WWE Raw "Open Thread" Watch Party - Live Results & Discussion

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about RAW being sold out and the biggest RAW of the year. The Rock, Brock, Cena, Trip, HBK, Punk and Taker all live on RAW tonight!
Show Starts


At WrestleMania Trip will face Brock. Before Trip puts his career on the line, his best friend HBK returns the first time since Brock broke his arm. Punk brought the wrath of Taker (clips from last week). The Rock is being tested by Cena (clips from the end of raw). As WWE rolls through DC, how will they all respond going forward, live, tonight?

In Ring Segment

Cena's music and he gets a lot more heat that pop, can easily be heard over the music. Cena looks shocked as he says 6 days away before heading to the ring. King says this is more than usual (the heat), as he laughs nervously. JBL is on announce with King and Cole.

Cena's music ends to serious heat as he looks around. "Cena sucks!" chants can be barely heard. Cena says he stands in the middle of a house divided. Ironically enough in DC. The home of the Democrats and Republicans. Tonight's arena filled with Cenacrats and Rockpublicans. All eyes focused on WrestleMania! It's no locker room secret that they don't like each other. But I respect The Rock for the global Superstar he is, and the WWE Champ. Last year at this time I'd have made a rude question about The Rock about his passions and commitment to the WWE. The Rock would come down and throw my shirt in a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Those childish games are over because we all know this is much bigger. The Rock is the holding, defending WWE Champ. The Rock has come back and done what he said he'd do. The Rock has conquered it. Tonight I'm not going to waste my time talking about Dwayne's Johnson. This Sunday at WrestleMania I step in the ring with The Rock, a man I believe is the greatest WWE Champ of all time. That paints impossible for Cena at WrestleMania. Like winning the Royal Rumble 2013 was impossible The Rock is The Great One, but The Great One will fall! The Rock's time is up, my time is now! At WrestleMania, the WWE 'Universe'...

"Cena sucks!" chants fill the arena.

The WWE 'Universe' will get a moment they never thought possible. The Rock has accepted failure before, but this won't be like his previous failures. This won't stay in the locker room. I had to deal with it for a year and watch The Rock usher in The People's Era! I had to sit behind the curtain and watch The Rock debut a new WWE Championship, his WWE Championship. A Championship that defines his WWE legacy. He said he'd been WWE Champ as long as he pleases. But on that night The Rock shined up that size 13, turned it sideways and stuck it straight up and in his own mouth. At WrestleMania, I, we get absolute redemption and dominate 2013, and The Rock's first defense, The Rock will lose it! The People's Era will remain, the 'Universe' will remain, but The Rock will experience failure (fans are getting quiet and bored). The Rock will wake up every single day and talk to the millions, and millions and every single time the WWE is even mentioned he will deal with the failure that the Championship intended for him, is defended by me (the fans are getting quieter and quieter – less heat, less reaction, more boredom). I have no intention of replacing the new WWE Championship and want to hold it as a symbol, not only...


Cena takes in the fans. As a symbol that I'm not only The Rock's equal, but that I'm better than The Rock. (heat) This Sunday I will shock the world Jack, and this Sunday The Rock will know that it may have been made for him, but the Champ is here! Cena drops the mic to heat, but nothing like what he came to the ring to. Cena salutes the mic and leaves the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole asks us to Tout who will win the main event at WrestleMania – meaning The Rock vs Cena. King Touts as Cole holds his phone. King goes with The Rock to win.

Backstage Segment

Orton, Sheamus and Big Show heading for the ring.


Orton & Sheamus & Big Show vs 3MB

3MB in the ring playing air instruments. Orton, then Sheamus out. Big Show comes out and joins them on the stage before they head to the ring together. Video recap from Smackdown where Orton, Sheamus and Big Show won, but then The Shield tried to attack, but the team left the ring and went into the stands after The Shield.

Slater kicks Orton, is whipped, floats over and eats a clothesline. Suplex on Slater, then Sheamus tags in with a battering ram. Slater whipped but gets an elbow up. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked for it. McIntyre tags in, on Sheamus, but takes a power slam to the mat. Slater and Mahal distract and McIntyre with a sick missile drop kick on Sheamus. Mahal tags in with a swinging neck breaker for two.

Slater in with blows. JBL says 3MB can't even play a jukebox. Slater on Sheamus, but then runs into an Irish curse backbreaker. Big Show tags in with clotheslines. A splash in the corner, then shoulder tackle to Mahal. Slater and McIntyre in for clotheslines, but Big Show throws Slater into an RKO, McIntyre into a brogue kick and gives Mahal a chokeslam for three.

Winners – Orton & Sheamus & Big Show (3:05)

The Shield's music and they come part way down. Ambrose congratulates them on that victory and celebrate now, because at WrestleMania The Shield won't leave them with anything to celebrate. They'll be flat on their backs wondering where it went wrong. Rollins says they can convince themselves and these ignorant foolhardy people that they're all on the same page, but unfortunately for them justice never lies, and we know the truth. Reigns says the truth is, the three of you on the same page? Come on. These people didn't want to believe in you, but your team is phony. At WrestleMania the whole world will believe in The Shield.



Earlier Zeb and Swagger in DC. Zeb talks about us trying to form a prosperous nation. Like Ricardo's ankle, it's broken. Swagger says the people have become weak. Our borders are broken and violence is up. It's time to stand up and say no more. In six days, WrestleMania world change is coming. I'm not only breaking the champ's ankle, but also those who have destroyed the American dream. ADR will witness change as I stand over you as the new WHC. If you don't like that, then you don't deserve to be real Americans. Welcome to Jack Swagger's America. "We, the people!"

Backstage Segment

Striker asks ADR about that. ADR talks about the freedom of speech. Swagger can say what he wants, but if I don't like it, I can do something at WrestleMania. I don't know why Zeb is challenging me. He's nothing but a big fat pinata with a mustache.

In Ring Segment

Bryan and Kane to the ring.


Bryan w/ Kane vs Ziggler w/ Big E & AJ

Ziggler, Big E and AJ are already in the ring. McMahon is on Twitter!

