WWE Raw Supershow Rating

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Monday's edition of WWE Raw Supershow did a 2.9 cable rating off hours of 2.88 and 2.98 with an average viewing audience of 4,462,000 viewers.

  • Daniel Glass

    Maybe if the WWE Execs would take time and listen to the WWE Universe and axe Michael Cole from commentary and bring back the team of Jerry and JR, ratings might would pick up. As a loyal fan, I’m sick of Cole trashing 90% of the Raw roster and glorifying the remaining 10%.

  • spikewestphal

    2 ways of makeing rateings increasd 1 turn cena heel 2 fire michael cole

  • Daniel Glass

    I’m not sure if turning Cena HEEL is a good marketing strategy or not. I will agree that removing Cole from ring side commentary would definitely boost ratings. Maybe making Cole a manager, kinda like Jimmy Hart

  • Bobby

    At least the show gained viewers in the 2nd hour.

  • Noah


  • H.M.

    It honestly has to be Cole that's alienating so much of the Universe. He gives such a bad impression of the product to any casual fan or a returning viewer that they may not ever want to switch back to the USA network(or any other network Raw airs on) again.

    If they don't want JR, hell at least put Matt Striker in there.

  • chopper

    heres goes all the rubbish comments about ratings again. theres no other country in the world except the USA, theres no more WWE fans apart from thoughs in the US.
    You guys need to give it a rest, VKM knows he's getting ratings from other countries, yes there is other countries in the world, so WWE is probably the most televised programme world wide so get a grip of yersels!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Glass

    I still say that if the WWE would remove Michael Cole from ring side commentary, Monday Night Raw would be better off. Cole is nothing but negative.