Raw Results 8/11/14 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

RAW Results August 11, 2014
From Moda Center in Portland, Oregon
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The biggest celebration in WWE history for Hulk Hogan's birthday with huge surprise guests! Both Cena and Lesnar will be on Raw, looking toward their match at SummerSlam.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

The stage is covered in packages wrapped in red and yellow, with opposite bows, and the announcers are pumped up. Then Brock's music hits, and he comes out with Heyman, and wearing a shirt that has what looks like red tape with yellow letters over the 'repeat' on his shirt. The letters spell John Cena. (Colors mean something?) They head to the ring to mixed reaction.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, in 6 days I will be the advocate for the reigning, defending, WWE WHC, the conqueror Brock Lesnar! Before I begin my dissertation where I get to educate you all, let me show you what I do on Raw. I come out and sell major events. If I have to come out here and sell the beating Cena will suffer at SummerSlam, you're missing the entire point. My client has asked me to sell SummerSlam to the Cenation. Brock Lesnar wants to address fans of Cena. Bad things happen to good people when they step into the ring with Brock Lesnar. So, let's understand one thing, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it to which I offer you this historical perspective. (Clips from WrestleMania.) Which I told you before WrestleMania, and I did tell you before WrestleMania, that this would be the look of shock on everyone's face when Brock Lesnar drove Taker into the canvas and put the streak out of the Conqueror's misery. If you were a fan of Taker's you wouldn't have dared miss WrestleMania. When Brock Lesnar was a rookie in WWE, he got his hands on a man called Dwayne Johnson. If you were a fan of The Rock's you wouldn't miss that match, and you didn't see The Rock for 6-8 months. When Brock was a rookie in WWE, he got his hands on a man names Hulk Hogan, and the fans didn't see him for at least a year. If Hogan ever came back for revenge on Brock, there would be no birthday celebration tonight, hint! Now stands John Cena. This is our message to the Cenation. If you're a fan of Cena, don't miss SummerSlam. When Cena comes out and says, you can't see me, after Brock is done, you won't see him around here anymore! (small pop) Now, my client has gotten his hands on Cena in the past, to wit I offer you this historical perspective. In 2012 Brock got his hands on Cena, and while Cena won the match, Even Cena will tell you he lost the fight. The beating Brock put on Cena is something that needs to be addressed. When Cena got that tainted victory, and Brock won't stooge this off, but Brock was still fighting diverticulitis from his UFC career. The Brock that Cena faced was only at 50% and that Brock put down a beating on Cena that Cena could recover from. Brock is at 100%, and the beating that awaits Cena is that of a Shakespearean tragedy! He's a 15 time Champ, and he likes to have his fun, but not at your expense, so let us school you son.

We're not from West Newbury,
and we can't hip hop like you,
my client is the Conqueror,
I'm just Brock's advocating Jew!

You see, my name is Paul Heyman,
and my client is the Beast,
and on the 17th of August,
on your Title he shall feast!

You don't like Paul Heyman Guys, you think their attitude's too smug,
you gonna beat Brock's ass because you're the doctor of the thugs,
I mean you've beaten all the best, but now Lesnar's on your plate,
you say your time is now, Brock says your calendar's out of date!

So here's some free advice with SummerSlam drawing near,
get it out your damn system when you say the Champ is here,
because we're 6 days away from the west coast's biggest arena, (heat)
where my client Brock Lesnar will conqueror John Cena!

Brock pats Heyman on the chest, and points to the mic he dropped after his rap.

Heyman – I almost forgot. Ladies and gentlemen, my client wishes you to know, that as of now, this is Brock's house now. (heat) On Sunday it will be Brock's Title, in the mean time, my client has conquered the WWE 'Universe', so you are Brock's servants, this ring is Brock's home, and if you excuse me, I'm about to take the man of the house out to dinner. We know Cena has something to say, a huge birthday celebration for Hulk Hogan, don't let this party get out of hand, because when the man of the house is done eating dinner tonight, he's coming back home.

Announce Segment

They talk up the WWE Network, with Cole holding JBL's little sign over his face to show that it's only $9.99!


Flo Rida wishes Hogan an amazing 21st birthday, and a thousand more.
"Weird Al" Yankovic sings happy birthday to Hogan.

Backstage Segment

Reigns is getting ready backstage.


Reigns vs RybAxel

Reigns through the stands to the ring. Kane out in his suit to the stage.

Kane – It is my pleasure to be out here once again as DOO for The Authority. Now Roman, last week in your match against Kane you were victorious, that's like almost like beating two men. So six weeks before you're facing... Six days before your facing Randy Orton at SummerSlam The Authority would like to see how you'd fare actually facing two men.

Axel and Ryback out to the ring together as Kane heads backstage.

Reigns waits for Axel who talks to Ryback well after the bell rings. Reigns paces, doesn't approach Axel, then Axel grabs him, tries to drag him to the heel corner, but can't do it. Axel regroups, then they lock up. Shoulder block to Axel who is pissy and talks smack at Reigns, calling him many names. Reigns punches Axel to the mat. Ryback demands to be tagged in.

Ryback talks more trash. They lock up, side headlock on Ryback, Ryback grabs hair. Shoulder block doesn't drop Ryback, but the second one drops Ryback. Ryback reverses in a corner to shoulders on Reigns, but Reigns back with blows on Ryback. Reigns whipped, comes out with a huge clothesline. Blow to Reigns' gut during Axel distraction. Ryback can't lift Reigns, Reigns reverses into a suplex on Ryback. Blows on Ryback, then a back elbow on Axel's face as he's rushed on the apron. Reigns with a bunch of blows in the corner, but then Ryback comes out with a huge powerbomb on Reigns.


Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up, punches out. Reigns into the heel corner, an elbow to Axel, then an elbow to Ryback, and a foot knocks Ryback from the ring. Reigns out and on Axel. Ryback sends Reigns into the post. Axel sends Reigns into the post the second time. The two of them send Reigns into the post, the ref calls for the DQ.

Winner – Reigns via DQ (10:11)

Axel with a drop kick knocking Reigns into a corner, then Ryback on him. Reigns from the corner with a clothesline on Axel, then on Ryback. Samoan drop on Axel, and Ryback splashed in a corner, then tossed out of the ring. Reigns sidesteps and Axel eats corner. Reigns kicks Axel's legs out from under him, and Axel flips through the air. Reigns out for his running kick. Ryback sent into the post out there, then rolled in. Reigns in, sets up, and superman punch on Ryback, then another on Axel!

"Spear!" chants, so Reigns spears Ryback! Axel is then speared! Reigns' music plays and he poses in a corner. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Renee – Roman, clearly you are physically prepared for SummerSlam, but how do you feel about going one on one against Orton at SummerSlam?

Reigns is breathing heavy. "Roman!" chants.

Reigns – I don't know Portland, does it look like I'm ready? I'll admit, Randy got me two weeks ago, left me lying. He claims I stole something from him. I've never stolen anything from Randy Orton. But this Sunday at SummerSlam, I'm taking everything from him! And he claims The Viper's back. What's a viper when you knock its fangs down its throat? (Off mic asks Renee if she knows, and does so in a very visual and endearing way.) A worthless little worm! (pop) Believe that!

More pop for Reigns as he hands the mic back to Renee, and he poses again for the fans who are loving him.

Backstage Segment

Kane walks along, comes up on Orton.

Orton – So, Roman Reigns says he's not afraid of the Viper, I find that funny considdering what I did to him two weeks ago on Raw. Now Axel and Ryback couldn't get the job done now, the Demon couldn't get the job done last week on Raw. Now mark my words, Kane, at SummerSlam, I will end Roman Reigns.

Kane – One thing Randy, your match against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam will be one of the biggest matches of your career, and The Authority wants to make sure you're ready, so they've put you in a match tonight against Sheamus. It's what's best for business.

Orton – Really? Okay. Fine!

In Ring Segment

RVD to the ring.



Beat The Clock Challenge when RVD was removed from the match and Rollins faces Slater. Slater beat Rollins in the main event when Ambrose distracted him through the whole thing.

RVD vs Rollins

Rollins kicks RVD, backs him into a corner with kicks. RVD reverses a whip, kicks Rollins in the face, then a standing moonsault on Rollins for two.

RVD with blows on Rollins in a corner, but then RVD is hung up. Rollins beats RVD down in the corner. RVD runs the ropes into a back elbow for two.

Rollins rips at RVD's face, then a facelock on the mat. RVD uses his legs to roll Rollins up for two.

Rollins takes a kick off the ropes. Rollins rolls out, so RVD kicks Rollins into the barricade. RVD backs the fans up, lands Rollins on the barricadde. RVD on the apron, chants, then flies, but Rollins moves and RVD crashes hard.


Facelock on RVD on the mat. "RVD!" chants. RVD up, blocks in a corner, then kicks Rollins in the head. Rollins eats corner, then two clotheslines. Scoop slam on Rollins, and then RVD calls for rolling thunder, but then does half and splashes Rollins for two.

RVD kicks Rollins in the face. Split leg moonsault for two.

They fight messily in a corner, then Rollins with the curb stomp for three.

Winner – Rollins (8:02)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Rollins from the ring, then they show the finisher again. Rollins is hugging his case, heading up the ramp, limping a bit. Rollins poses on the stage, back to the packages, looks nervously at the biggest one. Rollins walks over to the biggest box, thinking that Ambrose is in there. He steps at it a couple times, shakes it a bit, walks around it, then laughs at himself and says it's ridiculous. Rollins starts leaving, then out comes Ambrose all over Rollins, wearing his jeans, tank, and sexy gray leather jacket. Ambrose beats Rollins down and from the ringside area.

Ambrose – Run Seth, run when you still can. There ain't no running, no hiding in a Lumberjack Match in six days! Your ass belongs to me. And for just $9.99, I'm going to get more than my money's worth!

Video recap of the high points of the attack on Rollins. Ambrose is still seething in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Steph is heading to the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up Slam City on the WWE Network. They show clips of the newest episodes.


In Ring Segment

Steph to the ring in black skinny pants and a looser black top. Video of Steph and Brie in the contract signing, and the beating Steph gave both Bellas.

Steph – As a principle owner of WWE it's my mission to do the best for the WWE 'Universe'. That includes all of you, and all the Superstars and Divas. Sometimes we receive info that could negatively effect an employee's lives. Sometimes I'm faced with the unfortunate task of intervening. That's what happened here tonight. Most of you are aware Daniel Bryan underwent surgery some months ago, and he has been aggressively rehabbing to get back to action. Tonight I want to introduce you to the woman who has been helping him, Daniel Bryan's physical therapist, Meghan Miller.

A pic of Bryan and this Meghan on the tron.

Steph – Meghan has something she would like to say, and is here, in the arena tonight. So Meghan, Meghan, there you are. Security, would you please help her? You can use those stairs. Don't listen to them, they can be very distracting. There, you go through the ropes. Very well done! (seriously demeaning voice from Steph through all of this) Meghan, thank you for being here tonight. I understand that you have something that you would like to confess.

Meghan shakes her head and starts to leave. Steph stops her, brings her back to the center of the ring.

Steph – Meghan, you're the victim here. You need to do what's right. Summon your courage here.

Meghan – I've really gotten to know Daniel and Brie, they are good people. My boyfriend and I had dinner with them several times. ("What?") I've worked really hard to get Daniel back in the ring. ("What?")

