Raw Supershow Rating Featuring The 2011 WWE Slammy Awards

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Last night's three-hour Raw Supershow featuring the 2011 WWE Slammy Awards did a 2.84 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 4,109,000 viewers off hours of 2.55, 3.03 and 2.98.

In it's normal timeslot, the show did a 2.98 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 4,327,000 viewers on the USA Network.

  • James

    A 2.84? no wonder WWE are changing their image! the ratings are dropping quite a bit and wasn't it last year or the year before that Raw would get a 3.0 something

    • Alex

      People can't stand to watch Cole for 4 hours a week. Longer if its a ppv week.

  • sforester

    2.84 rating for a 3-hour show WITH a negligible Seattle-St. Louis NFL game. Admittedly the Slammys weren't the biggest hit of 'em all, but I don't want to think about the rating next Monday with Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco playing.

  • randall21

    Next week might do better considering the buzz about Kane returning. Next week might hit a 3.0

  • H.M.

    The fact that Raw has troubles getting past the 3.0 mark is a bit saddening. Honestly, I hope Kanes return really creates that much needed buzz. I was one of the people who tuned out near the last hour of the show and honestly didn't care so I can't blame the ratings for decreasing near the end. Unfortunately for many viewers they missed the last 2 minutes which pretty much made the whole damn show.

    Anyway Cena in a main event no longer draws, from what I've been observing. Fans are just tired of seeing him. As much as I want to enjoy him due to knowing that he has the talent, I just roll my eyes because every Cena match on TV is about the same. This mentality might be the reason why the ratings decrease as the show progresses in contrast to previous years where the main events usually saw an increase in viewership.

    Just my two cents. Hope WWE can pick up their game with Punk and make him the draw that he is destined to be(as well as Kane and his re-debut in that mask of course.)

  • matt

    Kane under a mask will bring back lots of the jaded fans. I know my fire for wwe was reignited (no pun intended) when I saw Kane return

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Maybe because the WWE is becoming too PG, audiences are going away in droves. Sorta makes u wonder if Batista was right all along about the company getting weak by becoming more family-oriented. What would happen if John Cena did turn heel? Would it help or hurt the program? Jus' wonderin'…

    • Paul

      Wrestling is basically staged fighting and kids shouldn’t be watching it anyway, kick out the pg and watch all the old fans come flooding back in and the ratings sore up.
      They should have cena turn heel by screwing the rock at wm, worked for stone cold? His tshirt sales didn’t suffer.

  • PikaPal4ever

    Bottom line is that the WWE makes a HUGE mistake by letting the fans vote for the slammy winners.
    You know that they will be biased towards the good guys (faces) and that the people that actually deserve
    to win will rarely win. Superstar of the year, when punk won, was a good decision. The sad thing, however, is that Cena, who did nothing this year, probably got as many votes as miz, del rio and mark henry put together.
    All three of them were better than Cena this year. Kelly Kelly winning her Divalicious award was weak too when beth and natalya had some great moments. The ring collapsing has been done, doen't deserve an award. Snooki was ok, even though the A-Lister award was a dumb idea. Lastly was what I like to call WWE Management and the WWE fans spitting in Edge's face. Edge retiring was a HUGE Gamechanging moment in the WWE. An overall top 3 wrestler and performer from the last 15 years retires and you fans care about Cena and the Rock's match at wrestlemania. LOL. This is what's wrong with today's fans, and I'm only 24 BTW.