Arm bar on Ziggler. Ziggler stomps on Bryan's foot, then arm bar on Bryan. Ziggler lands on the mat. Bryan run the ropes and catches Ziggler's flying attempt. Ziggler ends up eating the top buckle hard! Bryan on Ziggler's face with forearms. Bryan whipped, runs over the top and then takes Ziggler down. Bryan tries for his "NO!" lock, but Ziggler to the ropes. Bryan with some kicks, then ties Ziggler up on the mat, then slams Ziggler's knees to the mat as AJ looks on pissed. Ziggler fights back with a neck breaker. Drop kick to the shoulder of a sitting Bryan for two.

Ziggler on Bryan with blows in a corner. Ziggler runs Bryan's face on the top rope as they show Big E watching. Bryan hangs over the top rope locking Ziggler into a tarantula type move. Bryan lands outside after the break, and face to face with Big E. they stare. It's distraction enough outside that Bryan goes in and eats a famouser.


Ziggler is standing on his head while having Bryan in a hold on the mat. Ziggler slams his body back on the mat yelling at Bryan. Bryan whipped, gets his feet up and comes out with kicks at Ziggler. Ziggler tries to fly at Bryan but eats corner. More kicks to a sitting Ziggler. Ziggler ducks the last one, but Bryan manages to hit it. Bryan climbs, but Ziggler avoids the flying head butt. Both men are down.

Ziggler on Bryan with a sleeper. Bryan free and locks on his own sleeper, right up on Ziggler's back. Ziggler slams back on the mat and both men are down. Bryan locks his legs around Ziggler's head. Ziggler flips around and they bridge up. They break free, both run the ropes and go for cross body blocks, but slam hard into each other.

AJ skips around to Kane, skips around him, but then Kane turns and eats a sick clothesline from Big E! Bgy with a drop kick through the ropes. Bryan turns back and is rolled up for three.

Winner – Ziggler (11:07)

Big E behind Bryan, then hits his 5 count. Kane in and grabs Big E for a chokeslam, but Big E forces Kane's hand off his throat and slams Kane to the mat. AJ skips into the ring with the Tag Title belts in hand and gives them to Ziggler and Big E. Big E and Ziggler hold them while they stand over Team Hell No.


Slam of the Week

Brock broke HBK's arm last August.

In Ring Segment

HBK comes bouncing out in camo boots, jeans, black shirt, camo vest and cowboy hat. He poses for the fans who love him. Video of Brock breaking Trip's arm last April, then to Brock breaking Trip's arm at SummerSlam. Back to HBK watching the tron. HBK waves to the fans in the nosebleed section. "HBK!" chants.

HBK says you didn't think you could have WrestleMania without Mr. WrestleMania, did ya? I love this time of year. Road to WrestleMania is ramping up. Swagger vs ADR. Punk vs Taker. In the main event for the WWE Championship, Cena vs The Rock. But let's face it, you know that's not why I'm here. There's one match I'm particularly interested - Brock vs Trip. It hits close to home. There's a ton of history between Brock and Hunter, me and my arm are part of that. When this became a situation where Trip put his career on the line. I have some serious doubts and a lot of questions.

Trip's music and out he comes to the ring the way he's been dressed lately. A big hug between the besties. Trip says before you go too far, I thought we talked about this. I know what you're doing. Same situation you were in, but I know what I'm doing.

HBK says he doesn't think Trip does. He says it's the same situation. You're under the impression the situations are similar. I'm here to say they're more different. I looked across the ring at someone I had, and have the utmost respect for. More importantly, I knew he had the same for me. In my career threatening match, when I lost, I was heartbroken. I knew my opponent was heart broken. You never heart him brag about ending his career because he respects me that much. But your opponent doesn't have an ounce of respect for you, me, them, for no one. I know you sure as heck don't respect him. Our situations aren't similar at all. He does it for money, because he enjoys hurting people, creating havoc. I used to think this job was my life, and in some ways it was. I didn't care about this job the way you do. You poured everything of you into this job. At WrestleMania you didn't put your career on the line, you put your life on the line.

Trip says he gets it. You know I love you like a brother, but if you're trying to talk me out of it, save your breath, your not going to talk me out of it.

You think that's why I'm here? I spend 364 days a year off and you think I'm here to tell you that you can't do it? I'm here to tell you that you'd better kick Brock Lesnar's ass!

Trip smiles.

Unlike at SummerSlam, I'm going to be right there in your corner to watch you do it. They shake and half hug. HBK says, and if you're not down with that, I've got two words for you...

Brock's music and out comes Brock and Trip to the stage. Heyman tries to stop Brock from heading to the ring, but Trip and HBK are ready.

Heyman says he has two words for you, but he doesn't think it's the two words you're looking for. Let's lay this on the line. Brock, whether you like it or not, is going to beat you into retirement at WrestleMania. And I understand how much it disappoints all of you. You, sir, are going to have to live with all that disappointment. Trip will disappoint McMahon because he can't fight his battles anymore. You will disappoint the Board of Directors, because you won't be able to fulfill your duties as COO. You're going to disappoint your wife, but you're probably used to that anyway. (heat) You're going to disappoint your best friend HBK.

Trip motions them to the ring.

Heyman asks if Brock sees what Trip is doing, playing the tough guy six days before WrestleMania. Sorry, I'm a good negotiator, my client gets paid to fight. HBK, you want to be this close to Trip when he beats Trip again, possibly breaks your arm again.

HBK waves his arm at them.

Heyman says HBK had to retire at WrestleMania, so he will be disappointed in Trip. Brock picked this fight, Trip should have walked away. He should have walked away the way HBK walked away when he was beaten. But he won't be able to walk away, he will crawl away with his tail between his legs, a beaten,battered, emasculated retiree who disappointed the 'Universe'. Brock, the man forcing Trip to commit professional suicide. Brock's music plays and they back away up the ramp as Trip looks annoyed.



Recap of Cena spouting off in the ring earlier in the show.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Orton, Sheamus and Big Show facing The Shield earlier. Video of The Shield talking down their WrestleMania opponents.

Barrett vs Ryder

Miz is now at announce. The IC Title Match will be the Pre-PPV match. Barrett out to the ring. Ryder out to face him.

Barrett kicks Ryder to the mat, and then in the ribs. Snap suplex on Ryder for two. Barrett telegraphs and eats mat. Ryder slams Barrett down, then outside. Barrett sent back in. Ryder climbs, but Barrett up with blows to Ryder. Ryder laying across the corner and takes the knee to the ribs, but you can see Barrett slapping his own leg for the slapping sound. Elbow drop to Ryder. Bryan looks at Miz and pulls Ryder up and hits a move. Barrett yells smack at Miz. Elbow drop for two.

