RAW Results - The Night The Fans Took Over

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Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about post WrestleMania. Cena has redeemed himself, so he will be starting RAW! Also, Taker will be there live!
Show Starts

Announce Segment

Cole is on announce with King and JBL. They show stills from WrestleMania as they talk up the show in a huge way. Cena prevailed and became an 11 time WWE Champ. They then pose on the stage arms held high together.

In Ring Segment

Cena out wearing a white shirt saying 'The Champ is here' with an arrow pointing down at his penis... I mean his Title belt. He enters the ring which is strung with white ropes. rtime=now is on the back of the shirt. His music ends and there's a lot of heat, but some pop for Cena. He stands in the center of the ring smiling as the heat grows and the 'Cena sucks!' chants filter through. Cena says it should be every WWE Superstars dream to be in the main event and win at WrestleMania. When you win the main event at WrestleMania you get everything that goes along with it – the adulation.


The respect!


The cheers!


The cheers!


The cheers?


Okay, I'm going to stop you there, we've known each other for ten years now.

"Cean sucks!" chants and lots of heat.

I may be going out on a limb tonight, but you guys seem angry.


Maybe a little bit more than angry.


I'm upset too. WrestleMania is over, I get it, that's why you're upset. WWE isn't like Christmas, this is the Monday Night RAW. It don't matter how you feel about me, everyone sitting here...

"BORING!" chants fill the arena.

Amazingly enough, every RAW after every WrestleMania is more than that, we thought it was done, but back comes Brock to whip my ass!


And hell, I'm feeling pretty good tonight. We've got a very volatile crowd, I might do some sort of Championship dance tonight. It might have a little shake – as he does a silly jig.


It might have a little kick?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

No kick either? I got it, how about a little heel turn. See what I'm talking about! Now we can go on to RAW. A blond HOFer once told me – to be the man, you've got to beat the man! Wooo! Wooo! And last night at WrestleMania two titans clashed, even The Rock got hurt, but out of that, a Champion rose.


So I proudly say to you, the Champ is here!

Chants I can't hear.

Cena says this is what he wanted for a WrestleMania main event celebration. This is my post WrestleMania celebration. I'm not going to rest up and play with balloons, I'm defending this tonight. We're starting with a WWE Championship. I don't know who the #1 contender is. I don't care if it's Ziggler, Orton, Punk, we're going to have a fight...

Henry's music hits and out he comes to Cena who looks really nervous all of a sudden.

Henry slowly into the ring and says, what's up Champ. The problem with coming out and asking for trouble is trouble might just find you. You won your match last night at WrestleMania.

"Sexual chocolate!" chants.

Cena acts confused by this. It's a raucous crowd, they want to have sex with chocolate.

Henry tells him not to pay attention to them. I destroyed Ryback last night, and with all this talk, I think you and me need to have some action.

"Feed me more!"

Cena says, first they want to have sex with chocolate, then they want to eat some more. Mr. World's Strongest Man, let me introduce myself, John Cena, WWE Champ.


You're right, I can see that look and I'm afraid. I'm afraid to tell you have the breath of a thousand asses. You want a fight, you got one, for the WWE Championship!

Booker T out and says he will not have him making WWE Championship matches. It ain't going down like that. The deal is The Rock is entitled to a rematch.

Cena says, once in a lifetime, the best out of three?

The Rock is the #1 contender for the WWE Championship.


Cena says he agrees, he beat The Rock last night.

Booker T said The Rock was injured, so he won't be here tonight. But Henry...

"Bullshit!" chants.

Henry wants a shot? Then he has to earn it. Beat Cena in the ring tonight, and you will get your shot, but only if you beat Cena.

Henry steps up, but Booker T puts a hand out. Henry tells Booker T to take his hand off him. Then to Cena that he's full of jokes, but I'm not laughing. All those joke will get you is ending in the hall of pain. Bring your a-game!

Backstage Segment

Big E, Ziggler and AJ stand around talking.


Bryan w/ Kane vs Big E w/ Ziggler & AJ

Bryan to the ring. Big E to the ring with Ziggler and AJ in tow. Big E flexed and threw his arms back, one of his fists hit AJ in the chest really hard. He casually checks on her, and she smiles through it, but he hit her really hard!

Bryan on Big E with kicks, but tossed off. Bryan rushes Big E, but is slammed down with one arm. Shoulder block in a corner on Bryan hard! Big E pulls Bryan up, calls the move, and knees Bryan in the gut. Bryan up on Big E's shoulder, then flipped Bryan back hard. A kick to Bryan's ribs and the "Daniel Bryan!" chants start. Bryan up and again slammed down, but rolls Big E up for two. Bryan with his kicks to Big E's chest, then the last to his head. Bryan climbs, but AJ distracts the red and Ziggler pushes Bryan into the ring. Kane grabs Ziggler, but Big E throws Bryan out over the top and into Kane out there! Big ending on Bryan for three.

Winner – Big E (2:21)

Video of the high points. Big E, Ziggler and AJ up the ramp as Kane in to check on Bryan prone on the mat.

Backstage Segment

Josh with Kurt Warner in the front row talking about his new show The Moment.


Slo-Mo Slam

Dominos presents – Barrett tapped out to Miz last night.

IC Title Match – Miz (c) vs Barrett

Barrett is in the ring pacing. Miz to the ring.

They circle, then Barrett on Miz with kicks, backing him into a corner. Miz whipped, floats over, clotheslines Barrett. Kick to the side of Barrett's head for two. Snap suplex on Barrett for two. "Let's go Barrett!" chants. Side headlock on Barrett. Miz backed into a corner and releases, but Barrett on Miz with cheap blows. Miz reverses a whip, but over the top. Miz slides in and rolls Barrett up for two. Miz on Barrett with 8 blows in a corner, then a knee to Barrett's face for two. "Let's go Barrett!" chants! Chinlock on Barrett for two. Barrett with a big blow drops Miz to the mat. Barrett drops an elbow for two.

Miz reverses out from Barrett and sends Barrett out through the ropes. Miz with a drop kick through the ropes, then out on him with a double ax handle. Barrett sent in, Miz climbs, but jumps to avoid Barrett knocking him down. Barrett somehow gets Miz through the ropes and hits a sick neckbreaker onto the apron!


Miz sent out through the ropes. Barrett runs from the apron and drops a huge elbow on Miz. Miz sent back in and Barrett gets two for it. "Wrestle like you're in somebody else's body," says JBL. Miz reverses on Barrett and both are down. Miz on Barrett with blows on Barrett. Forearm, high knee, then boot to Barrett's face. Miz goes for his neck and backbreaker, but Barrett drops too early and makes the move look a total mess! They bang heads hard because of it. Miz side steps Barrett in a corner and comes back with his clothesline. Miz off the top with an ax handle on Barrett. Miz with knees to Barrett's thigh, then on Barrett's knee followed by a DDT for two.

