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  • Chris

    That’s less than last week!

    • Matt Scott

      Well spotted, Clueso!

  • The Man

    WWE Raw sucked balls last night, the WWE need a full cleanup of that company. Their too image conscious now in days and you can’t run a wrestling promotion like that. Wrestling is meant to be trashy and dirty.

    • Anand

      Not it is not meant to be dirty or trashy. It is meant to be entertaining & unpredictable. Maybe WWE needs to rethink their strategy of going PG and bring back atleast a partial Attitude Era kind of thing. The unpredictability of the Attitude Era is what made WWE what it is today.

    • Dangerous Lee

      You want something trashy and dirty? Go watch porn…

  • YES! YES! YES!

    When is Benoit returning?

    • Matt Scott

      So you find double homicide, involving a defenceless woman and and even more defenceless child, funny? Your life must suck.