WWE Raw Supershow Rating

Last night's WWE Raw Supershow did a 2.9 cable rating off hours of 2.96 and 2.77 with an average viewership of 4,008,000 viewers.

The number is down with the disturbing down from hour one to hour two. However, the show was up against stiff competition with the BCS National Championship Game on ESPN.


    Not as bad as I thought it would be

  • Deb

    Well john Laurenitis is probably the reason ratings are down who want to watch his crap?

    • Wayne

      Or maybe creative is the reason!!

  • H.M.

    I wonder who was in the main event…HMMMMM?!!!!

    Booking Cena in the main event over Punk at this stage in Punks career….atrocious. I don't care if Kane does the most bad*** stuff, Cena no longer draws. This trend continues to disturb me. And it's usually cuz Cena's in the main event.

    • Matt Scott

      If Cena doesn’t draw why does his merch always sell? Why is it that he’s the one facing Rock at WM? Yes, to me and you Cena doesn’t grab us as we’re sick of the same ole crap but Cenas target audience still loves him and still watches RAW for HIM. Just a shane a lot if them watch RAW on DVR as they’re in bed before the end.

    • Bruno

      Stop being silly. You don’t know what your talking about so shut up. Cana segments and matches draw the highest crowds.

      • H.M.

        It's been a consistent trend. People are bored of Cena. That's why he gets booed by the 'men'. I know he has all the talent in the world. You're contradicting yourself here. The ending segment garnered the LOWEST number of viewership. I only make conclusions after a consistency. This is a consistency we've been seeing – referring to the dwindling ratings as the show progresses by hour 2. And it's Cena that's usually in the main event.

  • BCD

    The game was a blowout at the end, plenty of people could have flipped back to RAW, but they STILL lost viewers. The BCS game doesn't affect the rating very much for the second hour in this case.

  • Hashtag Daley

    One of the worst RAWs I’ve watched in a long while. Deserves that bad number, IMO.

  • ted

    raw getting a 2.9 cable rating while going up against a college championship football game is not bad for wwe.

    i wish the wrestling media would accept the fact that pro wrestling will never be as popular as pro sports in america.

    the good news for wwe is that wwe will not have to face football until september so the ratings will go up again for wwe while tna will still be getting a 1.2 on thursdays.

  • Clint

    hmmmm was this the same rating where they were blaming ryder, bryan, and punk, and leave TNAs rating out of this, at least they have been consistent

  • Clint

    oh and the reason for such low ratings lately for wwe, school is in session and little kids have bed times

  • craig

    so john cena doesnt draw. ratings never dropped off huge and he was the main event. (people would use that excuse to bury Punk)