Barrett gets Miz up, but Miz wiggles free. Miz tries to float over, gets caught and then reverses on Barrett. Miz locks on his fig 4 in the center of the ring. Barrett tries to drag Miz to the ropes, and makes it this time! Barrett is selling the leg pain. Miz rushes Barrett in a corner, but gets a foot up. Barrett set up top. Miz on him with blows and climbs up with him. Barrett drops to the apron and slams Miz head to the top of the ringpost. Barrett then in with his elbow on a dazed Miz for three.

Winner & new IC Champ – Barrett (13:03)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Vickie and Maddox talking in her office. Sheamus in and asks Vickie if she saw WrestleMania. Big Show attacked him. He knew Big Show couldn't be trusted. He wants Big Show tonight. Maddox says that Sheamus will owe them. Sheamus doesn't care, he just wants to kick the head off that giant piece of crap. Vickie grants the match.



Stills from WrestleMania.

Backstage Segment

Booker T shows off his ring to Orton. Orton says his father has one of those. Orton asks for Big Show in the ring tonight. I talked Sheamus into believing in Big Show, and I have to make it right.

Booker T says Vickie made the Sheamus match with Big Show.

Orton says Booker T is a HOFer, and actually a GM, he can overrule her.

Booker T agrees and makes the match.

In Ring Segment

Zeb says the country's in bad shape, but after last night, it's worse. I want to ask for your support. Years ago I volunteered in Vietnam because I love my country, and that's why I stand in the ring with Swagger tonight. Our country is on the edge of tyranny, or anarchy, and when that filthy ADR sets foot on that aisle up there, I want you to stand up and give a resounding, "USA!"



Recap of Cena and Henry in the ring. Cena's afraid of Henry's breath of a thousand asses, but will give Henry a Title Match. But Booker T says no, Henry has to earn it by beating Cena tonight to get his Title Match.

Handicap Match – ADR vs Swagger & Zeb Colter

Ricardo out, still on crutches, introduces ADR, as the fans yell with him. ADR out in a bright neon yellow ADR t-shirt.

They lock up, Swagger backed into a corner, then out, and struggled around, but got nowhere. Swagger again backed into a corner. "We want Colter!" chants! Swagger reverses and on ADR with blows. ADR sends Swagger out over the top. ADR with a suicide dive through the ropes sending Swagger onto announce. ADR stomps Swagger. "We want Colter!" chants. Swagger in, ADR climbs with a cross body for two. Zeb with a cheap shot on Swagger. "USA!" chants. Zeb tries for another cheap shot, but ADR stares him down. Knees on ADR in the heel corner. The ref backs Swagger off and Zeb attacks from outside. Snap mare on ADR. ""We, the people!" chants. Swagger and ADR reverse back and forth, Swagger locks on the Patriot lock, but ADR rolls through. ADR locks his arm lock as he hangs over the top rope. ADR sent flying out onto the barricade.


Swagger on ADR for two. Swagger is working over ADR's left leg. ADR side steps Swagger who lands shoulder first on the post. Clotheslines to Swagger and then a back breaker, but on the 'injured' knee. Ricardo pounds the apron, then ADR with a kick to a kneeling Swagger's jaw for two. ADR looks about to cry, can barely stand, but is suddenly fine going for his finisher, but Swagger counters with a belly-to-belly. Patriot lock again. "We want Colter!" chants. ADR gets to the ropes and Swagger breaker. Swagger locks on the patriot lock again. ADR gets free and reverses into his cross arm breaker. Swagger taps out.

Winner – ADR (11:06)

ADR can't stand, on the mat holding his ankle as Ricardo in to his friend. The doctor is in to check on ADR. ADR is writhing in pain in a corner. Video recap of ADR's finisher. The doctor is still working on ADR when Ziggler's music hits.

Ziggler cashes in!

ADR can't get to his feet, but he's up and the bell rings. Ziggler attacks ADR's injured leg. Ziggler takes ADR for a long two. Ziggler back on ADR with blows on ADR on the mat. Ziggler goes for a splash but ADR moves and Ziggler eats corner. Enziguri from ADR, then ADR pins for two. The fans are wild for Ziggler and upset when ADR pinned. ADR locks on his cross arm breaker, but Ziggler grabs the bad leg and gets free. Zig-zag for three!

Winner & new WHC – Dolph Ziggler! (2:04)

Video recap as the fans go wild for Ziggler! AJ in kissing Ziggler. Big E is all smiles, AJ is in tears, smiling. Ziggler is pumped up and the fans are wild for him!



Taker out in his lovely sleeveless robe, hood up. Out to the ring slowly, then raises the lights. They show a still of Taker in the ring, urn in front of him, 21-0 on the tron. Taker takes the mic, but stops for the, "Undertaker!" chants. He says last night at WrestleMania, I dedicated that match to the memory of Paul Bearer. A man who I have the utmost...

The Shield's music and their in the stands. Cole says that The Shield tweeted that their impact would be historic tonight. The Shield heads for the ring and Taker doesn't move. He just waits. All three over the barricade and Taker removes his robe and throws it aside. The three slowly climb...

Fire erupts from all four!

Kane runs to the ring to join his brother, Bryan runs right along side his partner. The Shield over the barricade and leave to heat from the fans. Taker, Kane and Bryan stare at Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns as they leave.



More stills from the high points of WrestleMania.


Recap of Ziggler cashing in his MITB and winning the WHC!

Backstage Segment

Ziggler saying that they deserve it more than anyone! Ziggler tells he's deserved this too damn long. It might be the night after, but this is my WrestleMania moment. I'm going to take my Championship, shine it up, and show it off.

R-Truth & Ryder & Santino vs 3MB

All six in the ring. R-Truth on Slater, takes him down. R-Truth dances and takes Slater down with a slap. Santino tags in, dances, is slapped, Ryder tags in – as does Mahal. Ryder on Mahal hard. Ryder with a cheap shot on McIntyre, but then Mahal on him hard. McIntyre tags in, rolls Ryder in and lands a drop kick. Ryder thrown into the heel corner. Slater tags in and on Ryder with punches. McIntyre tags in and on Ryder's arm. The camera is in the face corner with a strange view of the ring. Ryder counters and lands a neck breaker. Both are down.

Santino on Slater, dances, hits his hip toss and head butt for two. Mahal breaks the count. R-Truth sends Mahal and himself out. McIntyre stops the cobra, but Santino rebounds with the cobra to take Slater down for three.

Winners – R-Truth & Ryder & Santino (3:28)


WrestleMania week – all the media appearances and events with the Superstars and the fans. Kaitlyn did a #hide&tweet – people who found her got WrestleMania tickets. (Steph looked HOT!) They went on to their B.A.Star event, and then the WrestleMania Reading Challenge.

