WWE Raw Supershow Rating

Last night's WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.1 cable rating off hours of 3.11 and 3.16 with an average viewing audience of 4,650,000 viewers on the USA Network.

  • Brett

    I bet Dixie asked for the Daytona 500 be pushed back until monday just to get at WWE

  • PFElton

    If that's the best they can do on the R2WM with THE ROCK, they have a problem.

    • Lee

      Well, there was this race, see, and I bet some people wanted to watch that. Not that I'll ever understand why anyone would pick anything over a Rock promo, but still.

    • havoc525

      There was this little race deal, that averaged an 8.0 rating, with 36.5 million viewers. I’m sure that didn’t hurt them at ALL. You know, running at the same time as Raw and everything.

  • Maz

    So wats the rating on a normal day

  • H.M.

    Wow, the show honestly deserves more viewers. Quality of the show has been great. But we have to factor in the fact that DVR's have become all too common now(Speaking for myself as well here) and the fact that many sites stream live shows of Raw online, which are viewed by thousands.

  • Josh

    That's the normal rating these days….. Race had little to no impact. We're talking NASCAR people

    • Brick

      Folks down south do love their wrasslin and racing

  • havoc525

    Keeping steady is pretty good, with the one race anyone really cares about going head to head. Figured the country folk (which I live in the middle of) would have driven this number down. Got to wonder how “southern” the WWE crowd is these days with this number.

  • jfb336

    I watched the Daytona 500 last night, and flipped back to Raw a few times. I did watch the Rock-Cena closing segment though, since the race was red flagged at that time.