WWE Raw Rating - Did CM Punk's Celebration Draw?

The post Survivor Series show of WWE Raw scored a 2.72 cable rating. The hour viewership breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st hour: 3.873,000 viewers
  • 2nd hour: 3,923,000 viewers
  • 3rd hour: 3,719,000 viewers
  • Dude love

    It pains me to say it, but people in general just do not care about wrestling anymore. WWE can present the best product in years and the ratings will still remain stagnant. Non-internet fans are not informed enough about wrestling to truly appreciate it.

    • LeftyTosser

      Are you kidding? Like the IWC has any more clue than others. The problem with today's version of wrestling is that VKM sits down right after a show is over to see how the IWC reacts instead of listening to folks that are actually paying for his product. The writing stinks because there is no patience to develop story lines over time because of wanting the instant gratification that the internet offers on feedback. The problem is that the feedback is coming from folks that don't go to the shows, don't actually buy the PPVs (because they can be watched online free) and hide behind screen names.

      • Dude love

        I never stated that the IWC has any clue either.

      • William Shatner

        **Holds hand up as one of them what watches it all for free over the interwebz**

        When Vince pulls his head our of his rear and presents a product worth paying for I'll consider paying for it. There's glimmers of hope here and there… the Jerry Lawler/CM Punk/Paul Heyman situation was darkly humorous, I liked the NXT guys beating down Ryberg like in the good old days of factions and gangs, and I loved the backstage locker room bit where Ziggles put Cena through the toilet stall walls, and the in-ring action's been a little better of late. They've still a long way to go before I'd consider paying for them again though. I comment on things on the internet because I want the WWE to hear my opinion and hopefully act on it. If Vinnie doesn't get that feedback he'll never know how s**t he's been recently.

        And hiding behind screen names? That's rich coming from someone called LeftyTosser. I don't know which hand you use and I don't care but the last half of your screen name is certainly accurate.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      Correction: People don't care about Punk as champ anymore, ratings started too sink when he became champ and will comtinue too sink as ong as Vince keeps the belt on him

  • Monty

    Cm.punk is driving the ratings down and people use to blame cena for that. Don't be shocked if this keeps up that cena is the Champlain again sooner rather than later

    Best in the world and respect angle has gone rotten fast. Cm.punk has been complaining about the same things for months now could we please get some fresh material

    Also was it me or for first 3-5 minutes the crowd was really not into kofi vs wade match at all

    Also IMO rayback threatening to tear the lace apart angle could have been pushed a lot better but Vince screwed it up. How about et rayback go on a huge rampage till the end of night when he gets NXT and PUNK

    Overalla a good show but not a great show. If this was old time wcw would be doing the double of these ratings because raw is sucking a lot lately

    • Austin

      They did freshen up the angle by introducing Paul Heyman……..its funny how the guy above you is complaining that they have no patience to develop story lines but when they do develop story lines people complain they're boring. It doesn't matter if they have long title reigns,short title reigns,if they're edgy or not,or if the stories make sense. What it all comes down to is if the show is compelling or not, and it's not. Saying that, last nights show was a huge step up from the following weeks for me. It did irk me a little that they built up Punk's huge "celebration" , but it was more or less a Punk promo with a nifty video package.

      • KingKongBrody


    • IZ BLACK

      Agreed. Punk fans will never admit that he's the reason for the crappy ratings. Punk fans will quickly defend him and say "that you can't blame one person for the ratings because it's ot fair" but these are the same idiots who put all the blame on Cena for the PG product even though the WWE didn't go PG until mid-July of 08 when CM Punk was champ. @Monty: There is no point in trying too talk sense into those fans because simple minds will continue too be simple minds no matter how many facts you present in front of them.

  • LeftyTosser

    OK, let's play "fix the ratings". First, let the writers do their jobs and develop story lines over a period of time rather than saying everything must work today. Second, get the mic out of Punk's hands. The constant complaining about "no respect" is getting way too old. If he wants to complain about "no respect" then let someone come out and actually show him what no respect is like with a beat down. Next, let the bad guys win! In the glory days of wrestling the good guys did not win nearly as often on weekly shows as they do today. Their wins came at big events, like the PPVs. This would build both weekly and PPV ratings. Next, set a limit on in ring talk time. There should be no more than 10 minutes per hour of talking. Set 40 minutes of in ring wrestling, 10 minutes of talk time and 10 minutes of commercials and the fans would be happy. While changes are being made, eliminate Vickie from ever touching a mic again. If she is not the most annoying on mic personality in wrestling, I don't know who is. Last, but certainly not least, instead of a video review of the entire previous show, how about showing a video package from the house shows during the week between RAW episodes? This would be new material and might even boost house show attendance.
    By the way, Monty's idea of letting Ryback tear the house down is a terrific idea. If he doesn't mind I would like to add the idea of letting Ryback corner the NXT guys or Punk and start a beat down as the camera fades to black. Then there is a reason for folks to tune in next week.

    • joe

      Damn everything you just said is what ive been saying 2 man that woule make wwe more watchable even if it still pg

    • Loren_G

      I agree that Vickie is annoying on the mic, but man does she generate heat! The crowd when she gets out there is normal volume but as soon as she opens her yap you can barely hear her. It's amazing really. One of the best heat generating workers they have.

  • AntGilroy

    Lol bad guys are winning trollasaurus..

    Big show – heel – world champ

    Punk – heel – WWE champ

    Antonia cesaro – heel – US champ

    2nd you have been worked Vickie intent to be annoying as was johnny boy..

    • LeftyTosser

      LOL, now that's funny. Everyone understands that Vickie's character is supposed to be annoying. Duh. She is beyond what annoying is supposed to be. Heyman is annoying, but at least you can listen to him. Vickie is one that just makes my ears hurt. She can't enunciate words which makes her difficult to listen to, she can't remember her lines well enough to make it seem like a natural flow and most of all, her voice causes dogs around the world to cry and look for a place to hide.

      In response to your comment about bad guys winning. My thought was actually more of letting bad guys win clean or put a beat down on a few good guys once in awhile. With the exception of Cesaro, the others haven't won clean in so long it is ridiculous.

    • KingKongBrody

      Omg thank you that last guy cracked me up vickie is working everyone and the bad guys ARE kicking ass

  • Yanman

    I believe it’s down to a lack of star power. I like Punk but to truly be a top tier superstar you have to be put against other great superstars. In the Hogan era Hogan got to work with Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, etc. HBK had Bret, Diesel, Sid, Bulldog, Undertaker etc. Austin had Rock, HHH, Angle, ect. Who does Cena and Punk have? Orton? Miz? Del Rio? Give me a break. The new crop of stars just aren’t larger than life like all of the generations before. I believe big stars will bring people back.

  • Evon Reese

    When Punk drops the title ratings will come back. I truly wish Rock would go after Ziggler or Bryan. I don't even want to see Stone Cold vs Punk. However I would love to see Stone Cold vs anyone else. I am so sick of Punk.

  • Mark Wilkins

    lol at people blaming Punk for the ratings, yes he's the champion, but he's barely main evented most of the PPV's. CM Punk is the champion, but Cena is still the face of the WWE so he shares the blame along with Ryback and the creative team.

  • Longtalltex

    WWE needs more backstage brawls and food fights like the one between Orton and ADR. That was entertaining, long enough to keep interest and seemed to be potentially dangerous (a realistic element) for both combatants.

    I long for the days of Bruiser Brody and Abdullah beating the crap out of each other all over the arena, the parking lot, where ever. But, security risks and insurance would most likely prohibit that, these days.

    One of the best angles is having the Show be a black hatter and hate the crowd and everybody else.