Backstage Segment

Orton and Sheamus arguing about who deserves the match. Orton says he's wrong, let him fix it. Sheamus says he's got this, and stomps off.



Big Show after WrestleMania. Big Show says he tagged himself in, but he took it to prove himself, for himself, his team, for the WWE 'Universe'. Orton had to take my thunder. Never again. I've tried this route, I don't want any part of it. The only thing important to Big Show is Big Show.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus to the ring. Sheamus says by now everyone know what happened at WrestleMania between myself, Big Show and Orton. He's out to see who wants to see me face Big Show tonight?


Let's bring Vickie out here.

Orton's music plays and he comes out to the ring, slowly. Sheamus just stares, the fans give virtually no reaction. Orton says while Sheamus is out here pleading his care and practically begging for support...

Orton in Sheamus' face.

Orton says Big Show is mine tonight. Sheamus, listen. Who here wants to see me kick Big Show's ass?

Cole says it's up to the fans to choose. Tweet it out. #WWESheamus or #WWEOrton


In Ring Segment

WWEOrton – 77%
WWESheamus - 23%

EXCUSE ME!! Booker T says he thinks they have a fair and impartial way to do this. Vickie says Sheamus will face Orton tonight, the winner will face Big Show. Booker T tells the ref to start this match now.

Orton vs Sheamus

They lock up. Orton backed into a corner. Then Sheamus backed into a corner. Side headlock on Orton. Sheamus pushed off and drops Orton with a shoulder block.

"Boring!" chants are sung by the fans.

They both stop and look around at the fans. Orton with a back elbow. Sheamus takes Orton down.

Another chant that we can't understand but pisses off Orton who looks out at them. Sheamus pins for two.

"Boring!" chants are sung again. (I think it's boring, but not completely sure.)

Sheamus down, Orton drops a knee to his face for two. "All hail's going to break loose," says JBL.

"Boring!" chants sung from the fans.

Sheamus rocks Orton, and a "We want Big Show!" chants! Reverse chinlock barely on Orton.

"RVD!" chants!

Orton stands on Sheamus' ankle.

"JBL!" chants. JBL says the fans are brilliant. "Jerry!" chants and all three on announce get the giggles. "Michael Cole!" chants and they fall apart. Orton looks really pissed.


"RVD!" chants. "ECW!" chants.

Orton on Sheamus in the ropes, but I don't think anyone is watching the show. They start throwing punches. Sheamus telegraphs, is kicked. Irish curse backbreaker.

The fans with a WAVE!

Sheamus is looking at the fans in shock. Clotheslines on Orton, then a running knee. Orton on the apron, but Orton struggles. Sheamus with his forearms, and the fans actually chant the count! Sheamus suplexes Orton into the ring.

"Randy Savage!" chants!

Sheamus gets Orton up, but Orton comes back. Orton looks pissed at this chant and glares. JBL and King talk about Orton not being stable, mentally.

"HBK!" chants.

'Vintage' Orton DDT.

"End this match!" chants.

Sheamus calls for the brogue, but Orton ducks and Sheamus ends up flying up over the corner and out.

Big Show's music! He comes out and sends Sheamus into the post. (15:23)

"Thank you Big Show!" chants.

Big Show into the ring. Orton up and runs into a WMD!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Big Show drags Orton to the side, leaves the ring, drags Orton out and sends Orton into the barricade. Orton writhes on the floor. Orton to his feet in front of announce. Big Show spears him.

"Holy shit!" chants.

"We are awesome!" chants.

Big Show tosses Orton over announce and to the top of the barricade behind announce. King is kind of in Big Show's way, but Big Show just stares. One announce chair tossed into the ring. The next hits the ropes and falls outside the ring. Big Show stomps Orton behind announce.

"One more chair!" chants.

Big Show leaves the area.

Video recap of the carnage.

King checks to see if his mic works. Orton is sitting behind announce looking a bit green.

"Jerry!" chants.

WWE Rewind

Last month Fandango wouldn't debut for Kofi when Justin couldn't pronounce his name.


Announce Segment

JBL, Cole and King are in shock, and Cole's chair is broken. They talk about Taker. Video of Taker in the ring talking about Bearer, then The Shield came out, but Kane and Bryan ran to Taker's side.

Fandango vs Kofi

Fandango's partner out in a red dress, then Fandango out looking a bit awkward, but then walks out with her being really silly. The flaming Fandango above the ring! Kofi bounces out to face him. Kofi looks up strangely at the flaming Fandango.

Fandango uses the ropes as a barre to stretch. Fandango ducks Kofi and dances some more. They lock up, but Fandango hides in the ropes, then outside to the apron.

Fans are humming Fandango's entrance music!

Fandango on Kofi with stomps, but Jericho runs into the ring and on Fandango with a Thesz Press. Finally Jericho sends Fandango out over the top and he lands outside. Fandango into the barricade. They head for announce and JBL asks where's Spanish announce? Fandango into the timekeeper area. Jericho sets up announce, and all three complain. Fandango into the stairs. Jericho sends Fandango into the ring and on him with blows. Chops in a corner. Jericho whips Fandango, then locks on the walls. Fandango taps out, but Jericho keeps on the hold. Two refs in physically pulling on Jericho to let go of Fandango. Jericho paces the ring. The fans root Jericho on. Fandango to his feet. Jericho smirks and hits a code breaker. Fandango spits and King asks if it's a tooth.

"Lionsault!" chants. Jericho smiles at this.

The refs get Jericho from the ring. Video recap of Jericho attacking Fandango.

Winner – Fandango (1:30)

Justin announces Fandango the winner via DQ. Fandango's partner holds the mic for Fandango to say his name correctly. The fans sing Fandango's music along with it as it plays.


Cena on Kelley & Michael, GMA and the rest of the media circus to show off his WrestleMania winning Championship belt.



Trip getting his arm x-rayed after his match. It's a muscular contusion, nothing to worry about.

Backstage Segment

Josh with Heyman. Josh says it was a disappointing night for Heyman guys. Heyman says ignorance is bliss in New Jersey. My guy got knocked out, but lasted 23 minutes before Trip could pin him. How is HBK? How is Trip? My guy is ready to fight, but he doesn't fight for free. What about Punk? I shouldn't tell you how Punk feels, Punk should tell you, right here next week.

Team Rhodes Scholars & Bellas vs Funkasaurus & Sweet T & Dactyls

Rhodes Scholars and Bellas out. Sweet T and Funkasaurus in gangster suits and peach hats.


