WWE Raw Rating

WWE Raw ended up doing a 2.87 cable rating on the USA Network. We have the hourly viewership breakdown at this link.

  • Ray

    I noticed I can no longer watch the rest of raw on YouTube anymore or on thescore.ca. I don’t understand why they would want to limit the way we can view raw or smackdown. Especially for evening shift workers who can only catch the replay.

    • The Breaker

      That probably has something to do with their new Hulu Plus deal, to give them exclusivity.

  • Louis

    Was there anything that effected the RAW rating like Monday Night Football or anything like that?

    • D-Bag

      The MNF game was the Steelers vs the Chiefs. I am a huge Chiefs fan, but I could've cared less about that game.

  • Torben

    Not good at all.