WWE Raw Rating - Back To Reality Following Strong Raw 1000 Numbers

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This week's WWE Raw did a 3.08 cable rating off hours of 2.79, 3.21 and 3.25 with an average viewing audience of 4,490,000 viewers on the USA Network. For comparability purposes, the show did a 3.23 cable rating in its old 9-11 timeslot.

  • Slade6alpha

    I hope they go back to 2 hours. Too many recaps, commercials, and we still get the same matches. No Ambrose, nothing! Only 2 matches were exciting.

    • mo

      yea and remove aj

      • Ken

        Only if she's removed to my bedroom.

    • John

      Yeah, I do not want to watch all of the recaps at least 3 times every week. I am watching the show…I don't need to know what happened a half an hour ago!

    • gpturbo81

      seriously, how many times did they show stephanie slapping heyman

  • Josh

    RAW will be back to 2 hourse by January. I actually would prefer it to be an hour and a half but there is too much money to lose there.

    • Razmos01

      Why? Is it because you bedtime falls at the hour and a half mark?

  • snuggle

    The show wasn’t bad, it wasn’t last Weeks but not bad. I think they had some good matches and strong ones not just some threw together ones. I have no problem with the three hour Raw and I hope it remains and people stop complaining.

  • Whammaster

    Thats pretty dam good considering the Olympics.

    • christopher525

      Interesting point, actually kind of surprised nobody else pointed that one out.

  • Paul

    The olympics is cleaning up ratings everywhere at the moment.
    Raw will need to squeeze alot more into 3 hours to make it worth staying up for in this country.
    More matches is my first thought, push some more talent, wwe is aware it lacks main event talent but never gives anyone decent air time.

  • Matt

    When a billion people watch the Olympics, you bet some of those are WWE fans, me, that's why I have a DVR, watch Raw live and Olympics on DVR (or just earlier in the day if they knew how to schedule)

  • krismystery

    There are only Olympic reruns at that time of the night… the live action would have been finished hours before RAW started.

  • Knowlsey92

    I have not watched a single bit of the Olympics

  • British bulldog

    Surely 95% of us Brits tape (or DVR as you know it) raw, as 1am to 4am is late!! Though I’m assuming these ratings are US viewership.

    I’ve asked this before with no answer, but what does any other typical show get ratings wise?? As a comparison with wrestling shows??

  • Da KiDD

    Wow, so you're losing one hour of sleep one night a week. I think you'll live.

  • George Takei