Rear view from Naomi. Cody tags in. Naomi with head scissors on Cody. Sweet T with a rolling splash on Cody in a corner. Sweet T wrestling himself, bouncing all over. Sandow tags in, the Bellas with a double butt bump on Sweet T hanging in the ropes. Clay tags in and knocks Cody off the apron. Splash on Sandow in a corner, then suplex on Sandow. Clay pins, but the Bellas pulls him off. The Dactyls take them out. Sweet T and Clay sandwich Sandow, then both land on him. Sandow is squashed for three.

Winners – Tons of Funkadactyls (2:25)

Announce Segment

Cole talks up The Moment (the fans were still singing Fandango's music). They go to the commercial.


Henry vs Cena

Henry out and the crowd is singing along with his music as he heads to the ring. Cena out to face him, and has the belt in hand, the belt is actually printed on his shirt, around his waist, but only on the front.

They circle. Cena ducks Henry and dances around, pointing at the ref. Henry takes Cena down, yells smack and stands on Cena's in the corner.

Fans singing Fandango's music, then "Sexual Chocolate!" chants.

Cena whipped and hits the mat. Cena on Henry with blows. One shoulder block doesn't work, but the second drops Henry. Henry rolls out. Cena out and runs into Henry's foot. Henry slams Cena's head on announce. Cole is not happy. Henry cleans off announce. Someone grabs a tablet. Henry lifts Cena. Henry flings Cena up, Cena over Henry's head and lands on his bum. Cena into the post back first. Cena sends Henry into the stairs. Cena rolls in before the 10, Henry doesn't.

Winner – Cena via Count Out (3:17)

Henry in and on Cena. WSS on Cena. Henry grabs Cena's belt and holds it up. The fans are not really impressed. "Feed me more!" and the fans love it. Ryback out and takes Henry down. Spinebuster on Henry. Henry rolls from the ring. Ryback gets the fans chanting "Feed me more!" very loudly – without production editing. Ryback turns and looks at Cena. The fans are excited. Ryback extends his hand and the fans boo him. Cena pulled to his feet. Cena poses on a corner and gets heat. Ryback gets the "Feed me more!" chants going again. Ryback takes Cena down with the meathook. Cena up, shellshocked! Ryback poses with the belt and gets the "Feed me more!" chants going from the fans.

Biggest pop
Fandango's music
Big Show

Biggest heat
Sheamus vs Orton

  • Hello!

    Welcome to the Live Chat for RAW! Any thoughts about what might be going down tonight?

    • Wellness tests 🙂 That’s why The Rock had to go home! 🙂

      • Now Rocky has torn abdominal and abductor muscles. Riiiiiiight!

        • Ah poor Dwayne guess he’ll miss the WWE wellness tests! Going home to see his own doctor!!

    • Mark freeman

      Tag title change. Either rs or tubs of funk to say sorry

  • The Ignored Monster

    Return of RVD or Kharma would be great

    • That could be cool. What about Batista?

      • Michael

        Did you just spoil a huge return Kendra.

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    hello all

  • this could be a good time for heel turn, or maybe I’m just marking out a little

  • YES!! Cena broke the fourth wall?

  • Luke

    “Heel turn” haha.

  • Gotta admit that was good by Cena with the heel turn bit lol

  • I respect Cena and all that he has done/is doing. But he seriously needs to start being more intense and less corny even if he doesn’t turn heel (which with the Special Olympics coming seems even less likely now)

  • Got to admit I’m liking this Cena

  • Luke

    Did I just hear a sexual chocolate chant? Crowd seems on fire

  • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    how about a heel turn!

  • Kleck

    Mark Henry, Cena isn’t making us laugh. He is making us facepalm

    • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

      so true

  • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy


    • Great that’s exactly what he needed. Now we get to see his true power

  • liam stolarek

    All I can say is imagine if we had this crowd last night

    • Sadly, it took a poor wrestlemania last night to get this hot crowd night.

      • liam stolarek

        Just imagine a crowd like this in Madison over last nights, yeah it looks spectacular but this is always better

        • I thoroughly agree. I wish WrestleMania would go back to the smaller stadiums instead of being in the open-air arenas

          • liam stolarek

            Exactly, even the huge enclosed stadiums like the Superdome are better but the smaller areans are always the best

  • This is an insane crowd tonight! This is probably the hottest crowd I’ve heard in a very long time.

  • opie

    Dolph is cashing in tonight.

    • Seems like the predictable route,but with the emphasis they have been placing on him having until money in the bank, I somehow doubt they will do it.

    • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

      We’ve been hoping for that for months now, don’t get your hopes up even though the handicap match is (another) perfect opportunity.

      • opie

        There ya go. The minute I saw that handicap match, I knew it was tonight.

    • Kleck

      Nice call

  • Can we get #BrahmaBullshit trending on twitter?

    • Xavier

      Cena is trending worldwide on yahoo

  • Taylor

    Henry?! Thats who they send out to get us excited?! Yawn

  • So its Swagger and Colter vs ADR tonight….Cash in from Ziggler 😛

    • I just hope we get see a lot of Colter. Dutch can really go, and I hope the him perform.

  • markbyrn

    Henry replacing Rock and Big E Scrub taking on Bryan – zzzzz

  • Taylor

    Someone give Big E some pants

    • He had a much bigger singlet when he first debuted. I wonder why they had him change it?

      • Jimmy

        Its a sign that they’re getting rid of the PG rating 😛

    • CJ Blaze

      he actually needs a bra!

  • Why do they keep having Daniel put guys over? I want Daniel to start winning some serious matches.

  • BrooksOglesby

    I bet Bryan looks forward to the Raw after Mania more than WrestleMania itself these days. It’s criminal that he’s not booked in a more credible way after clearly being a face that a vast majority of the fans can get behind.

    • I know I would if I was Bryan, Brooks. It seems that after every single Mania he is getting over further and further.

      • Jimmy

        He’s only been in like 2 Manias hasn’t he?

        • Yes, he has, but after each one he has had a meteoric rise in popularity.

  • I would like to see Daniel and Cesaro have an epic serious feud with some awesome matches that win people over and make them realise how talented both guys are. But that may be asking for too much from Creative

    • We all know creative can’t do anything right. But that would be an epic feud!

    • Cubed56

      How about Ziggler/ Bryan feud or Ziggler/Cesaro feud.

  • Spuddyz

    Calling it now. The Shirld is attacking The Undertaker tonight.

  • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    have they been chanting “Daniel Bryan” all night?

  • It really must get to Vince and HHH that Punk. Bryan & Cesaro get over without being pushed like muscle heads that get pushed to the moon and still can’t get over!

  • Michael

    Shield says tonight will be historic, wondering if a major heel turn is in play.

    • Xavier

      Orton hopefully

  • Taylor

    Still can’t believe they sent out Henry. All the young talent on this roster that could get us excited and they send out Henry!? Anyone else sigh when henry came out?

    • I know I did. I have been really turned off of Henry ever since he returned, and this just furthers my argument.

