WWE Raw Sees Sharp Decline In Viewership From Hour 1 To Hour 3 (Updated With Rating)

This week's WWE Raw did an average viewing audience of 3,920,000 viewers on the USA Network. The show saw a dramatic decrease in viewers from hour one to hour three, below is the breakdown:

  • Hour one: 4,147,000 viewers
  • Hour two: 4,126,000 viewers
  • Hour three: 3,488,00 viewers

The show ended up doing a 2.7 cable rating.

  • The Awesome James

    A shame, because I think they're finally figuring out how to fill 3 hours properly now. I do have to record it and fast forward the adverts though, I tried watching it live once and the adverts slow everything down far too much and it just dragged.

  • Spike westphal

    Oh dear back to two hours and use the three hours for special occasions

  • Ken

    What runs opposite Raw's third hour in the US?

  • H.M.

    3 hours ain't working brah.

  • HugeRockStar

    It’s like that every week. 3 hours is too long! I always lose interest and struggle to stay awake during the third hour.

  • Adam

    So for all the talk about how backstage was more relaxed and easygoing with HHH running the show instead of Vince, they lost over 20% of their viewers? It’s no wonder why Vince hasn’t relinquished any responsibilities permanently! Maybe Vince creates a more stressful enviornment, but the numbers show he creates a more successful product, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

  • Pete

    Does anyone ever take into consideration that Monday Night Football is on with this number?

    • Scottyo614

      Eagles Panthers kill that excuse

  • HugeRockStar

    They lose viewers every week in the third hour since this 3 hour nonsense started.

    Monday night football is no excuse, it’s always existed and they always dealt with it. If the show is worth watching ppl will watch it.

  • ou812

    I'll bet it dropped in the 3rd hour because people knew the rawactive poll was fixed. Whats next, all the match outcomes are gonna be fixed???

    • Ken

      Hate to break it to ya, brah, but, well…


    Punk in the main event and the ratings happen too drop. No surprise there.

    • snap

      It’s not Punk’s fault, three hours is just too long to sit through on a weekly basis. I dislike Cena as much as you appear to dislike Punk (I don’t watch any of the segments/matches he’s involved in), but I wouldn’t even blame Cena if it was him in the closing spot and ratings were tanking.

      What’s more applicable to the ratings drop is the obviously rigged RAWActive for the main event. People obviously wanted to see Punk vs. Bryan in the main event, as Bryan’s option was trending, but WWE skewed the results to put Kane in that spot.

      I agree with Spike, they should cut RAW back to two hours and have a three hour RAW at most once per quarter. Make it something special so people will WANT to watch the full show.

      Adam, Vince’s involvement can only affect the performers and writers of the show. The viewing audience doesn’t care who is running the show backstage, I think the ratings are either a result of viewer fatigue or simple apathy for the show in general.

    • hurrigame

      Would you rather have John Cena Nuff in the main event instead?

      • izblack

        Your John Cena Nuff statement is a bad attempt too try too be funny and super gay. My guess is your a Cena Hater who thinks Cena is too PG and that’s why I find it funny as hell that you would try too tell a corny PG joke like that.

        • SpellingPoliz

          *to try to be….

  • Corvontae

    Like Shane said to the public that he is going to watch Stephanie run the company straight to the ground. Seriously it's time to get real the company is only worth $550-590 million and stock is trading at $7

    Seriously…. PG or not it's time to get serious and realize the company is in some honey boo boo

  • ted

    the wwe is fine. it is worth 1 billion dollars on the new york stock exchange. it is doing fine. iwc fans are just the stupid dirtsheet writers who waste their lives obsessing about a company that they will never ever work for in their life times. go worry about tna and how they can crawl out of their ratings abyss withut relying on that steroid crippled 60 year old egotistical washed up has been hulk hogan and his butt kisser eric bischoff.

  • Brian H

    Wwe needs to figure out a way to keep viewers tuned in. Easier said than done but its either that or the trim off the third hour because it seems raw is doing better starting an hour earlier.

  • Probably because everyone is getting sick and tired of Mr Gotta Stick My Face In Every Wrestling Show On Earth Whether They Wanna See Me Or Not, Cena. I am all for a push for superstars, but Jesus H Christ, a 10 year push? WOW! I want one of those for MY fave superstar; Drew McIntyre. Whadaya say McMahon? GIVE MCINTYRE A 10 YEAR PUSH!

    • Robert

      Cena hasn’t had a 10 year push he got over with his character and just hasn’t changed it in 20 years big difference

  • Connor

    I thought Raw was terrible this week, no surprise the ratings were so bad. With long drawn out segments and major storylines with so many gaps in logic it's impossible to emotionally invest into, it's really a no brainer.