Ryder choked in the ropes in front of Miz. Ryder in the ropes, then eats a big boot sending him out in front of announce. Barrett out yelling smack at Miz. Miz to his feet at tells Barrett to keep talking. Barrett in and eats a flapjack. Ryder with a flying forearm. Another flying forearm in the corner, then blows. Broski boot to Barrett, but Ryder gets two for it.

Ryder pulls Barrett up, but Ryder is backed into the corner and takes shoulder blocks. Barrett pulls Ryder off the top, slamming him hard to the mat. Barrett hits his elbow for three.

Winner Barrett (3:51)

Miz to his feet and Barrett yells smack at him. Video of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Maddox says Barrett is sort of like an oxen mixed with a rattlesnake. Santino in and says, McMahon came flying out of his limo yelling about both of them, yelling like when someone gets fires. Vickie says no, no McMahon likes her. Santino leaves, then returns to yell April Fools! You should have seen your face Vickie! And I think someone made a little caca in his pants. Santino points to Maddox. Vickie says Santino is the biggest fool, because he has a match next, with someone.


Santino vs Henry

Santino power walking in the ring. Henry comes out to face him. Santino looks shocked and worried. Video of the bench pressing on Smackdown. Henry never actually touched Henry, so didn't violate the No Contact rule.

Santino loosens up, kicks at Henry. Henry grabs Santino's singlet. Santino yells about what it's in there – cobra. Henry doesn't care, takes Santino down, then hits his WSS.

Winner – Henry (0:53)

"Feed me more!" Out comes Ryback! Ryback into the ring, but Henry tells him to hold on. I know you're mad you didn't beat my bench press record, but that don't give you the right to come down here and so-called threaten me. We have a No Contact clause for WrestleMania. Besides, nobody wants to put their hands on you like I do. There's only one thing that's going to happen tonight, and that's smile. Henry smiles big Ryback. Ryback picks up Santino and slams his back into Henry as he was getting out of the ring. Henry went flying. Ryback brushes off a stunned Santino, then raises him high over his head and tosses him out at Henry, both bodies going flying. Ryback says, I didn't touch you! "Feed me more!"

Backstage Segment

Swagger is talking up Zeb backstage as King says that Zeb is going into his first match ever. (I couldn't write that with a straight face!)


Announce Segment

JBL is laughing and shocked that McMahon is on Twitter. He has 53,000 followers in 90 minutes.

Backstage Segment

Striker with Punk. Striker asks if he feels he's disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. Punk says a better question is does he give a damn if he's disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. See, what I'm trying to do is get in Taker's head. The only legacy or career I care about is my own. I'm going to do what no one else could, break The Streak, which Taker's more worried about Bearer breaking the streak of waking up every morning and that's now over. That's a bad omen for Taker's Streak. I will do what it takes to win. Taker's coming for my soul, break my bones, scar my face, all I care about is beating him. If he loses his temper and gets a DQ, I win. He takes his eyes off the prize and taps out. Ends up outside the ring for too long and loses. I will walk on graves, spit in faces, whatever I have to do to beat Taker at WrestleMania. I promise you, at the end of this WrestleMania, every time someone thinks about WrestleMania, they will think of Punk! Punk holds up the urn and kisses it.

In Ring Segment

Zeb and Swagger to the stage, hands over their hearts, then head to the ring. Video of Ricardo getting his ankle broken.


ADR vs Zeb w/ Swagger

Zeb still pacing the ring. Ricardo out on crutches with a huge smile to announce ADR. ADR and Ricardo head down, but stop and ADR sends Ricardo back to the locker room. ADR appears to have a new t-shirt. Cole mentions a developing situation... Ricardo is back to ringside arguing with ADR.

ADR taunts Zeb and reaches at him ADR puts his hands behind his back, but Swagger is stalking Ricardo. Ricardo raises his crutch and Zeb takes it. Drop kick through the ropes on Swagger. Zeb swings the crutch and hits ADR. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – ADR via DQ (0:48)

ADR grabs the crutch and is taunting Zeb with it. Swagger behind ADR with a chop block. The two of them beat ADR down with the crutches. Swagger gets down in ADR's face and yells, "We, the people!" Cole and JBL get into a big political argument on announce. Video recap of ADR getting beaten down. ADR is trying to pull himself to his feet in the ring, but hurts too much.


Again recapping Cena ranting in the ring.


In Ring Segment

The Rock out to the stage, goes to both sides. Down to the ring, slapping hands on his way down. The Rock poses for the fans on two corners. The fans are HOT for The Rock! The Rock is about to speak, smiles and stops again. "Rocky!" chants. The Rock says, connection. That, this, connection, between The People's Champion and the people is the only reason why I'm in this ring right here, right now. (you can hear the emotion, almost tears, in his voice) You see, Cena, this Sunday isn't about redemption, it's about the will of the people. Sunday,t he will of the people isn't for Cena to find his redemption, n-n-n-nuh-no! It's for The Rock to walk down that ramp, take his size 15 boot and curb stomp Cena's monkey ass all over WrestleMania!


Cena, the will of the people is bigger than you would ever imagine. If you will it, we can change the world. Maybe, instead of visiting this town, The Rock would have to live in this town. If the people will it, The Rock would live in a big white house. Maybe, just maybe we go from President Barack to President The Rock! So, what you said is I can count on your vote? That would be a historic inauguration day. President Elect The Rock would walk down Constitution Ave, proudly stand on the steps and takes the oath, but the Immortal One would start with Finally, The Rock has come back to Washington DC!

Cena, you came out here earlier, angry and mad, the same things you said last year, you got beat. You said them last week and got a rock bottom. Your time won't be now, your time is never. It's not about redemption, it damn sure about passing the torch. The only way you're going to get this torch is if he douses it in gasoline, he lights it on fire, he rolls it up into the biggest fireball you ever seen and duraflames it right up your candy ass!

John, this Sunday at WrestleMania, make no mistake about it, you're not just facing The Rock, you're not just facing 80,000 strong sold out. You're facing a connection you don't know how big it is because you're facing the millions, AND MILLIONS, and the millions, AND MILLIONS. Cena, you're looking for redemption, but The Rock has found what he's looking for. You've seen it and heard it, The Rock loves that connection. You cannot deny the will of the people, and you cannot beat The Rock.