      • Taylor

        They need to start making some new stars and they have the talent to do it. Brian, Cesaro, Barrett, Zigs, I’d even take the friggin Miz at this point

        • I completely agree. Almost all of their big names have been with the company over 8 years, with the exceptions being ADR and Sheamus.

          • GODSENT68

            Dude all you do is bitch, no-one is forcing you to watch

          • I disagree. I usually try to be supportive, but when WWE produces crap, I don’t shy away from telling my opinion.

  • A very audible you F’ed up chant!

  • lml2323

    That Botch by Miz and Barrett was pretty bad

  • Well that was worth the title change last night……..

  • Barrett gets the title back!? Talk about a shock!

  • Luke

    Did wade Barrett really just win that match?? YES!

  • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    ….wait what

  • What was the point of doing the title change last night then, just to give Miz his Mania moment?

    • That’s my thought

    • I’m betting that they’re trying to set up streak versus Streak for next year’s Mania, which would be a mistake considering the fact that Miz has been defeated at WrestleMania.

      • KingKongBrody

        Maybe just going on a limb here it was a preshow wasn’t it. You know WWE if it didn’t take place on the PPV it didn’t really happen. I started watching this in 1978 I stopped trying to figure out WWE.

        • Then, technically, his win last night shouldn’t count on his record either.

    • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

      The Miz’s only ‘mania loss was when carlito pinned JoMo, so they’ve been booking him as undefeated at wrestlemania

      • But considering he is on the same team as John Morrison, he has been defeated at Wrestlemania.

    • Xavier

      I don’t get that logic either

      • Xavier

        It’s WWE, they have no logic

        • Xavier

          Oh look, I have another fan. Nice user name lol

          • james

            Miz unbeaten at Mania?

    • yeah, i concur, it made no sense

  • I will give you a match … *awkward silence*

    • (Bell rings and Jesse pins Jeff for the three count) I’m the new European champion

  • Is it just me or are they trying to add some unpredictability to Raw to make up for Mania

    • It sure seems like it! I hope we see even more this going throughout the show!

  • Even with the unpredictability, I don’t think Ziggler will cash in. I may be wrong, lets wait and see

  • Are they going ahead with a slow Booker T heel turn, as some reports were stating?

    • lml2323

      It’s looking like a good possibility

    • They’ve been teasing it for a while on Smackdown. I hope that we do end up seeing it, as Vickie has seemed to turn face.

  • there’s a Shield on ADR’s shirt…..INJUSTICE!!!

  • Del Rio botched tonight! That’s crazy!

  • Is Del Rio’s dance-remixed theme supposed to make people like him more?

    • I’m guessing that’s their aim. I prefer the old one myself.

    • Dont know…sell more on itunes? more likely

  • Okay, where is the logic in that. Colter is on the apron and doesn’t try to help save his team?

  • And cue Ziggler’s music!

  • lml2323

    cash it in Ziggler

  • Xavier


  • YES!!!!!

  • New champion!!!

  • Ashley

    Cash it in!!!

  • Taylor

    Ziggler YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • opie

    Did you hear that pop for Ziggler?!

    • It was Massive!!!

      • opie

        I love this crowd!

        • Nothing like a good Heel crowd!

          • opie

            I just about lost my mind over that “sexual chocolate” chant earlier.

          • It gave me a good laugh! Then the crowd followed with the Feed Me More chant!

  • lml2323

    Come on Ziggler

  • lml2323


    • It’s about damn time!!!

      • lml2323

        Completely agree, Jesse. This is why I love wrestling!

        • It’s like tonight that keep me watching. WWE needs to have more unpredictable nights like tonight to keep the fans they have!

  • Xavier

    Hi My name is Dolph Ziggler

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lml2323



  • Xavier

    Fun little 2 or 3 minute match. For a second it looked liked ADR was gonna pull a rabbit out of his ass and escape with the title

    • At least they made it look like there was a possibility ADR was going to retain his title. This sets up a nice rematch later down the line!

    • liam stolarek

      “Rabbit out of his ass” couldn’t have put it better myself

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad they have finally done this…. IM HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    They Should have done that last night.

    • lml2323

      Completely agree, but I’ll still take it tonight

    • John

      They wanted WrestleMania to be John Cena’s night.. Nothing was going to overshadow that!

  • Luke

    First time I’ve marked out in a while. Ziggler!!!!

    • Same here, Taylor. If for nothing else, this match made this show!

  • Well done Dolph.

  • Cant remember the last time i jumped out my seat for a moment like that, last time i think might have been when Daniel Bryan cashed in

  • lml2323

    Title changes are so exciting

  • In less than an hour and a half we’ve had a new Intercontinental champion, a new world heavyweight champion, and big E in his first singles match. And now we have Taker coming out! This more than makes up for last night!

  • Raw is heading to be better than Mania so far. It has had swerves, unpredictability and everything that was lacking from last night

  • Listen to that respect!

  • The Shield!

  • Called this…The Shield attacking Undertaker

  • Michael

    Awesome awesome awesome should’ve happened at wrestlemania but still awesome! I knew he would cash in the way swagger was working the leg and at the end when Alberto couldn’t stand. Here’s to a much deserved world title run for Dolph lets just hope it’s lengthy.

    • After all the crap Ziggler has went through, he deserves a long reign!

  • hOLY cRAP! The Undertaker? The Sheild?

  • Cubed56

    Finally! Ziggler has paid his dues jobbing to people. Not sure how over he’s gonna be as most of that pop was for the cash in not so much the wrestler like it always is when someone cashes in. Also not sure how good of a champ he will be. But hopefully they give him decent run to actually see what he’s got.

    • H.M.

      I don’t know dude but did you HEAR the pop for Ziggler when he cut that quick but awesome backstage promo? These fans at the very least were 100% Pro Ziggler.

  • Well i was not expecting that….WOW

  • The Shield versus Hell No and Undertaker at Extreme Rules? Yes, please!

  • Tim

    Its too bad they can’t write Raw like this every week.

  • BrooksOglesby

    I dub them…the Brothers of Yestruction.

    • Luke

      Brilliant on so many levels.

    • Xavier

      LOL Nice

    • Jeff Ono

      Pathetic RAW. And they weren’t Jersey fans , they were Europeans still in town for Mania. Who pays money to act like a bunch of tools? Just go to a bar instead. The whole night was a joke. The narcissism among fans, aspiring to actually be wrestlers, gets worse every year. And for any morons whining about WWE showing charity promos in lieu of an extra match … get a job…then learn some class. The only thing impressive tonight was Vince booking Dolph’s surprise victory right before the Michigan-Louisville tip off. smart business, VinnyMac.