Steph – Go on Maghan.

Meghan – It's what he loves to do. He has such an appreciation for the WWE. ("What?") And for you guys. ("What?")

Steph – Go on Meghan. I know this is difficult. ("What?")

Meghan – Well, he... (She starts crying, covers her face with her perfectly manicured nails.)

Steph – He what, sweetheart?

Meghan – I'm so ashamed, my boyfriend left me, I can't be his physical therapist anymore.

Steph – Why? Why can't you be his physical therapist anymore?

Meghan – It just, it all happened so innocently. I mean, at least, it did at first.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph – Meghan, take a deep breath here. What happened?

Meghan (hands over her face again) – I've been having an affair with Daniel Bryan.

Steph – Meghan, I'm so sorry. (Steph hugs her.) My heart goes out to you, I'm so sorry.

Brie is stomping down the ramp in black ankle booties, low slung black leather shorts, a black tank with a wide knit black sweater over it, showing much skin through the sweater and between it and her shorts.

Brie up in Meghan's face, asking why she's lying.

Steph – Brie, the wife is always the last one to know. Daniel used you, and threw you away like a piece of, what did you call me last week? A piece of trash. You problem's not with me tonight Brie, your problem's with Meghan. Meghan actually told me that Daniel called you a dead fish.

Meghan nods.

Steph – Meghan, tell Brie what you said after every physical therapy session, what is it? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Brie slaps Meghan hard, then tackles Steph as she's still yelling "YES!". Steph grabs at Brie's hair, but Brie locks on the "YES!" lcok. Mercury, Noble and Finlay into the ring. Noble and Finlay drag Brie from the ring. Steph to her feet, holding her upper left arm.

Steph – That's it Brie, we're not waiting for SummerSlam, we're going to finish this tonight!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans as Brie is still struggling to get her hands on Steph, even as she's dragged up the ramp.


Drew Brees, New Orleans Saint's Quarterback wishes the Hulkster a happy birthday, brother!
AJ Hawk and Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers wish Hogan a happy birthday.



Recap of Meghan telling that she slept with Bryan.

Swagger vs Cesaro

Swagger and Zeb out, Swagger in a new t-shirt! Cesaro in the ring. Video of Swagger and Rusev getting into it in the ring last week on Raw.

Swagger low on Cesaro. Cesaro on Swagger's ribs, takes him down hard, but misses the double stomp. Swagger behind Cesaro, takes him down. Shoulder block drops Cesaro through a "We, the people!" chant! Cesaro takes Swagger down hard for two.

Swagger into the corner, ribs first, Cesaro with a gut wrench on Swagger. "USA!" chants. Blows on Swagger's ribs in a corner as JBL calls Cole the most untrustworthy person he's ever known as they discuss the Brie and Steph thing. Cesaro with an abdominal stretch on Swagger. Cesaro takes Swagger down for two.

Zeb gets the fans clapping for Swagger. Swagger up, gets a shoulder on Cesaro in the corner, but then is in pain and takes a boot. Belly-to-belly on Swagger, but then back on Cesaro in the corner, then to the mat. A knee to Swagger's ribs, then Swagger hung up top on the ribs. Cesaro kicks Swagger's ribs, knocking him from the apron into the barricade. Zeb to Swagger's side.


Cesaro struggles a bit, gets Swagger's strap down, and into an abdominal stretch with blows on the ribs. Swagger muscles free and takes Cesaro down hard. Swagger pulls himself to his feet. Clothesline on Cesaro, then another in a corner. Cesaro whipped, comes out into a big boot. Swagger bomb, hurts him, but only gets two.

Swagger on Cesaro in a corner, but Cesaro comes back with a blow to the throat, then the face for two.

Another blow to Swagger's ribs for two.

Swagger on the apron eats corner. Cesaro climbs, pulls Swagger up, but Swagger blocks and lifts Cesaro! Cesaro manages to land on his feet on the apron. Swagger clotheslines Cesaro back into the ring. Swagger thrown up, then a knee to the ribs. A running and rolling upper cut on Swagger for a long two.

Zeb talks up Swagger, tells him to get up. "USA!" chants. Double stomp to Swagger, but Swagger grabs the ankle. Cesaro to the ropes. Cesaro with a boot to Swagger's face through the ropes. Cesaro climbs, Swagger up, throws Cesaro, grabs the ankle. Patriot lock! Cesaro taps out!

Winner – Swagger (12:37)

Swagger plants the flag in the center of the ring.

Zeb – Tonight, we're in Portlandia! But Sunday, we're going to be at SummerSlam. We've given SummerSlam a different name, we call it De-Portlandia! Now Lana, or Olga, or Helga, or whatever your name is, give a message to that nasty stinkin' Cremlin gremlin that follows you around like a love-sick puppy. Tell him that after SummerSlam, that everybody, from Los Angeles to Chernobyl, will remember one thing, the 50 stars, and 13 bars waving proudly in that ring. Rusev, at SummerSlam, Swagger will own you. With that said... We, the people!

The Russian flag unfurls above them. Lana and Rusev out to the stage. Rusev waves, then plants his flag. In the ring, Swagger plants his as well.


Slam of the Week

Jericho put Harper in the walls, but then Bray there. Rowan and Bray into the ring to cause the DQ.


Cole – Sunday at SummerSlam, Bray will face Jericho, Harper and Rowan will be banned from ringside.