If you smelllll... What The Rock... (pops the eyebrow) is Cookin'!

Backstage Segment

Jericho heading for the ring.


WWE Rewind

Ziggler and Big E beat down Jericho, then Fandango came out and attacked.

Jericho vs Cesaro

Jericho to the ring. Cesaro already out there.

"Y2J" chants as they lock up. Jericho backed into a corner. Clean break. Side headlock takeover. Cesaro free and locks on a side headlock of his own. Cesaro takes Jericho down for one. Jericho runs the ropes and into Cesaro. Cesaro runs the ropes into a drop kick. Another kick at Cesaro. Chops on Cesaro in a corner. Suplex on Cesaro for two.

Upper cut to Jericho. Cesaro locks an arm hold on Jericho on the mat. JBL – Jericho is the only Superstar who was on DWTS who has never dated George Clooney. Jericho whipped, but elevates Cesaro over. Cesaro on the apron rakes Jericho's eyes. Cesaro climbed, but Jericho hits the top rope sending Cesaro to a sitting position. Blows on Cesaro up top, then sick head scissors sends Cesaro flying across the ring to the mat.

Fandango's music. The female dancer out, Fandango out to join her. The camera watches them, as does Jericho. Jericho talks to the ref.


Headlock on Jericho on the mat. During the commercial Jericho hit a drop kick, but Fandango put up a card with a #2 grading the move. Jericho takes Cesaro down for two. Cesaro comes back with two. King makes a joke that he can barely get through, and then snorts. Cesaro slams Jericho to the mat for two. Jericho with forearms on Cesaro. Cesaro whipped, but moves and Jericho eats corner. Jericho ends up outside and struggling. Cesaro out and sends Jericho into the barrier. Cesaro rolls Jericho in for two.

Another headlock on Jericho on the mat. Fandango is still up there with his score cards. Jericho gets the fans behind him a bit and comes back with a forearm, but then into a slam from Cesaro for two. Cesaro yodels, rushes Jericho with an upper cut in a corner for two. Blows to Jericho body in a corner, but Jericho starts to fight back with shoulder tackles. Jericho sent over the top, but lands on the apron and flies with a double ax handle. Running bulldog followed by lionsault for 3 from Fandango who walks to the ring.

Jericho tries for the walls, but Cesaro counters and hits his gut wrench for two. Jericho to a corner, gets an elbow up, but Cesaro pushes it away, so Jericho with a kick. Jericho up with a big crossbody for two.

Jericho with a drop kick through the ropes on Fandango. Jericho turns around and rolled up for two with tights. Jericho manages to lock on the walls. Cesaro taps out.

Winner – Jericho (12:35)

Fandango on Jericho as soon as the bell rang, before Jericho even let go. They tussle around on the mat. Fandango tries to go and kick Jericho in the head, but is WAY off, but Jericho sold it. Fandango hits the kick again, this time it looks good. Fandango climbs and hits his unique leg drop, then gets down in Jericho's face demanding Jericho say his name – off mic. "You can't wrestle!" chants. Fandango up and hits his leg drop a second time, this time to the back of Jericho's head. On mic, posing over Jericho, Fandango says, it's Fahn-dahn-goo! Video recap of Fandango's attack.


Announce Segment

Cole says Trish asked Steph on Twitter to induct her. Steph agreed through Twitter. On to the Touts. The first guy thinks The Rock will win. A very pretty woman picks Cena. A couple other young women pick The Rock. A group of guys argue about who will win, they're divided.

In Ring Segment

Funkasaurus, Sweet T and the Dactyls to the ring for a Divas match.


Dactyls vs Bellas

The Dactyls, Funkasaurus and Sweet T dancing in the ring. Bellas out with Rhodes Scholars. Video recap of the Bellas and Dactyls getting into it last week, and Rhodes Scholars won their match because of it.

Nikki and Naomi lock up. Drop kick, then a 'rear view' on Nikki. Head scissors on Nikki, but then Nikki hangs her up on the top rope. Naomi's arm wrenched in a bottom rope. Nikki continues to work the arm as Funkasaurus and Sweet T pound the mat with their pom-poms. Nikki still on Naomi, gets two for it. Arm bar on the mat on Naomi. Naomi up, but taken back down. Naomi pinned for two. Again the arm wrenched in the bottom rope. Nikki badly takes Naomi down – no idea what the move was supposed to be! Finally Naomi with a sick sunset, but doesn't get far with it as Nikki back on her arm. Naomi up, takes a knee to the gut, but then comes back with a lovely enziguri!

Cameron in with clotheslines. Cameron hits a back elbow, then head scissors. A split pin for two, then a SICK DDT. Brie breaks the count and there's bodies flying. A Dactyls and a Bella outside and the guys get involved. Cameron goes for a crossbody and hits it well, but when she pins Brie(?) rolls it through and gets the three.

Winners – Bellas (4:45)



Taker slowly to the ring. Video of Taker attacking Punk in the ring last week on RAW. Taker raises the lights and into the ring. Taker says to Punk that his historic Title reign lasted over 400 days, but the pain waiting on him at WrestleMania will last an eternity. Punk was the one who decided to make it personal, and for that, you will suffer. Defeating you at WrestleMania is no longer good enough. The disrespect you showed Bearer will cause you to pay the ultimate price, and you just may be right. In my current state of mind, The Streak may come to an end Sunday, but you will never live to talk about it.

Druids singing, then two come out with torches. More druids out and line the ramp, I think 8 in all. Taker watches, and waits. And waits. And waits. 'Ohhhhhh yessss!' It looks like Bearer on the stage, right down to the makeup, urn in hand. Taker removes his robe and heads up the ramp. He stops and looks at the druid. He attacks one, then another, but it's not Punk. Another druid attacks Taker and it's Punk! He beats Taker down, grabs the urn and hits Taker in the gut with it. The urn rolls and Taker reaches for it, but Punk grabs it and hits Taker a couple more times with it. Punk yells smack at Taker. '20-1' and 'I did this to you!' Dueling chants for both men! Punk removes his hoodie and hits Taker more with the urn. Punk unscrews the top of the urn, dust us puffing out of it. Punk pours it into his hand and onto Taker lolling on the ramp. Fans yell horrible things at Punk for what he's doing, and begging Taker to get up. Taker looks at the dust on his hand. Punk picks up handfuls of the dust and rubs it on each side of his face as RAW fades to black.