      • Smart Mark

        “Not like it needs to be said, but holy crap was this a good Raw. A good swerve in Barrett winning the title back, Ziggler is finally the WHC, Taker/Kane/Bryan vs The Shield, the 8 man tag match got to happen, Ryback took out Cena, and that BASED FREAKING CROWD. I really hope Fandango’s theme becomes a thing. It’ll make him even more over”

        That was your comment above and now your saying this? hahahaha get a life Mark

      • Lebron James

        Your life must be miserable. If you didn’t enjoy raw tonight then you don’t deserve to enjoy anything in life. You’re pathetic.

    • -|AZ|-

      lol Brooks… You called it perfectly 😀

      Plus DB getting air time with Taker… Here comes the PUSH 🙂


  • John

    Looks like Undertaker is sticking around for awhile? As great as his match with CM Punk was, it wasn’t a brutal match like his matches with Triple H so maybe he won’t need the break he tends to take after Mania.

  • vinny

    Bryan finally can face The Shield. Bryan vs. Ambrose. Bryan vs. Rollins. Excited.

    • what like he did at TLC?

      • vinny

        oh right. even more now. haha

        • dont you remember the 6 man Tag TLC match between The Shield vs Team Hell No and Ryback?

  • I’m hoping that The Shield adds a member or two soon, they’ve been getting backed off too much recently.

  • Zack Ryder on Raw :O who would had thought 😛

  • Tonight show is HOT. The fans are WILD. They popped MAJORLY for Ziggler. Congratulations to Ziggler. His time is NOW.

    IDK what it is about tonight but I feel the show is more exciting than last night Wrestlemania.

    • Tim

      I agree. I was at the show last night, and as amazing as it was too be there, I feel like tonights show is what last night should have been.

  • Chocolate Drop

    The chants you can’t hear in Cena’s Promo is “Same old *excrement*.”

    Sorry for not posting the obscene word but you know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  • I am enjoying this Raw more than Mania, because it has something that was missing last night, emotion and moments

    • Nostaljack

      It’s all crowd. The crowd is making this the most entertaining “Raw” I’ve seen since I don’t know when.

  • I’m glad that King is actually acknowledging what people are chanting, for once. Usually he likes to make stuff up and say they’re chanting something they’re not.

    • After everything that went on last week, I think it’s about time they start acknowledging the real chants.

    • H.M.

      He actually did that on last Raw when people were chanting ‘We want Ziggler!!’ during ADR vs Swag/Coulter.

      Jerry: We want Coulter?!

  • The crowd is really apathetic to both of them. It’s pretty sad.

  • Scott


    • stvrfox

      lol I caught that also.

  • ok Vickie you’re excused

  • Boy, that’s “fair”! So whoever wins will be exhausted to face Show!

  • so they done the Twitter Poll…then decided to go against it….pointless

  • BORING chants?

  • Taylor

    Can Orton just punt someone in the head already?

  • Can anyone tell what these chants are?

    • BrooksOglesby

      We’ve gotten Ole, Mike Chioda, Boring, We Want Ziggler, RVD, and JBL chants in this match.

  • Absolutely loving tonights show! Mainly because of the crowd! When is the last time we had a show with such a ruckus crowd?

  • Xavier

    These Smark crowds can get pretty annoying at times. Like right now.

  • What a night this is, chanting for anyone they can!!!!

  • Man! The crowd is havin’ a party, regardless of whats happening in the ring

  • nbt

    you gotta love these different chants, from RVD soccer chants to JBL…. nice

    • nbt

      to soccer chants*

    • It’s sad when the Ref gets a bigger chant than the workers in the ring!

  • BrooksOglesby

    For those of you not using the app, the crowd is now chanting Colt Cabana.

    • nbt

      Super nice

    • BrooksOglesby

      Randy Savage and “End This Match” chants as well.

  • Taylor

    What an effin crowd! Michael Cole chants lol! You know its like 10 guys in one section getting these chants going. Can’t wait to hear them during this Cena match. Punk would eat it up tonight if he’s there

    • 123

      Fuck CM Punk. RAW has been really good tonight and Punk’s absence is on of the reasons why

  • Mark Freeman

    Michael Cole chants…who still thinks Orton and Sheamus are over as faces

  • nbt

    and not a damn person is paying attention to the match

  • Zoofaulk

    this crowd are making this match enjoyable!

  • Now Randy Savage and HBK chants!

  • Thank You Big Show chants!

  • Scottyo614

    Gotta love when the fans turn on a match. Vince must be livid.

    • Snap

      Serves him right for delivering crap at WrestleMania. It’s poetic justice that the fans make a mockery of RAW.

  • Wow.

    The crowd has officially lost the plot.

    Keep the updates coming guys.

    I want consistent ridiculousness.

  • Now a We are Awesome chant!

  • Scottyo614

    I just marked out for a crowd. That is a first I think

    • Same here! Best crowd I think I have heard since the AE!

  • they should chanting #WrestlingNewsWorld haha

  • John

    This crowd is exactly why WrestleMania should never be held in a stadium! This crowd alone could have saved WrestleMania!

    They are really going to give Cena hell in the main event!

    • opie

      One of the best crowds since WM X8. Just crazy.

    • Tim

      The WrestleMania crowd in person wasn’t as bad as it came across on TV.

  • From Kendra: I think Big Show was sent out to save the segment. That seemed unplanned. He grabbed Sheamus, told him to stay down after the post, then went after Orty. The way King was acting, it wasn’t planned.

    • John

      The Jericho/Fandango segment was obviously done to kill time so i bet the same thing was the case with the long Sheamus/Orton match & Big Show beatdown.

  • Mark

    Is it just me or did that whole Orton Sheamus look odd. It just seemed like everything was really slow and that they were unsure of what they were doing.

    • I felt like Vince sent show out there to give this seg a mercy killing

    • Kendra and I think it was an unplanned change to save the segment.

  • Lrgetrout9

    Moment of the year: This crowd during the Orton/Sheamus match. Taker’s match last night is now a close #2.

    • I hate to say it, but I agree!

      • Moe

        Orton and Sheamus was HORRIBLE in my opinion.

        “Thank you Big Show” saved it!

        • Oh, yes, the match was awful! But that crowd was awesome!

  • This crowd is going to eat Fandango alive!

  • Has a crowd ever hummed an entrance?!

  • Scottyo614

    Fandango wasn’t so bad with this crowd. Wow!

    • they were humming his entrance…brilliant lol

  • Nostaljack

    This is the most amazing crowd that’s ever been!!!! Humming Fandango’s theme song?!?!? LOL!!!!

  • Ashley

    Best crowd ever…..

