hayman bad then Lasner comes out and make a save they finna do a number on Vince then the lights goes out…IF YALL REMEMBER OVER A YEAR AGO WHEN THE UNDERTAKER WAS AT A UFC MATCH THAT LASNER WAS IN AND AFTER THE MATCH LESNER WALKED BY THE UNDERTAKER & THE UNDERTAKER SAID”YOU READY” SOMETHING LIKE THAT…. GO ON YOUTUBE AND LOOK IT UP Cause i dont see how The Undertaker can get involve in Cena Vs Punk i understand if C.m Punk had been bad mouthin The Undertaker but he havent wwe fault i hope they go with The Rock Vs Cena Vs C.m Punk THAT WOULD BE #EPIC