Biggest pop
The Rock
HBK & Triple H

Biggest heat

  • Hello everyone! Anyone think they’re going to play any April Fools Day jokes on RAW tonight?

  • Do you think Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston will be added to the Wrestlemania card tonight, or will they end up missing out on Mania ?

    • Not sure about Kofi, but I’ll be shocked if Cesaro is left out of Mania, or the Pre-PPV show. If Cesaro is left out, it shows how little the WWE values Cesaro and the US Title.

      • I still say Cesaro will face the winner of an Active pre-show poll.

    • Big possibility of them making the pre-show I think, but who wants that.

  • Hello everyone

  • There’s a secret episode of The Walking Dead next sunday…APRIL FOOLS ! 😛

  • I hope this Raw is a great lead-in to WM

    • They really need it to be a great go home to Mania, but I’ll admit I’m a bit worried.

  • BrooksOglesby

    I can’t believe the go-home show to WrestleMania features The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, CM Punk, and John Cena and more, and I still feel no hype. I really hope they turn it up and make the Show of Shows seem more compelling tonight.

    • I know Mania will sell huge, but it really feels lacking. You’re right, the build feels flat.

      • BrooksOglesby

        I have to admit that Cena intrigued me with last week’s promo. Before that though, there was absolutely nothing to his feud with Rock. I can suspend my disbelief enough to believe that CM Punk and Taker or HHH and Brock have issues with each other, but every interaction with Rock and Cena seems so (I hate to use this word in this industry, but) fake. Maybe it’s the photo ops of them smiling together, I don’t know, but you can really detect the “wink” when they’re working together.

        • Dangerous Lee

          WTF are you talking about. Anything involving Punk sucks for the most part.

          • Taylor, why so much hate for Punk? Everything I see you comment on with him mentioned, you are bashing him.

          • Taylor

            Do you mean cena?

          • No, I mean Punk. You said above that “Anything involving Punk sucks for the most part”. I just want to know why you feel that way.

          • Sorry, meant to reply to a different person.

          • Dangerous Lee

            Whoa cool. I have a fan!

  • The Breaker

    Should be an exciting one tonight. I live in the Baltimore/DC area, so I’m a little bummed that I’ll be watching on TV instead of being there in person.

  • The JBL & Cold Show just tweeted that Shawn Michaels will be Live on Raw tonight!!

    And shawn michaels himself has just tweeted: Guess where I am??? #whereshbk

    Could be your April Fools joke right there, but what would be the point in that

    Whos gonna get some Sweet Chin Music

    • As it is April Fools take it with a pinch of salt even though HBK tweeted Guess Where I am

  • The final Raw before WrestleMania… Time for me to perform my run-in to make it a Triple Threat! Rock vs. Cena vs. Maxx Stylez!

  • Here we go

  • HBK confirmed!

  • The Breaker

    Love the reaction Cena got. Go DC fans!

    • Very anti-Cena! I just hope we don’t get a bubblegum promo from him here.

      • The Breaker

        It was typical Cena garbage, but the crowd reactions kept me into it.

  • The Breaker

    Cena is the worst at hyping things on his own like this. Make it stop!!

    • Dangerous Lee

      He’s not as bad as Punk

      • Dangerous Lee

        LOL. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  • Same old same old from cena. Time for a heel turn and in a hurry. If he is not a heel after wrestlemania I may puke.

  • Cena needs to be less corny and more intense

    • I agree, as last week’s promo was one of the best he had pulled in a long time.

  • Boring chants! Awesome!

  • Pease make it stop.

  • The Breaker

    Boring chants! It’s throwing him off so much!

    • He looked dumbfounded for a second!

      • The Breaker

        Yeah, it definitely threw him off.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Cena wants to be a heel so bad. I don’t know if he was affected by it in the past, but you know he’s basking in that heat right now.

    • He looked dumbfounded, but then that smirk showed he got what he wanted from the fans.

  • Kleck

    A boring chant?! Way to go DC! Stupid Cenacrat. Filibustering

    • At least it wasn’t a 20 minute filibuster on a 2 hour show like the Rock did on Smackdown!

  • That was painful

  • Taylor

    Damn cena is painful to watch. Reminds me of a lame motivational speaker that talks to you in the 6th grade

    • opie

      He has gotten awful.

  • Great to hear fans chant Boring at Cena!!

  • 3mb. Another experiment gone wrong

    • Yeah, but at least it makes it to where 3 people get a show bonus. I hope Drew and Slater separate off soon.

      • Yeah drew is really getting lost in the shuffle. And slater has potential with right gimmick

  • Well the 3MB are clearly going to win this……..

  • 3mb. Another experiment gone wrong.

  • The Breaker

    We’ve seen this match before. They faced a much more intimidating team on SmackDown this past week and went over. This is a waste of time.

    • Agreed. They could have easily thrown the Colons and another jobber to the Superfriends.

  • So we are getting a match that we had 2 weeks ago on Smackdown… Wonderful way to start Raw.

  • Jimmy

    Its weird how back in the day on Raw they used to show every match in the line-up for Wrestlemania to hype it up and nowadays they only a screenplay for one maybe two matches.

  • Didn’t Ryback beat these 3 by himself last week

    • Yep, and the Superfriends beat 3MB 2 weeks ago on Smackdown.

  • I wonder why sheamus got rid of the Celtic cross/ razors edge. Was a good move.

    • Because Vince didn’t like how it looked, and Sheamus can’t perform it on everyone.

    • Moe

      I ask abour Barrett with the “Wasteland”.

  • The Breaker

    The King’s jokes on commentary are more entertaining then the action in the ring. lol

  • They’re trying to make it look like big show will turn on this team, but it’s got orton heel turn all over it.

  • Now that might be interesting! Zeb preaching his beliefs at the Capitol? WE THE PEOPLE!

  • If an Orton heel turn is to occur at Mania I hope it does after a Shield victory.

    • I still am calling for it during the match, but that is just me.

