WWE Raw Rating

This week's WWE Raw did a 3.1 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 4,480,000 viewers on the USA Network. The viewers by hour are below:

  1. Hour one - 4,350,000 viewers
  2. Hour two - 4,660,000 viewers
  3. Hour three - 4,430,000 viewers
  • Matt

    Not bad given they have to average another full hour, too.

  • TheAwesome1

    I blame the decrease in hour 3 to the predictable Jericho match and CM Punk picking Cena as his next opponent. Plus people were probably exhausted lol.

  • Longtime Fan

    Raw was bad this week. Really bad.

    • Bob

      Way to be thorough with your explanation about how RAW was bad.

  • TheAwesome1

    o me this weeks raw was less entertaining. Pointless matches, then they throw in Jericho and Ziggler to make it exciting. The last segment was just Cena preaching about Respect and then a heelish Punk beats up on the commentator and stands there trying to look badass

  • Tim

    Every show to me gas been downgraded to a YouTube show where I can hurry up and skim threw except raw but now the three hours are here it’s getting there they should of never done three the writers are not good enough of two

  • KVB

    What are the ratings for Canada????? The Score shows Raw here how about our ratings please be nice to read once and a while. Thanks