  • Xavier

    Okay I have to admit. The fans singing Fandango’s entrance music was pretty funny. This crowd is high on something tonight lol

  • I hope they book The Shield vs Team Hell No and Taker..err.. The Brothers of Destruction and Daniel Bryan. That match will be win win win all around irregardless of the result

    1. If the Shield wins that really solidifies them as legitimate guys.

    2. Bryan gets the rub of handing Shield their first loss.

    3. Bryan also gets the rub of being one of a few guys to work with the Brothers Post Attitude Era

    4, It sets up a nice feud between The Shield and Team Hell No for the tag titles

    So I hope they book it because whatever the outcome it is gonna be win win win all around

  • Epic crowd tonight

  • Huge pop for Heyman!

  • “Nice to see that ignorance is still bliss here in New Jersey!” Everyone cheer!

  • Absolutely love the Dactyl’s outfits tonight!

  • Nostaljack

    So you take Tons O’ Funk’s match at Wrestlemania and then don’t even allow their entrance on the next night’s “Raw” to fully play out? Disrespectful much?

  • Mark

    Looks like RAW is gonna go well into overtime tonight!

  • Rikardo

    Hey Vince! Got an idea for you: Wrestlemania XXXI from the I-Zod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

    • How about Lincoln Financial Field in Philly? Philly crowds can get pretty wild as well!

    • Nostaljack

      Amen! Never seen a better one. THEY HUMMED FANDANGO’S THEME SONG FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES…

  • Nostaljack

    I’m not even sure this show needs matches or anything else. I could just watch this crowd!

  • Nostaljack

    LOLOLOL! They’re *still* doing Fandango’s theme!!!

  • Nostaljack

    I have just decided that Michael Cole is awesome. That is all.

  • Braxton


  • @funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    Enjoying this episode more than mania

    • I would have paid $60 just for this crowd!

      • This was a great show for the insane fans live. I’d love to thank each of them personally for making RAW feel like a two hour show.

  • Mark

    Also, is anyone else watching in the UK on sky sports? What is with the old footage lol, apparently RAW 1000 was last week….

  • Scottyo614

    This could get ugly with this crowd. I stayed up just to watch this crowd in this match. Could be worse that Orton earlier.

  • haha that was good by Cena then to start dancing lol

  • The Fandango Theme: Best New Chant!

  • Nostaljack

    I’m guessing they were told to cut Cena’s match with Henry *way* down. It was over as soon as it began.

  • Predictably Rybore comes out. I am going to bed

    • Nostaljack

      So much for *that* theory…

    • Ok I did not turn in. But I was not expecting that

  • Ryback turn heel

  • Xavier

    Ryback turning heel?

    • I guess so cause Cena can’t turn

      • yesterdy only cena turn to heel..but WWE knw if cena tun heel thts mean end of WWE….

  • Nostaljack


  • looks like they gone with Ryback turning heel

  • Kleck

    Ryback got his heel turn…looks good

    • Nostaljack

      Yeah, but the crowd cheered him.

      • Kleck

        Out of spite for Cena? With Cena getting mixed reactions from almost everywhere, perhaps the turn will not work. At least not against Cena.

  • The crowd made this Raw

    • Robbie, you hit the nail on the head! Brilliant crowd made RAW worth watching!

  • Cubed56

    Ryback loses his way to no. 1 contendership, wow! This is gonna be a god awful feud.

    • Xavier

      Your complaining about something that hasn’t even happened yet is pretty god awful. Why not give it a chance 1st before you shit on it.

      • Cubed56

        Cause Ryback is terrible in the ring and on the mic. I’ll go with you and give it a chance but deep down both you and I know it’s gonna be terrible.

        • Xavier

          What do we as fans always say? We always claim we wanna see fresh faces, well here it is.

          • Cubed56

            Agree with you on that, but I also like to see a good back and forth feud all around, all Ryback has to offer is the physicality. I like the new faces with you, but I don’t think Ryback is the right choice here at this time.

          • Xavier

            Honestly I think this feud would of worked better if Cena was a heel and Ryback as the face. But I think it’ll be okay. Ryback can only get better by working with guys like Punk & Cena

          • Cubed56

            That’s true, I think though that cena will be the heel in this feud just because of the fans.

          • Xavier

            I doubt it. Cena’s character will stay face no matter the reaction from the fans.

          • Cubed56

            Well yea his character will remain face absolutely I’m just saying cause of the crowd reactions he’s been getting and the reaction Ryback has been getting it will feel as though cena is the heel and Ryback is the face

          • Xavier


          • Smart Mark

            No point in even arguing, IWC are like a bunch of little kids. They always want it their way and if they don’t get it exactly how the want it they complain and cry. Nothing will please these internet marks. The little kids in WWE arena’s are more respectable because they don’t complain they just turn up every week and enjoy the show. Vince doesn’t care if the 40 year old men of the internet aren’t impressed by his show because the IWC aren’t the ones that buy all the merch and WWE action figures. IWC is about 30% of WWE’s fans. Think of how much the WWE has changed just to please the IWC. They bring in internet darlings like Bryan, Punk, Ambrose, Rollins to replace the guys that they feel are great which are the giant muscular guys and the IWC still complain. They give Punk the longest title reign in over a decade and they still complain. They want the Attitude Era back so Rock came back and won the title, and what did the IWC do when the Rock won the title??? Cried and Moaned.

          • Xavier

            Greatest post ever. I think the IWC makes up less then 30% of the wrestling fan base

          • Cubed56

            And you don’t want the attitude era back? Highly doubt you don’t. As far as complaining, I would say I’m juśt saying how mostly every smart fan feels. Ryback is nothing more than muscles, he can’t wrestle, he can’t talk, he’s not ready for this spot. They better hope that cena can really carry him and make him better, otherwise this could be the beginning of the end for Ryback.

  • Blaine

    So I guess it’s pretty much a tradition to have cena’s ass whooped the raw after mania…LOVE IT lol

    • Chalon

      Should be every Raw after a Wm from now on.

  • BrooksOglesby

    That’s how you make a star. I haven’t been very high on Ryback, but if you want to get him over, that’s what you do. Great Raw. If you didn’t have fun, I don’t know if there’s any hope for you.

    • Thanks Brooks, I completely agree! The fans in NJ made this show more exciting than it ever could have been on the basis of the booking. We need more crowds like this!

      • Tim

        Its funny though, because these are the same fans who went to WrestleMania last night.

        • Xavier

          Crowd was hot last night to but it was in a out door stadium, hard to retain noise in those types of venues

        • Streamz

          Well they actually had something to cheer about at Raw.

  • Scottyo614

    So Ryback just became full face lol

  • Michael

    Feed me more Ryback just took that all important step in attempting to replace Cena as the face of the Wwe. Ryback next Wwe champion when I saw him looking at Cena I hoped that he would attack him and bam.

    • Xavier

      He’s not replacing him. I think he might be turning heel.

      • yeahh
        ryback turn heel…..