    • If orton turns heel, there’s no way cena will and I’d much rather that

  • Taylor

    Remember when the shield wasn’t predictable? Man I miss 3 months ago

  • The Breaker

    *Has now arranged his comments according to newest and recommends everyone to do the same*

    • I had to do that last week, as Disqus was freezing on me.

  • ZEB’S Wrestling tonight! F*** YES! Everyone is in for a treat! Go Dirty Dutch!

    • The Breaker

      Did I miss something? Because that sounds too good to be true.

      • King announced that he would be wrestling ADR. I bet that it won’t go off, but here’s hoping!

  • Love some Dutch mantel

    • Same here! I grew up with the Dirty Dutchman in Memphis!

  • Leo

    Did swagger get his lisp fixed?? :0

    • Lol. Not sure but that was one of his better attempts at a promo. Not great but better.

    • Dutch (Zeb) has been working with him. Swagger was bound to improve with one of the best promo workers from the 70’s and 80’s working with him.

      • Leo

        Yeah I figured as much. Dutch can cut a 24 hour promo if he wanted.

  • Last time we see Hell No on raw as a team?

  • The Breaker

    Swagger hasn’t improved too much on his promo work, which is disappointing especially since he has a great talker like Dutch to get advice from. I just don’t believe the words Swagger says. There’s no real passion behind them.

    • He’s just not ready for this level yet. IMO I’m not sure he ever will be. I just don’t buy him as a main eventer

    • I disagree here Breaker. Swagger has improved leaps and bounds from even when Vickie was managing him. He does still need some work in his delivery, but at least he is more believable now.

      • The Breaker

        I think my issue had a lot to do with his delivery in this case. I might have to go back and watch some of his old promos to remember how bad he was before. His lisp isn’t nearly as noticeable now though!

        • Before, he had a severe monotone, even when shouting or when he should have had a lot of emotion.

          • The Breaker

            Yeah. Guess I couldn’t blame him completely for sounding bored back then. He didn’t have much of a gimmick to work with!

  • Leo

    This should be in a blog thingy instead of the comment section

  • My daughter went to get her Kane mask when he came out to the ring. Blonde frizz of hair and a Kane mask on a 9 y/o girl. I love the wrestling fan she’s growing into!

  • The Breaker

    Ziggler vs. Bryan! Awesome!

    • But yet again, this was on Raw 2 weeks ago. Although I will still love the match!

      • The Breaker


  • Leo

    If given time this should be a really good match

  • I think Ziggler sells moves better then anyone in the WWE. He is so fluid.

    • Agreed. Ziggler is probably the seller in WWE right now.

  • sujay

    D.C is really hot tonight….. This yes chants remind me of the last yr’s RAW after mania in miami… hope we get something big by the end tonight…

    • Probably one of the best crowds WWE has had since WM last year. I hope that WWE gives them a great show!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Amazing opening promo by Cena tonight. I marked out for that. Better then anything Punk has done on the mic in awhile.

    • Wwe pg at its worst

    • sujay

      WHAT?????????????? REally dude….. this comment shows how stupid you are….

      • Dangerous Lee

        Eat shit

        • You’re cool 🙂

        • sujay

          i think thats what u did before posting that stupid shitty comment…

      • Wait… Is this Dissociative Identity Disorder showing itself?!

    • -|AZ|-

      Probably this account “Dangerous Lee” belongs to the Bella which Cena is dating 😉

    • Dangerous Lee

      I’ve been a victim of identity theft. 😀

  • Big E is not as inexperienced as Cole and the others are making him out to be. He is the reigning NXT Champion

    • Yes, but he has none at this level that they can talk of. While I do wish that they would acknowledge it on WWE TV, I understand why they don’t.

      • I can see your point there, I think only when NXT gets a mainstream TV deal and they need to hype it, then they will acknowledge NXT on Raw and SD

  • The Breaker

    Bryan into the sleeper? That was a beautiful sequence of holds.


  • mark

    wasn’t his shoulders up?

  • The Breaker

    Was D-Bryan trying to kick out there?

  • Leo

    Biggie is so eye rolling….he sucks (in my opinion)

    • Have you watched him in NXT? He is better than what is being allowed to display here.

      • Leo

        Yeah I watch NXT every week but he just doesn’t impress me. To me all he is a pile of muscle.

        • Jimmy

          He’s alot more talented than the other guys his size.

  • Big e has the worst finisher ever.

    • Leo

      THANK YOU! Lol

  • That was quite impressive there by Big E

  • sujay

    Better build up to the tag team match rather than the stupid predictable shield run ins…

    • What run in? I’m pretty sure they stayed in the crowd, or did I miss something?

      • sujay

        ya thats what i meant….. isnt that predictable…. coming from the crowd, either staying or running way or getting chased by show and the team.. i had hoped they would get physical and beat all 3 to make it legitimate…

        • Yeah it is a bit predictable now, but I can see there being a new member after mania, be it orton or a brand new addition

          • sujay

            well ya orton being the lead of another heel stable would be awesome…

  • First hour of the last raw before mania was ultra flat. Hope business picks up.

    • I agree to a point. Cena sucked out 15 minutes, and then from there, they are having a hard time recovering. But Bryan/Ziggler has helped pick things back up.

  • Taylor

    An hour in and they haven’t pumped a movie yet? Im shocked!

  • Rjc

    As bad as cena got it tonight…I get the feeling that New York/new jersey will be that much worse…especially if he wins…new York/ New Jersey has always been anti cena territory anyway but this is mania…it’s the hardcore fans from around the world…it’s gonna be a rough night…if they’re gonna even consider turning him this is the perfect night to do it

    • They have walked into the perfect chance to turn him, but the real question is will they take the chance?

      • Roc

        I doubt it…they have a two huge opportunities between this being the perfect time to turn cena heel and the perfect time to end the streak…I doubt we’ll get one of those much less both in one night though

  • mark

    definitely missed HBK’s pyro

  • The Breaker

    I love it when this song plays!

    • It’s themes like his and HHH’s that I miss. Ones that the first notes hit and you know who it.

  • Taylor

    Boots!! Wtf shawn

    • That’s always been his style! Especially if you saw him out in San Antonio!

  • The Breaker

    Not gonna lie, I’d rather see Triple H in his last match against Shawn Michaels.

    • I bet that will be his REAL final match.

    • Personally, I would rather see HHH give someone Up-and-Coming the rub. But one last HHH/HBK match would be epic!

