WWE Raw Preview - Orton's Final Test, Go-Home To Elimination Chamber

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw, the go-home to Elimination Chamber show, will emanate from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will complete his singles matches against his Chamber challengers with a non-title match against Sheamus.

Dot com looks as the following in their Five-Point Preview:

  1. The final test (Orton vs. Sheamus)
  2. Uso, you didn’t know? (Usos/New Age Outlaws)
  3. Swagger’s ‘Big’ chance (Swagger/Big E)
  4. Not business, strictly personal (Kane/Daniel Bryan)
  5. Bombs away (Alberto Del Rio/Batista)

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  • jason witten 82

    Excited to see sheamus go over…

  • pik

    Randy Orton is the WWE champion and is the most entertaining wrestler in the company. It baffles me why they would have him lose to 2 midcarders (Cesaro and Bryan) and Cena on free tv in a span of two weeks. Cesaro is one of the most overrated wrestlers around. He would be lucky to ever get the U.S. title back and would be a horrible WWE champion because he has a horrible look, cant work the microphone, and his in ring skills are exaggerated. WWE needs to realize that they were right all along, Batista vs Orton in the mainevent of WM 30 is the best possible match and they should start building both of them up. I understand they want to make everyone seem like a threat in the Chamber(except Christian) but Randy Orton is a once in a generation type superstar and they need to capitalize on his popularity.The one thing that holds Cesaro back is his look…. He looks like my half mexican half italian balding uncle or something..

    • wagdaddy

      Yesterday, I watched some paint dry & then saw some grass grow….no, wait-I was wrong-it was actually ANY Randy Orton promo ever…Most entertaining wrestler in the company? Unless he signed up with TNA last night-you are either sadly mistaken or have an incredibly low entertainment threshold.

  • pik

    The most OVERRATED wrestlers around are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and his fans make me sick. Batista is physically much bigger and more distinguished name as a wrestler Batista is a 6 time world champion, 4 time tag champion, 2 time (now)Royal Rumble winner, and was ranked the #1 wrestler in the world by PWI in 2005 and he deserved the Rumble victory. All you Bryan marks better just get over it and accept the fact that Bryan has never drawn a dime in his life and he is nothing more than an internet darling. Bray Wyatt has much more potential, as does Roman Reigns and they both outshined Bryan at the Rumble with their performances, not their immature mark fans. Bryan should just face Sheamus at WM 30 because both of them are enhancment main eventers and have been transitional champions..The truth is HHH will never make Bryan the man, because the last great worker whom the fans wanted as champion was Benoit and that didnt end well.. HHH knows everything Bryan does will catch up with him and the end to his story will not be pretty much like the Dynamite Kid..The Miz deserves a title shot more than Bryan does at this point………I feel horrible for Batista because he deserved a better reaction for his return and victory after making some great movies and accomplishing so much in WWE and venturing into MMA. Orton vs Batista sounds like an AMAZING WM main event and if you cant appreciate that fact then just stop watching wrestling because you obviously cant appreciate real WRESTLING. ‘The Animal’ returning and cementing his spot in the main event at WM 30, was truly unforgettable! Thank god Punk left so we can get more Sheamus and Batista…Bryan vs Orton on Raw was a complete DUD due to Bryans shortcomings and im sure the ratings will reflect that..i think Bryan should win the belt at Elimination Chamber so Batista can squash him like a bug in 3 min. at WM 30..Daniel Bryan should get on the gas, wear skinny jeans, get a belly button tattoo and then MAYBE he could be a main eventer

    • SandeepBains

      You were doing great until you gave away the fact that you were trolling in your last sentence. I laughed though, 8.5/10.

      • Farooq_316_Damn

        Thanks.. .Bryan would look cool as f*** with skinny jeans and a belly button tattoo.

  • Mark D’Arciprete

    Can’t wait to go tonight! Hopefully they put on a great show.