Bray – That will be enough Michael. (Bray is sitting across from Jericho, both staring at each other, as Cole stands between, but behind them.) You can leave. Go. (Cole leaves.) Tell me something Chris, do you remember your dreams when you were a child? I remember you. I remember a scared little boy who wanted nothing more than to live up to his daddy. Hahaha! I wonder, can you still see the disappointment in his eyes. It drown you. It left a hold so big that the only way you sought out to fill it was by becoming a savior of your own. But you can't even save yourself. See, I know lots about you Chris, but you don't really know anything about me. So let me tell you a little bit about me. How every time I tried to dream, how all I heard was them scream. The reoccurring nightmare that happens over, and over, and over again. Not once Chris did I claim to be a savior, because I'm not. Matter of fact, the only thing I live for in this life is to help people who can't help themselves. That's the thing Chris, you can't just whisper them words anymore, you have to scream it, until their ears bleed. And that's it, the key to the universe. The only way to truly help someone is to truly hurt them in a way. Believe me Chris, as long as I've been on this rock, I've hurt a lot of people. For this, I'm not the least big sorry. I can't resist the urge. There are no consequences for my actions. I have no conscience. I do not heed to the laws of mankind. I do not believe in heaven or hell. As a matter of fact, I hate everything this whole world has created, including me. I am a monster, Chris.

Jericho, sitting there in his black suit, black and white shirt, black tie, is just staring at Bray. He's staring at Bray with a look of almost hatred in his eyes, and his mouth set so firmly that I'm not sure he could even speak through it without some serious relaxation.

Bray – I'm Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds. The human race is decimated with its lack of fortitude, and you Chris, you exemplify that weakness. But there's a pale horse on the horizon Chris, and he's looking for you. At SummerSlam this smile will be the last thing you ever see, savior. Hahaha!

Jericho smirks.

Jericho – Savior. I'm not a savior Wyatt, after 15 years in the WWE, wins, losses, everything I've ever done, I've become a survivor. One of the reasons for becoming a survivor, is because you never know what you're going to get with Chris Jericho. Lot of different face, a lot of different sides. I can't guarantee you which side you're going to get at SummerSlam, but I can promise you this, I'm going to follow the buzzards, I'm going to grab them, I'm going to shove them right down your throat. And I'm going to be the first man in WWE to leave you speechless, and shut you up.

Bray – Hahaha!


In Ring Segment

AJ skips out to the ring. She kisses her belt, then gets into the ring.


AJ vs Eva Marie

Video of Paige pushing AJ off the stage on Smackdown a few weeks ago.

Eva Marie is in the ring in blue.

They start working the ring, AJ takes Eva Marie down in a side headlock, but then Paige's music and she skips to the ring, and around it. AJ takes Eva Marie down, but Paige keeps skipping around the ring. Eva Marie rolls AJ up for three.

Winner – Eva Marie (0:57)

Paige is on the stage with a mic as AJ is in the ring, still on her knees, seething.

Paige – Listen, I knew when I pushed you off the stage at Smackdown, you'd be mad, in addition to me supporting you here tonight, I've written you a bit of an apology.

Roses are red, wood chips are beige,
I'm sorry I pushed you right off the stage.
It's not like I hate you, I like you a bunch,
but you just have that face that I want to punch.
I'll see you this Sunday, but this part is vital,
I'll be skipping out of SummerSlam with MY Divas Title!

Paige – Love ya!

Paige skips off as AJ continues to watch, then takes a breath and gets to her feet. She does a bit of that head cock thing, then leaves the ring to where Eva Marie is still holding her neck. AJ slams Eva Marie face first to the floor, then face down on announce. AJ slams Eva Marie back first into the apron, then on Eva Marie beating on her as she screams. AJ then grabs Eva Marie by her red locks and slams her into the barricade, possibly her head hitting first, I'm not sure. AJ then skips around the ring a couple times before leaving the ringside area.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Heyman's rap, so they replay it.

Backstage Segment

Cena heading to the ring in his new red merch.


In Ring Segment

Cena out, both belts draped around his neck, wearing his new red merch with yellow accents, and really light, almost white, cargo shorts.

Cena – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is John Cena. (mixed) In 6 days from now at SummerSlam, I'm to be maimed and conquered by Brock Lesnar! That is, if you believe the prognosticator of prognosticators, Paul Heyman. This Sunday there will be pain, punishment. This Sunday, Brock Lesnar will give me the beating of a lifetime! This Sunday there is one thing Brock Lesnar will not do, win. This Sunday Brock Lesnar will not win, because for him to win he's going to have to make me lose, and I'm not going to lay down for Brock Lesnar! Any of you can take that any way you want, but Brock, I'm not going to take it from you, you know why? Because you don't deserve this! I'm not saying I'm unbeatable. One day I will lose this Championship. It won't be Sunday, and it won't be to Brock Lesnar. Every one of you know why. I don't like the guy. He's arrogant, a bully, doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. He's the most difficult, uncaring, selfish, SOB ever to walk in a WWE locker room, and every Superstar knows that. But behind that giant screen is not a social club, it's a business, I get that. But Brock's idiotic view of this business doesn't reward him with deserving this. I've been out here a lot of times, we've shared a lot of great moments together. ("What?") I've heard the cheers. ("What?") (heat) I've heard the boos. (BOO!) I've been told I can't wrestle. ("You can't wrestle!") I've heard Let's go Cena! I've heard Cena sucks. (Cena sucks!) Every week I come out with a smile on my face. There's a group of you who ask the question every week, when does John Cena turn? When does Cena say enough is enough. When does John Cena say it's not about the t-shirts and ball caps? (Cena flings the hat off his head.) When does John Cena stop being about the wrist bands and K-Mart shoes? When does John Cena unleash hell? This Sunday I fight a beast, and to be a beast, I have to become one. You will see a Cena I'm not proud of. A Cena that you've never seen before, but a Cena necessary to keep this out of the hands of Brock Lesnar! (mixed) I'll tell you why Brock Lesnar doesn't deserve this. Earlier Heyman told us that Brock Lesnar believes that this is his house, this all belonged to him. That is not what this stands for, and any idiot with a pea brain knows that this has, was, and will always belong to you. This, this is your house! But for the sake of gamesmanship, I'll play along with Brock tonight. Brock, if this is your house, then there's a stranger standing in your living room!

