WWE Raw Supershow Rating

Last night’s WWE Raw Supershow did a 2.94 cable rating off hours of 2.91 and 2.97 with an average viewing audience of 4,408,000 viewers on the USA Network.

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  • freaking

    Raw rating down again the problem is wwe to scripted follow tnas example less scripted more matches using all there talent then you might get better ratings

    • Eurosario

      I followed you until you said to follow TNA/IW example.Do you want WWE's ratings to fall below 1.5 or worse.

      • freaking

        I see you dont watch tna watch it then you will see what im talking about no stupid storylines like wwe watch tna then you can comment on my status properly

        • Matt Scott

          You are kidding right!? Tell me you're joking! The biggest gripe most TNA fans is the idiotic angles. And after the introduction of Impact WRESTLING, a show that focuses on WRESTLING, we thought we'd see some WRESTLING. Instead we get 1 hour 40+ minutes of talking and less than 20 minutes of wrestling.

        • john hardy

          hey youre"freaking" playa. tna starts with a 25 min promo every week. its highest viewers is 576000 compared to low raw ratings of 4408000. camnn you tell me why kaz and dan had a shot at tag belts when feuding with aj . while aj has a match vs angle . .

  • Brett


  • Aldin94

    That's not good!

  • AJG316

    Considering nowadays, that's actually a decent number.

  • the ox

    Raw rating was solid good to see

  • the rhino

    Raw rating worst since february hopefully wwe can turn it around