WWE Raw Storyline - CM Punk Spotted At London Pub

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WWE is doing an angle where WWE Champion CM Punk was "spotted in a London pub" just hours before tonight's Raw Supershow. You can view WWE's storyline announcement over on dot com at this link.

  • Booth

    The UK do have thing called a "Bar Meal" where you can eat in a pub and not have to drink so it really a silly idea!
    Though a glass of Pepsi is expensive!

    • John

      You can also just as easily walk into a normal pub & not have a drink either ! Doesn't make it a pointless storyline! The intentions of the idea are clear, there's no need to pick holes in it as if it's a real life situation.. It's scripted entertainment.

  • Ben

    It started a huge fish and chips chant was amazing ring there and chris Jericho was at dark match main event!!!

  • Kleck

    I really dislike this storyline. I believe this cheapens the straight edge lifestyle. I am not straight edge but I respect what they stand for.

    • Penny

      I agree with you Kleck. I saw this coming and was not looking forward to this angle. It is kind of uncomfortable to watch knowing there are real people out there that are struggling with this.

    • gibbons08

      I also hate this story line! I can’t wait till its over, they could have done way better with these 2!

  • The Bops

    Why would you post this already?? Is this something that will be revealed tonight? Please try to not put this kind of information in the headline. Some of us do not want to know this stuff.

    • wnwdotcom2

      This isn't a spoiler but was posted on dot com earlier this afternoon.

  • The Bops

    I take that back – I didn't read the story because I was P-ed off. WWE is to blame on this one.

  • H.M.

    I'm not really sure what to think of this. If Punk actually ends up drinking(kayfabe of course), then it'll probably ruin the angle as a whole.

  • Joe

    This CM Drunk story is boring and really hurting what could be an awesome program. Why not have two guys who cut good promos do just that and stop with the after school special stuff.

  • A.J.

    It really killed me that Jericho lost at wrestlemania.I know it is punks time but it really hurt.Jericho deserves better but then I noticed he patted punk on the head after the match.I really hope that Jericho goes over at extreme rules or else punk is going to turn into what he was against last year, the next Cena with the same old crap.

    • Joe O.

      I disagree. Punk would still be nothing like Cena. Just cuz he’s had a lengthy title run doesn’t make him a Super Hero like Cena. Two points to make: this is still only his 3rd or 4th world title. Not even close to Cena. 2, nothing wrong with a long run as long as he keeps it interesting which he has, not his fault there are no top heels that can stay on par with him in popularity to take it from him. As he said, he’s going to make it fun again.
      As far as Extreme Rules, I think it’s going to be VERY hard to book Punk losing the title in his and my hometown Chicago. Especially after MITB last year. Speaking of Chicago, I don’t know how they can book Cena to lose 2 PPV’s in a row but we can’t stand him at Allstate Arena. There would be mayhem if he won.

  • Tex

    He went into the Pub just to use the bathroom.