Cena removes the straps, puts them on the corner.

Cena – Brock, there's a stranger in your house right now! Try to come down here and kick me out! Come on! You talked the talk, I'm in your living room. Come down here and try to kick me out!

Off comes the shirt!

Cena – No Brock? No Brock, we must have interrupted dinner. Or maybe he came down with diverticulitis, or hepatitis, or laryngitis, or maybe a huge case of punk-bitch-itis! We getting serious enough now Brock? You said you'd rip me limb from limb! Start with my hand, I have way too many fingers and I'm giving you the middle one!

"Cena!" chants grow through the kids, to the women, to a solid little chunk of the men!

Cena – Fine, Paul, you want an answer? Here it is, I'm not going to repeat history on Sunday, I make it. Sunday, I conquer the Conqueror. This Sunday I am the one who beats the one! (grabs his belts and drapes them) This Sunday, the Champ is here!

Cena leaves the ring, stomping up the ramp, then posing on the stage, straps held high!

Announce Segment

Video of Meghan saying she had an affair with Bryan. Brie out to attack Meghan, then attacked Steph. Steph said they'd fight tonight, not wait for SummerSlam.

Backstage Segment

Brie, in red ring gear, heading to the ring.



Larry King has known Hulk for years. He talks up Hogan and his contributions to the entertainment industry will live longer than all of us, happy birthday.
Florida Georgia Line, dressed in full Hogan gear, wish Hogan a happy birthday as they rip their shirts.

Brie vs Steph

Brie to the ring in red, ready to fight. Brie is seething. Steph's music, and she comes out still dressed as she was earlier.

Steph – Look Brie, as much as I would have loved to have beaten you tonight, it looks as though we're going to have to wait for SummerSlam after all. That's of you make it to SummerSlam, given your actions earlier tonight.

Video from earlier.

Steph – Brie hang on a second, hang on right there, because Meghan Miller has decided to press charges. Be careful Brie.

Officers come from around the ramp, put cuffs on Brie, as Meghan stands there. The officer takes out the card and reads Brie her Miranda Rights from it. Steph with a smirk is standing there.

Steph – Brie, how humiliating. You're going to jail. Are those handcuffs tight? Please be gentle with her. Her husband's been cheating on her, and she's fragile. It's rough out there. Let this be a lesson to all of you, what goes around, comes around. Brie, if you make bail, I'll see you at SummerSlam.



Brie being arrested while Steph mocks her on mic.

Ziggler vs Slater

Miz is on announce, standing there to show off. Ziggler to the ring. Slater already in the ring.

Ziggler throws his shirt at Miz on announce, still standing up there. The fans are loving both Ziggler and Slater! Ziggler behind Slater, Slater elbows free. Blows on Ziggler, and Slater gets a pop from the fans. Back elbow to Ziggler for two. Miz loses mic sound, as JBL accidentally unplugs Miz! A big argument on announce as Cole is loving it. Drop kick from Ziggler, then he drops an elbow for two.

Slater rolls Ziggler up for two. They talk about how Slater is on a roll – by beating Rollins last week.

Big knee drop on Ziggler for a long two.

Facelock on Slater on the mat. Ziggler up, punches free, runs into Slater's kick for two.

Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up to his feet, jaw breaker on Slater to get free. Big clothesline from Ziggler, then a drop kick, but then Ziggler eats corner. Ziggler blocks Slater. Miz on the apron, knocked off by Ziggler. Miz tries to flee, Ziggler grabs him and sends him into a barricade. Off comes Miz's white blazer with blue trim, and red lining. Ziggler rushes to get back in the ring, but he's counted out!

Winner – Slater (4:19)

Ziggler back into the ring. Ziggler and Slater talk through "Slater!" chants. Slater offers a hand, they are about to shake, but Slater kicks at Ziggler. Ziggler back with the zig-zag. Ziggler poses in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Split screen – Orton and Sheamus head for the ring.


Orton vs Sheamus

Orton to the ring. Sheamus out to face him.

They circle, then lock up. Sheamus backed into a corner. The ref breaks them clean. More circling, Orton kicks at Sheamus. Sheamus back with a blow, but another kick from Orton. Sheamus whipped, comes out with a clothesline. Blows on Orton in a corner. Orton pulls Sheamus into a corner. Big clothesline in a corner on Orton. Sheamus whipped, clotheslined again. Sheamus fights back against the next clothesline, then slams Orton to the mat. Sheamus up and lands a flying knee to Orton's arm for two.

Sheamus on Orton's face on the mat. Blows on a kneeling Orton. Orton tries to flee, but comes back with a knee, then ends up eating corner. Orton taken down for two.

Orton on the apron, fights Sheamus, elbows Sheamus' face, then off the apron.


Facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up, blows on Orton, then clotheslines him from the ring. Sheamus out, but kicked by Orton, then landed on announce. Orton fixes the shroud for the announcers, then poses. Back in the ring, Orton gets two.

Facelock on Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus up, side slams free. Clotheslines on Orton, then a shoulder in a corner, and a knee lift. A huge knee in a corner to Orton's face, then a suplex on Orton for a long two.

Orton lifted, but elbows free and flees the ring. Sheamus out, but kicked by Orton. Sheamus comes back with a blown and sends Orton in. Sheamus climbing in is caught, and Orton sets up, but Sheamus in and Orton on the apron taking the ten beats. Sheamus lifts Orton in, lands a rolling senton for a long two.