  • The intent may have been to turn Ryback heel, but remember when they tried to keep Orton heel and turn Cody & Ted face and it backfired and went the other way? It’s possible that is exactly what could happen here and Ryback could stay face and Cena gets turned heel by the crowd.

  • The Breaker

    Just finished watching.. I was behind the whole show because I started late. Saw Evil Dead. It was pretty great.

    Unlike RAW.. so boring this week. 😛

    /obvious sarcasm

    • Moe

      The first hour of Raw was good, what happened after that is beyond me.

  • James O.

    I just wonder is this really a good time to push ryback, RIGHT after cena just won the biggest match of his career?

  • I have to say that the fans made this episode of RAW worth watching. Not only was RAW behind the 8 ball with the Rocky thing, but the fans wanted what they wanted, and they didn’t give a frack about what McMahon wanted to give them. More crowds like that and we might really have some shows we actually really enjoy!

  • Nostaljack

    Just as an aside, I’m thinking the population here has made it’s choice. As of this post, there are a whopping *5* posts utilizing the Facebook plugin. There are *over 200* posts utilizing “Disqus”.

  • Pinkie Pie

    Not like it needs to be said, but holy crap was this a good Raw. A good swerve in Barrett winning the title back, Ziggler is finally the WHC, Taker/Kane/Bryan vs The Shield, the 8 man tag match got to happen, Ryback took out Cena, and that BASED FREAKING CROWD. I really hope Fandango’s theme becomes a thing. It’ll make him even more over.

    Really fun RAW. Usually I delete RAW from the DVR after watching it, but this is one that deserves to be kept.

    • The Breaker

      I haven’t deleted it off my DVR yet either! It’s something I usually do without giving it a second thought, but I had too much fun watching it the first time to part with it right now. lol

      • Chalon

        Same here guys, I will keep it for a while.



  • Jimmy


    • Cubed56

      Hopefully after all the jobbing he’s done they reward him with a decent run and finally let us all see how good he really can be.

      • Jimmy

        Im hoping for a title reign up to Survivor series at minimum

        • Cubed56

          That’s the least they could do.

  • Scottyo614

    Reading the fans are playing Fandangos entrance with their car horns. Crowd of the year!

  • The best was when they chanted same old shit at Cena. That was classic.

  • lee

    I was LMAO when Cena says it should be every WWE Superstars dream to be in the main event and win at WrestleMania when they never let anyone be in the main event except Cena

  • tim

    Best….Crowd……Ever!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like that in my life. It truly was “the night the fans took over” and didn’t see it in the results but there was a strong Mike Chioda chant too. Just awesome.

  • tonight crowd suck……………….

  • tim

    Best….Crowd……Ever!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like that in my life. It truly was “the night the fans took over” and didn’t see it in the results but there was a strong Mike Chioda chant too. Just awesome.

  • BobCobb

    It’s sad how raw just trumped wrestlemania. Just destroyed it IMO. Even without the awesome crowd raw had some title changes, awesome run ins by Jericho and Kane/d bryan

  • whts happen Randy vs Sheamus??

    • Earl

      dat one budda boi bin get bood out ob arna den dat big fulla cum out an tar da houz doun n dem peple bin lik wen dat happn

  • Gary Robert

    Dear Vince,
    Did you see the crowd reaction when Ziggler walked out onto the ramp to cash in his contract? Did you feel the energy with each move, with the potential tap out, with the escape and the pinfall to win the title? Did you see the eruption…for a HEEL, no less?! THAT is what its all about. CREATIVE writing for a live show is all about a moment like THAT. Creating a moment where the fans and the energy just explode with intensity. THAT moment on RAW was bigger than any that happened on your biggest PPV that cost me $70. That TYPE of moment could have happened with a CM Punk win or with a Cena heel turn….so, please hire people that can create more of those moments…and get out of the way.

    • Earl

      i bin tel vin to get dat zig da big belt but he dun eben pa tenton to me he dun eben car wat us mob got say he jus car bout dat koolaba in his on bin pokt dere

      • Translation:
        I’ve been saying to Mr. McMahon that WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler should be the World Heavyweight Champion; however, Mr. McMahon paid no attention to my suggestion. I think that Mr. McMahon doesn’t even care about the opinions of the dedicated fans of his product and is solely interested in gaining monetary profit.

        • Gary Robert


  • keith

    Some of the unhearable chants where for x pac. Other chants where ” suck it” hell the crowed at one point was chanting vendors like ice cream guy too

  • Abcdejg

    Why did they bring back John Laurinaitis for one night then never bring him up again?

  • The Rich

    I was there at Raw and Fandango is OVER!!! Just like Miami got Bryan over, Fandango is now over. His music was being hummed after the show, in the parking lot, hell people were honking to the beat. Raw was on fire and Vince definitely needs to listen to his fans. The Orton/Sheamus match was crapped on by us. Everyone from the cotton candy man, the camera man and hell even Michael Cole was cheered for. This was the best Raw, I hope that the Fandango entrance music chants continue. I know in NY/NJ it’s going to be.

    • Xavier

      If Vince listenend to everything the IWC wanted the WWE would end up looking a lot like ECW, and we all know what happened to ECW.

  • gpturbo81

    i giggled a bit when orton had to ask sheamus what his next line was

  • RJH

    This means The Miz is still undefeated at wrestlemania

  • markbyrn

    I hope every crowd from now on loudly crap on / mocks WWE’s crap booking. If it weren’t for the crowd, I would have fallen asleep in the first hour.

  • It was Olé Olé Olé Olé chants you were hearing, not boring but anyway no big deal. What a sweet crowd. Wish we could have them every week.

  • Dan

    I think CM Punk could use a few months off and then make an unexpected return. Either as a face or a heel depending on the crowd reaction.

  • Wu’teh

    I’ve just finished watching RAW and that crowd has made my day.
    When they started singing Fandango’s music I couldn’t breathe for laughing! I haven’t enjoyed a crowd so much since last year’s post-mania RAW when the YES! chants started up 😀

  • simon

    I miss randy as a heel, He was just so perfectly evil

  • For a thing like WWE the crowd was amazing and I truly wonder if the crowd was like that more often if heels would get some better storylines to go with it. I personally don’t enjoy their chanting while watching soccer matches, so I just mute it. But when you are a paying customer you are free to enjoy yourself at the events as long as you don’t go all racist for the most part.

  • I kind of hope they keep Cena with the belt for a little bit. They should have heel after heel wanting to take him down. Scare the babyface out of Cena.

  • MonstaHeel450

    That crowd last night was definitely imported from “Bizarro World, Canada” as Lawler would always say…. rooting for the Heels, humming Fandango’s theme song had me in tears from laughing so much and hard.. It was crazy (shh AJ) Orton and Sheamus looked confused and pissed, wondering WTF was goin on with the chants.. epic.