WWE Raw Supershow Rating

Last night’s WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.1 cable rating off hours of 3.14 and 3.06 with an average viewing audience of 4,382,000 viewers on the USA Network.

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  • PFElton

    Another horrid number, with two weeks to 'Mania.

    Let the excuses and long explanations about how great RAW is if you drop your standard a good 10 notches commence!

    • XKonn247

      If 3.1 is horrid what’s the word you’d use for TNA? With their 0.9-1.1

      • PFElton

        And here's the classic copout: Whenever WWE underperforms, (which happens weekly), immediately point the finger at TNA to justify how great they are.

      • robert

        a new company compared to wwe with no live shows and prob quarter the budget and reach of wwe now with that said I don't think 3.1 is that bad 4.3 million people watched 97-2007 will prob never happen again mostly just us people that watch no matter how bad they are at timesi.e april 2010 – jan 2011 the worst 10 months since 1993

  • Bubba J

    At first I was quite dissapointed with this rating. I then found out that it was still the number 1 show on cable last night. Still, I feel the rating should be way higher, especially it being wrestlemania season and all…

  • Noah


  • Jeremiah

    Kinda funny how their ratings don't even improve with it being "Road to Wrestlemania" time. Just shows how much garbage is on their show right now.

  • Bruno

    Begin with excuses. The Rock was sick