Orton pulled up, but Orton elbows Sheamus in the head. Sheamus telegraphs, is kicked, then eats a back breaker. Sheamus rolls to the apron, then takes Orton's DDT. Orton listens to the fans, who mostly give him heat. Orton keeps mocking the fans with a hand to the ear. Orton sets up, but Sheamus to the apron. Battering ram over the top on Orton for another long two.

Orton sells as Sheamus is frustrated. Sheamus pounds the mat, mocking Orton. Sheamus then sets up, but Orton duck, Sheamus blocks, then into the buckle. Sheamus then counters on Orton. Sheamus climbs, flies, but Orton with the RKO on a flying Sheamus for three.

Winner – Orton (13:08)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Orton poses for the fans, yelling smack at them, then posing again.



All about Cena and Brock heading into their SummerSlam match.

In Ring Segment

Superstars are coming out on the stage to celebrate Hogan's birthday.

Mean Gene and Jimmy Hart are in the ring. Mean Gene introduces Hulk Hogan to the ring. Hogan comes out to all the Superstars on stage clapping. Pat Patterson is on the stage with the rest. Hogan poses on the ramp, then to the ring. He gives Hart his feathers, then poses and listens to the fans, working for cheers. He's all smiles.

Gene – I've never had a birthday party like this, and we're going to do this one in style. I want you to look right here.

They show a video of Hogan, from when he was a baby, to being a boy, then into wrestling before be was Hulk. A little clip of Hogan with Gene, then his leg drops in the ring. Hogan winning his first Championship in MSG. Hogan with Andre. Hulkamania running wild. With Mr. T. Hogan slamming Andre, facing Warrior, Flair, Savage. Hogan in WCW! Hogan joining nWo and being the uber heel. Hogan facing Rocky, and coming back to the red and yellow. Hogan TTC with Edge. Hogan in the HOF. Hogan and Austin at WrestleMania. Hogan posing with Cena.

Hogan is all misted up behind his shades, you can see he's choked up, and the fans are wild for him.

Gene – We could be here all night.

Hogan – After seeing that, this ring, the Hulkamaniacs, the WWE 'Universe', I think this is the first time I've been speechless Mean Gene.

Gene – A reception like this has to do your heart good.

Hogan – Being right here in Portland, Oregon, and it goes like this. Let me tell you something Mena Gene, all day long, everyone's been showering Hulk Hogan with birthday presents, even that nasty, mean old Vince McMahon gave me a present. Everybody knows how much it costs to the WWE Network, it's just $9.99, McMahon gave me a birthday card, and in it was a certain amount of money, and you know it was just $9.99! Vince McMahon, as mean and nasty as he is, he wanted to make sure I subscribed to the WWE Network just so I could see SummerSlam, brother! But you know, in all sincerity, this has been the greatest birthday I've ever had. All the crew who worked so hard, all the WWE Superstars, and even you, Mr. Pat Patterson. All my Hulkamaniacs in the WWE 'Universe'. When you turn 61 years young, you reflect back on a few things. Hulkamania is a two way street brother, and I just hope I've been able to touch their lives, just a little bit, compared to how much you've touched my life. I love you, I love my Hulkamania, and I love the WWE 'Universe'.

Gene – Hulkster, we...


Gene – Love you.

Gene announces Flair to the ring. He comes out in a beautifully cut black suit, blue shirt, peach tie. He looks better than last time he was out. Flair shakes Gene's hand.

Then, out comes Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorf. He has one of his robes on, stops and points to his cheek, Nattie kisses it with a smile. He's having a blast, working the fans, and is all smiles.

Out comes Rowdy Roddy Piper! He's looking a bit thin, and a bit vacant, but in his kilt, t-shirt, blazer, and sporan.

nWo music, and out comes Hall and Nash, looking gray and scruffy. Nash climbed in over the top.

Hall – Hey yo! Hulkster, the Outsiders as happy to be here to show you some love on your birthday, and brother you look sweet in that red and yellow. He looks sweet in the red and yellow, right. But I just want to take a little survey! How many people came to see Hulk in the ref and yellow? (nope) Or did you like him better when he was rocking the black and white in the nWo? (pop)

Hogan rips off his red and yellow to show his black and white. Wolfpac hands to Hall and Nash.

Hall – Survey says, one more for the good guys!

Nash – I did a lot of things in my career, but one thing I haven't done is this!

Nash, like a lounge lizard, sings happy birthday to Hogan, that is until he's cut off by Brock's music. Heyman follows Brock with more swagger than we've ever seen from VKM.

Brock jumps up on the apron, and Hogan doesn't look happy, neither do some of the other old guys, but Nash looks as chill as ever. Heat for Brock who looks at each of the legends in turn, right down the line, to Piper. A light shoulder to Piper's chest, the way a bully might, but still being respectful to Piper's age.

Then Brock stares down Flair, tries to punk him out, right in his face.

Brock doesn't get close to Nash, but right up to Hogan.

Heyman – So, whatcha gonna do Hulkster?

Brock – Party's over grandpa.

Hogan won't back down to Brock. Cena runs down to the ring, rips off his shirt, wrist bands, and is calling Brock out, right now! Brock bows up, but Cena is smiling and ready. Heyman yells at Brock not to do it. Brock smiles and leaves the ring.

Cena, off mic, says, "I'm ready!"

On the ramp, Cena and Brock yell smack back and forth as Brock backs up the ramp.

Cena (off mic) – I'm in your house! I'm in your house! Make a move!

Brock (off mic) – I'm a mercenary!

Biggest Pop
The Outsiders

Biggest Heat
The Authority

Most Mixed
Brock Lesnar

Greatest Chant
Spear! Spear! Spear!