      • The Breaker

        That does make more sense, especially since this is a crucial time for them to build towards the future. But to see them face off one last time would be like a dream scenario for this wrestling fan.

        • Agreed. I would want one last HBK/Y2J match as well.

          • The Breaker

            Heck yeah!

        • Jimmy

          I think the the only people Triple H would want to give a rub to would be either Orton or Sheamus who he has already “rubbed” in the past. I just can’t see Triple H’s ego losing to any other younger star.

          • I think the fact that he gave Sheamus that rub shows that he would be prone to do it again.

  • Didn’t we get this promo for the last two WrestleMania

  • mark

    I’m guessing Shawn won’t actually be in HHH corner, give it a few minutes.

  • Bobby W.

    well…here comes the pain

  • Cm punk/lesner v. Shawn/ HHH may have been a good match

  • Yawn

  • mark

    I think the theme of this year’s Wrestlemania is “disappointment,” hopefully not for the audience

  • Heyman can’t even save this

  • mark

    Anybody getting a sudden hankering for Jimmy Johns?

    • Never have had it. Is it any good, and where are they based out of?

  • mark

    Epic spelled L A M E King

    • They only way the can save this WM is by turning cena heel and shawn turning on HHH

      • Jimmy

        Shawn won’t play a big part in WM simply because he’s retired, having him turn on HHH would require them to have a match in the future which i don’t see happening.

  • Rollins and Reigns have been impressive in their big matches thus far, Ambrose has been impressive as well but he needs a stand out solo moment at Wrestlemania

  • The Breaker

    Barrett is in desperate need of momentum. Hopefully he gets some here.

    And it’s officially on the Pre-WM show.. can’t say I’m too surprised. Sucks for Barrett, and more importantly the IC Title.

  • IC title on preshow? That makes the title look worthless. And way to hide two great young talents. I know it is to help push the pre show concept but not with these two.

    • Jimmy

      Miz’s Wrestlemania presence just gets worse and worse every year since being in the main event.

  • So the IC Title match is going to be on the Pre-Show of WM? Way to show respect for the Title!

  • The IC Title on the pre show is the final nail in the coffin. It is looking more and more likely that Cesaro is not gonna be at Mania and that is a big mistake

  • Ryder is on TV? And was looking good? Did I fall into a parallel universe?

    • Don’t worry its not an April Fool’s prank

    • The Breaker

      I was shocked he got an entrance.

  • The Breaker

    If Cesaro is left off WrestleMania entirely, The Shield needs to target WWE Creative for such an injustice!

  • The Breaker

    April Fool’s segment.. here it is.

  • I swear that Santino is one of the reasons I hate creative…

    • The Breaker

      I don’t mind him all that much, but he does not belong anywhere near the go-home to ‘Mania.

      • Mine is more that Santino was a very that has been turned into WWE’s laughing stock.

    • Jimmy

      WWE has too many comedy gimmicks now. Santino, Ryder, Brodus, Tensai, Khali, Hornswoggle, 3MB. and i thought Fandango would fall into that loop aswell but luckily they switched it up and make it abit more serious.

  • Jimmy

    Whats the bet that tonight FANDANGO will try and do something other than not wrestle and attack Y2J? Chances are slim i guess?

    • I’m betting that Y2J attacks Fandango.

      • Jimmy

        Would be a nice change, he might be Santino’s opponent when Y2J attacks?

  • Who do you think is going to be Santino’s opponent?

  • Jimmy

    Would you guys rather have an Orton heel turn, or Cena heel turn?

    • Cena, his character needs it more

    • Rjc

      They both need it but I think cena needs a change more

    • The Breaker

      Cena, hands down. I’d love to see Orton turn as well, but they could create a huge moment at ‘Mania with Cena that I couldn’t pass it up.

      • Jimmy

        Yea i agree that the fans deserve a Cena turn, and as of right now; Orton gets more pop than Cena as a face so he can go on a little longer.

    • If I could only get one, Cena, as for 9 years.

  • Dangerous Lee

    And now the fans are chanting BORING at Mark Henry. These DC fans are a bunch of tools

    • The Breaker

      I believe they were actually ‘Goldberg’ chants, which weren’t very loud.

    • Jimmy

      Cena was boring and so is henry right now.

    • No, they are expressing their God-given right of Free Speech! Henry has always been a bit 1-D on the mike, but they started it as he started talking.

  • Is there any chance this RAW is just one bad April fools joke?

  • The Breaker

    Zeb vs ADR next!

    You know, if Ricardo wasn’t ‘injured’, it would be interesting to see the two managers face off instead.

    • Ricardos a awesome wrestler look on youtube for chimera

  • This Raw does not feel like a go home Raw to Mania yet. It is so painfully obvious that Ryback is going to go over Henry at Wrestlemania. I am so not looking forward to that match

  • Willy Wonka

    CM Punk = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s been all down hill for him since that epic 2011 promo. Hasn’t been able to live up to the massive hype he created for himself. That 400 plus day title reign was brutal on the eyes & ears.

  • Rjc

    I still find it hard to believe that mania is this Sunday…I mean…mania 27 wasn’t the best mania in the world but at least it felt like mania…I seriously hope they throw in some serious swerves otherwise hopes for this show are not high

  • Does anyone think there is a “must see” match this year?

    • Rjc

      Punk taker could have been

    • Jimmy

      All the main events are rematches and the rest are just predictable so not really. Personally i feel like Orton, Show & Sheamus vs Shield will be a stealer.

  • Ok, time for me to correct Jerry! “Zeb Colter” hasn’t had a match in WWE, but this isn’t Zeb’s first match on Raw. Zeb teamed with Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw in 1996!

  • Del Rio is going to retain at Mania i think

    • Jimmy

      He has to, Swaggers recent DUI basically speaks for itself. After WM Swagger is either buried or gone.

  • Barring HBK’s returning I have not seen anything special at all tonight that will encourage people to order Wrestlemania.

    • This has been a rough Raw, that’s for sure. Possibly one of the worst go-home shows I can think of.

