WWE Raw Spoilers

Brock Lesnar at Raw

Brock Lesnar is at WWE Raw from the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The word making rounds is he'll be used on television. There were plans to use him last week in New Jersey but he was sent home when The Rock was written off.

CM Punk Health Update

There are plans for CM Punk to provide an update on his health on this week's WWE Raw. I haven't heard how bad of shape he's in but we reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog that Punk was hurting.

Punk saw a doctor last week and while we didn't hear his status, we heard he wasn't optimistic about it either. The last word I heard was he was in "real bad" shape and less than 50% healthy.

  • They wanna make sure they have a page to link too when Brock is on RAW and they say “reported here FIRST”. YAWN.

  • BIG M

    Im tired of asking this on ask wnw and not getting an answer so ill ask it here WHERE IS CHRISTIAN

    • Lance Uppercutt

      At home injured like he has been for over 6 months …..Typing Christian in to google would have saved you a lot of time

      • Most people are to lazy or stupid to know everything is on the Internet. Instead of asking questions and waiting a few days. Just look online for a few minutes.

      • Nostaljack

        How many times does Richard have to answer that question anyway?

  • Doug

    Hahaha these are not spoilers at all