Most Shocking Fan Swerve
More natural pop for Cena than we've heard in years!



  1. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 19:09 Reply

    Guys, it is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that comedian Robin Williams has passed away of an apparent suicide at the age of 63.

  2. Navin T. Ramkissoon 11 August, 2014 at 19:24 Reply

    Good evening everyone. Just passing through again this evening. I just heard about Robin Williams. RIP

  3. Navin T. Ramkissoon 11 August, 2014 at 19:27 Reply

    I managed to watch the Documentary Portion of the Paul Heyman DVD. It was excellent, simply excellent. One of WWE’s best put together pieces. Heyman was honest and brutal. They did not gloss over anything. A True Must Watch for Any Wrestling Fan.

          • Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 19:45

            Agreed. I think Vince has been kind of hoping that the names of Cena & Lesnar would sell themselves, which may be the case to a degree but I agree the go home segment between the two needs to hit it out the park. I did enjoy the back & forth between Cena & Heyman a couple weeks ago. Good mic work by the both of them

  4. savokes 11 August, 2014 at 19:29 Reply

    Somber evening to everyone here…however, on a bright spot, my 2nd kid might be coming any day now…that coupled with a big meeting I have tonight, means I probably won’t be here too much tonight. I’m hoping this Birthday Bash won’t detract from the go-home to Summer Slam…one can only hope!

  5. Paul Jameson 11 August, 2014 at 19:38 Reply

    I will say, after watching Main Event….we will miss ADR’s actual flag waving abilities. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

  6. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 19:45 Reply

    Guys, Disqus is having some issues tonight. if you aren’t seeing new comments pop up, refresh to see them.

  7. Paul Jameson 11 August, 2014 at 19:45 Reply

    so i can’t participate tonight, there is a horrible ad on this page that locks me up after each comment, so I guess I won’t be a part of these shows anymore…..

  8. Paul Jameson 11 August, 2014 at 19:58 Reply

    For you network subscribers, they are running a Cena v Brock program tonight following Raw that talks about their whole fued over the last “decade”…their words, not mine lol

  9. Seth 11 August, 2014 at 20:01 Reply

    Legitimate question: What’ll be the ration of 9.99 plugs to Hogan saying the words ‘dude’ or ‘brother’? I’m predicting for every three and a half 9.99 plugs, there will be one brother or dude said by Hogan.

  10. William Regan 11 August, 2014 at 20:06 Reply

    Good evening…R.I.P. To the great robin Williams….and now…..BROCK LESNAR! And the greatest promoter of all time, Paul Heyman!!!!

  11. Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 20:06 Reply

    Will we ever see a guy get a rookie push like Lesnar’s ever again. Dude went over Rock, Angle, Big Show, Hogan, Taker & Flair clean

  12. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:17 Reply

    You know what I would like? And I am deadly serious on this. HH, Hall, Nash vs. a revived for one night only Shield. Settle the Greatest 3 Man team argument!

  13. Paul Jameson 11 August, 2014 at 20:19 Reply

    And he’s recorporatized….cause this went so well last time. Kane just stated his own loss…..by naming Kane….that’s just weird.

  14. Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 20:23 Reply

    You guys think the crowd is starting to warm up to Ryback? There’s less “Goldberg” chants and more “Feed Me More” chants

  15. Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 20:23 Reply

    Reigns is in the spot that Ryback should of been right now if it weren’t for bad booking, a bad attitude on Ryback’s part and his recklessness inside the ring

  16. Thundercat 11 August, 2014 at 20:23 Reply

    So they switch Kane’s gimmick like it’s no tomorrow but they keep Kofi with the same gimmick for years. Truly groundbreaking lol

  17. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:28 Reply

    Guys, Disqus is having some issues tonight. RG is aware of it and is seeing what he can do, but it looks like it is on their end, not ours. For now, I can only recommend that you either refresh your browser every few comments or that you click the “Sort by Newest” button to refresh them manually.

  18. Paul Jameson 11 August, 2014 at 20:30 Reply

    I saw a sign that said King Roman Reigns and made me think….I really miss the King of the Ring……it really meant something back in the day.

  19. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:33 Reply

    That SPEAR chant! Reigns is so over, it is amazing. That shows that factions are clearly a near perfect way to build up guys equally. All three members of the Shield are in main event level positions, and deserve to be there.

  20. Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:41 Reply

    I HATE the lumberjack stip. Ambrose did a good job of explaining his reasoning behind it, but it feels weak and like an excuse to give a bunch of guys a payday.

  21. Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 20:42 Reply

    Disqus is really killing the flow of this watch party tonight. Even when I refresh the newer comments don’t appear at the top 🙁

    • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:44 Reply

      Click “Sort by Newest” to get it instead of manually refreshing. It’s a pain, but we are trying to figure out where the issue is.

      • Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 20:46 Reply

        If the problem is Disqus, I don’t think there’s anything you guys or Richard can do. That’s the sucky thing about third parties.

        • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 20:48 Reply

          Yeah, it is, but there are a few things we can do on our end to try to fix things. But it is looking more and more like it is on their end. :/

  22. Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 20:45 Reply

    I thought a Lumberjack match was kinda underwhelming at first but the way they are selling the “all the enemies they made in the Shield” concept is making me think about it and more intrigued for it than before.

  23. Scott 11 August, 2014 at 20:57 Reply

    In reguards to Robin Williams, its a shame how depression can make you do the most extreme things. So sad hes gone.

    • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 21:00 Reply

      Aye… I know how that is. I battle severe depression on a daily basis, and have actually attempted suicide twice. It’s a constant struggle that many people don’t see or understand, as there is no easy way to “fix” it. I hate that his demons got the better of him, and hope he finds peace in his next life.

        • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 21:17 Reply

          Thank you Ashley! 🙂 My last one was 6 years ago, and after that one, I vowed to never let myself get that low again, if for no one else than my kids. And now I have so many other people that I can include on that list thanks to WNW.

  24. Austin 11 August, 2014 at 21:16 Reply

    I feel like Swaggers entrance music fit him a lot better when he was a heel. I think he needs new entrance music.

  25. David Jr. 11 August, 2014 at 21:16 Reply

    I said this during Smackdown once but who would have thought that when Cesaro and Swagger broke up, Swagger would be the one with a feud heading into SummerSlam.

  26. CJ Blaze 11 August, 2014 at 21:24 Reply

    The only good thing I can say about Cesaro being in this match/spot is it’s not a squash or short on time!

  27. Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 21:28 Reply

    You guys here that flush? That’s the sound of Cesaro’s wrestling career going down the crapper. (two clean loses to Swagger) OUCH!

    • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 21:36 Reply

      It is pathetic, but when you are off TV for nearly a month due to illness and doing other things such as foreign media, I’m sure you expect it.

    • Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 21:53 Reply

      That’s the problem with Sheamus. Has nothing to do with him being a face and everything to do with creative not putting him in a feud/storyline. He really hasn’t been involved in a legit feud/storyline since late 2012 when he feuded with Big Show and that’s a damn shame because Sheamus is easily one of the best workers in the company.

  28. David Jr. 11 August, 2014 at 21:43 Reply

    Since Hogan is there, Hogan’s biggest moment in WWE history is probably the body slam. AJ Lee was 10 days old when that happened.

    • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 21:53 Reply

      The sad thing is, Eva has never been in NXT. She trains down there a little, but she has been on the main roster since she signed thanks to Total Divas.

      • Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 21:59 Reply

        She wrestled Bayley on NXT last week and while I won’t say she looked great, she looked less terrible than usual. And since NXT is taped in advance, she had to had a couple weeks worth of in ring experience before tonight.

  29. David Jr. 11 August, 2014 at 21:50 Reply

    Well disqus is catching up, my new comments coming up are not from an hour ago, now they are from 40 minutes ago.

    • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 21:54 Reply

      It’s thanks to the Disqus issues. But I’m trying to work through it and keep things rolling! They are slowly being fixed.

  30. Moose 11 August, 2014 at 21:58 Reply

    I hate seeing championship belts across people’s necks. I respect Cena for what he has done, but come on man.

  31. Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 22:03 Reply

    I’m one of the “Cena haters” but I’d honestly give him a bro hug if I saw him in real life. Sometimes I feel bad for all the crap we give him when most of it should be for the higher ups

      • Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 22:10 Reply

        At this rate, Cena probably will never turn, especially with the cutbacks. Vince is leaving his piggy bank alone

        • Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 22:13 Reply

          He’ll turn eventually. Won’t be this Sunday though but it’l happen before he retires. Rather it’s sooner or later all depends on how Bryan or Reign’s push goes over the next year.

          • Jesse Sherwood 11 August, 2014 at 22:19

            Yes, but his turn happened about 2 years after he started getting heat no matter what he did, said, or was facing. And Cena is just hitting that point. Considering WWE wouldn’t waste a moment like this anywhere but WM, I’m calling 32.

          • David Jr. 11 August, 2014 at 22:23

            I was trying to be sarcastic. I can see 32, by then Reigns, Bryan (if he ever comes back) or maybe even Ambrose will be out selling his merchandise.

          • Smark Twain 11 August, 2014 at 22:21

            Edgier, possibly, maybe even an anti-hero but I can’t see a full on heel turn (at least for not for a few years from now) not so much cuz of his merch sales, but the whole make-a-wish thing he does. His name has become synonymous with it.

      • Anon 11 August, 2014 at 22:11 Reply

        Why? Every borderline work/shoot promo is bound to be good, making fun of a legitimate sickness someone had that ended a career? That was a pathetic promo by Cena where he uses his position to make Brock’s win on Sunday seem worthless. And if Cena should win against all odds it will be the beginning of the end of WWE in retrospect…

        • CJ Blaze 11 August, 2014 at 22:13 Reply

          So you would rather see Cena cut a cheesy promo like usual? Fruity pebbles, potty jokes, Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, Never Give Up!…?

          • Anon 11 August, 2014 at 22:15

            Yes, because if he does it now BEFORE he gets destroyed it’s timed wrong, he should develop an edge after getting beat to a pulp…

      • Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 22:29 Reply

        Lol. I’ve always liked the Miz. I liked his climb to the top. He was never suppose to succeed, he was buried on commentary, by the boys in the back and by fans and he still made it. I respect his hustle

        • Ashley 11 August, 2014 at 22:32 Reply

          I’ve liked him since The Real World and have been rooting for his success since ’01. Met him after he was with WWE for a year, incredibly nice!

          • Xavier 11 August, 2014 at 22:36

            I respect Miz so much,I always see shoots of guys complaining about getting buried and pointing the finger at everyone else for not succeeding and all that other BS but Miz never once complained and he actually had a legit reason to give up or quit and he never did. He just kept fighting and fighting and earned the respect of everyone. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for these “darlings” who always try to play victim in every situation

  32. James Larochelle 11 August, 2014 at 22:35 Reply

    Didn’t Slater have a One Man Band theme prior to 3MB? Why not go back to it so it doesn’t sound so stupid?

  33. Ashley 11 August, 2014 at 22:37 Reply

    Not sure if this was discussed or not since I missed beginning of OTP, but what is with Orton/Authority back and forth? 2 weeks ago, Orton was fed up with HHH. Then last week he is out with them in a suit. Now this week the Authority is putting him in a match and giving the “it’s best for business” line?

    • Moose