    • HBK’s return pardon my bad grammar

    • It has helped me decide not to order WM this year

    • Ben

      I’m trying hard to care about Rematchmania and I can’t find a reason I’m inspired to watch at all. Really glad I didn’t try to get tickets and go…

    • Jimmy

      Same stuff thats been happening every other week. HHH talking, Heyman speaks for Lesnar, Rock talks, Cena embarrasses himself by opening his mouth, Fandango attacks Y2J, Miz on commentary and Cesaro’s losing streak.

      • 1molly23

        It’s a good thing Heyman speaks for Lesnar, Lesnar sounds like a 2-year old, all those ‘roids have fried his brain, he can’t remember his lines, and when he does they’re wrong!

  • I feel like I’m watching a tradition dying right before my
    eyes and I can’t turn away.

  • Cesaro is going to get buried again tonight! We all know that Y2J is going over here.

  • To: WWE Creative. Please stop the idiotic booking of Cesaro

    • Amen! The best pure power in the WWE, and he has been booked as one of the weakest champions in recent memory.

    • Do you guys think he will top MVP’s reign or will he drop the belt soon after Mania

      • How long was MVP’s?

        • 343 days

          • He passed Miz’s reign tonight and will pass Shelton in 2 weeks. Shelton stands at 240 days and MVP is the only other longest reigning US Champ with 343 days. Cesaro stands at 225 as of tonight

  • And they just mentioned that Cesaro has held the US Title for 9 months… And he can’t get a WrestleMania match?

  • What do you guys think about Stephanie being the one to induct Trish into the Hall of Fame?

    • Personally I’d have preferred Lita, considering their history over the years, but Steph is a great choice.

  • The Breaker

    I’m a little behind.. but things are not boding well at all for Cesaro. He got no televised entrance and the announcers don’t even really try anymore to sell him as much of a threat. And really, does it make Jericho look all that strong if he beats a guy that has been taking losses for what seems like the entire midcard?

  • Can someone explain this idiotic yodeling thing that they are having Antonio do?

    • It’s yet another “genius” creative move. He did it on the JBL Show.

  • Awesome heat for Fandango!

  • The Breaker

    Fandango vs. Jericho has the potential to steal the show at WrestleMania. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Kendra asks: Does anyone see what makes Fandango’s Leg Drop different from everyone else’s?

    • The Breaker

      Idk the correct word for it, but it looks like he’s trying to do a split or something upon landing.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      I like that he rotates in air. Looks a little fancier than the standard straight forward legdrop.

  • Win

    Tensai has more rhythm than Brodus!

  • the funkadactyls? That’s it I’m done watching. Even the Undertaker can’t save the show

  • Great this Raw is really tanking now

  • Is it just me, or do the Bellas look trashier than normal?

    • Jimmy

      Ring Rust my friend

      • No, Jimmy, I meant on how they look physically, as the Bellas always look awful wrestling!

        • Jimmy

          Oh haha my bad i couldn’t actually see what they look like because we don’t get Raw live in Australia.

  • Win

    I think its the perfect opportunity for Kharma to return against the Bellas!

  • Anybody else think the punk comment bout paul bearer breaking his streak of waking up was way out of order and insulting whether they got permission or not

    • The Breaker

      Yeah, that comment by Punk made me uncomfortable.

  • Watching_Wrestling

    Hell froze over.

    That was a good *Women’s* match.

    • I think that was one of the best ones in quite a long time in WWE.

  • The Dactyls looked a lot better than I thought they would. Naomi especially, but Cameron has improved a lot since TE.

    • The Breaker

      She has done better than expected, but I still think of her as the girl that Stone Cold chewed out for naming Melina vs Alicia Fox as her favorite match ever. lol

  • Watching_Wrestling

    Looks like WWE is reading the “Dirt Sheet” websites and lingo.

    “This ain’t no passing of the torch…”

    Lovin’ The Rock. 🙂

  • The Breaker

    Does anyone else think of ‘eviscerate’ as Kane’s word?

  • Cubed56

    Cena is really reminding me of his heel days with his last two promos he’s got that cocky arrogant swagger again. He’s really selling a possible heel turn, but I still think its too good to be true, ill believe it if we ever see it.

    • Jimmy

      They did the same thing last year when he feuded with Kane and had anger issued for abit and nearly destroyed Kane with the heel smirk of his. But then come WM and nothing changed. We still had goody 2 shoes Cena.

  • The Druids. Hmmmm

  • Punk’s using the Druids?!

  • My God… they just crossed the line!

    • Jimmy

      I really think that the only reason Punk is an established heel is because he mocks serious situations such as; Paul Bearers passing, Jerry Lawlers heart attack, claiming the WWE will be better once Vince is gone. If that’s what it takes to be a true heel than anyone can do it. Punk is not all that great.

  • The Breaker

    It’s Heyman!

  • The Breaker

    After all this, Punk’s chances of winning are pretty much zero.

  • Was Heyman’s dressing up as Paul Bearer ok to further the angle or did it cross the line

  • The Breaker

    With how far they were willing to take the angle by using the unfortunate passing of Paul Bearer, it just makes me wonder exactly what they were planning to do originally.

  • Rjc

    I’m actually glad they’re going as far as they are with punk taker…it’s the best build this year probs…especially since the majority of fans could care less about rock cena II…plus there’s no way they would’ve done any of this without the barer family permission…I do wonder what the original plan was though before his death

  • c skater

    The only good thing about the show was the ending. The rest sucked

  • BlackMotor687

    Punk think he got Undertaker, but he doesn’t even know, that he signed a death warrant, and some know that was Paul Heyman in that costume, but putting ashes on him, I’ll be watching the PPV eating pizza from Big Pie In The Sky.

  • DW

    Is it me or does Naomi need to be in singles competition? She is ridiculous. I guess she is stuck in the gimmick

  • JYD

    Has any champion lost as many times as Cesaro and still held onto his or her belt? In my mind, WWE has taken all credibility away from the US Championship. Time to shelve it again?

  • Mr.V

    I thought the Cena promo was GREAT!! I mean, it may be because I was off the wrestling stick for so long and didnt have to endure the super Cena years … but man, that was great wrestling by any measure!!

    Dude talks about having to lose and then watch from the back as this guy that beat him debuts his own belt!! A belt that replaced the “silly” spinner belt … Cena’s own belt!!

    So what does he say about it? He wants to beat him and keep the belt just so the Rock can know it’s his belt and Cena beat him for it and he does not get to defend it … Cena does.

    Beautiful! This is wrestling my friends!