  • basss

    Punk iand Paul Heyman plain out suck the life out of me each. Sorry but im 1 of the people who doesnt watch the 3rd hour

  • AntGilroy

    Anyone whonwatched this week’s I thought it was well put together. Triple H has a nack and I highly doubt he will run this into the ground.

  • Jason

    so.. when people say they cant stay awake for the third hour and that raw is 'too long' sorry to break it to you but i call bullshit on that. because thats saying that even with raw being 2 hrs you're also saying you cant stay awake for the second hour because 2hrs or 3hrs it ends on the same hour..

    its like watching a televised PPV weekly if you complain that its 'too long' than you have a problem. because how since raw went to 3 hours with an extra hour early im sure it was based on the PG standpoint especially for the kids that have a bedtime curfew. since WWE is now basing their fan ratings on both kids & adults there will be some effects. so i dont know what the big deal is with all the excuses 'football,cant stay awake,etc' it doesnt matter people continue to keep complaining but dont you think there is a reason for the 3 hours? have you ever take the time to think of the positive sides to this reason?

    • snap

      I can sort of see where you’re coming from, but I am not exaggerating if I say I can’t stay awake for a full 3 hour or even 2 hour episode of RAW. I don’t know what it is, but the programming they deliver has the tendency to put me to sleep and it doesn’t matter if it is in its normal time slot or an afternoon replay.

      I could play a game for several hours and not run the risk of falling asleep while I play but maybe because in that scenario your brain is active and engaged.

      I can see the positive side of a longer RAW, yes, unfortunately WWE has fallen short of taking advantage of those potential positives. How often do we really see talent who would otherwise not make the cut on a two hour RAW? Failing that, how often are matches given more time?

      You basically expect short Ryback matches, but when only main event guys get more than FOUR minutes for their matches, it’s just like watching a two hour RAW with more recaps and other fluff.

      Another positive, of course, is more sponsorship revenue for WWE, but are they or their sponsors really benefiting from an extra hour which the audience doesn’t really want to watch?

      The thing with the ratings, though, is they don’t tell you if the 3,488,00 people who watched the third hour were in the 4,147,000 people who watched the beginning of the show. How many of those viewers actually stayed for the second hour and how many of the second hour numbers are viewers who tuned in AT the second hour? You KNOW WWE considers this, otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to replay some segments in their entirety during the third hour.

      The problem we face with three hours RAWs are writers who are exhausted not only because they have to write at least seven hours of television (RAW for 3 hours, SmackDown for 2 and 1 hour each for Main Event and Superstars) but they also have to rewrite stuff at Vince’s whim. Then you need to add another three to four hours when there’s a PPV.

      What’s so special about PPVs now that you see three consecutive hours of content each week? Commercial-free broadcasts? Well, technically, but they’re constantly shilling products it’s just you’re PAYING for them to shill products at you.

      The thing is, i DON’T want to watch a 3 hour PPV each week and you cannot look at RAW as being PPV quality because it’s not, with quality ranging from garbage to awesome and everywhere in between. I simply won’t watch a full 3 hours of RAW and thanks to tape delay and replays, I can pick and choose WHAT I want to watch.

      Just because WWE wants to shove three hours of mostly-mediocre (and sometimes ADD) programming at me each week doesn’t obligate me to sit through it and ask for more.

      Finally, you cannot compare RAW to actual sports broadcast. With sports, you don’t have a few minutes of competition followed by a stupid skit, which MIGHT then be followed by another match, if you’re lucky, whereas with a sport like hockey you have play from the moment the puck hits the ice to the moment the timer reaches zero, with any stoppages in play being filled with a commercial. Then there’s an intermission with programs either offering commentary on the period or things like interviews with the players.

  • elmo fudd

    face its better to separate the brands than compressing them. i think they should go back 2 hours.

    • Jason

      i have to dispute that and i'll tell you why… it was Triple H who made the 'supershows' practically going back to the days where there wasn't a 'brand extension' where there were open opportunities without limitations..for example Raw and/or smackdown talent can challenge for the US/IC titles & WWE/World Titles…like how daniel bryan challenged for both individually and big show aswell. and since the tag team titles are unified it shows that regardless of what brand you're on there are no limitations and i think its better with no limitations so more talent can get more pushes and more chances. and since the roster lacks a large amount of main event talent and due to injuries that occure on the main event talent that we have now there needs to be open spots for new.. wouldnt you agree?

  • JDubbs413

    Yeah I agree I’d like to see pre-three hour Raw viewership cause the actual third hour is 8-9 et

  • Autista

    No one wants to watch Cena make out with someone that looks half his age for 3 hours. Safe.