WWE Raw Supershow Rating

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Last night's WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.0 cable rating off hours of 3.08 and 2.99 with an average viewing audience of 4,156,000 viewers on the USA Network.

  • Matt

    not bad at all

    • Josh

      what are you smoking?

    • James M>>>

      I’m sure vkm wouldn’t agree lol. Definitely beliw average. I’m sure they’d love to be back to the days a few years ago of 3.5-4s.

  • Bob

    Two reasons: John Lauranitis and predictable storylines.

    • TruWrestling

      No 3 reasons…John Cena's horrendous character, over acting, and him always being front and center. He has to always be at the end of the show making it lose more ratings. It's not just Lauranitis by himself, but it's corny Cena too (if not more).

  • XKonn247

    It’s up from last week but it didn’t deserve to be. I can’t wait to see the buy rates of that over the limit card. That delivered exactly what it promised. Grade A crap bar one match.

  • @KyleGordon91

    Decreasing ratings, another factor that would make you wonder why in the world WWE would even consider extending Raw to 3 hours

    Just out of curiosity, when's the last time Raw saw a 4.0?

  • TruWrestling

    WWE Raw was absolute garbage, period. And of course, John Cena's lame and corny character has to make the show even worse than it already is. He's so immature and out of touch with what's really going on. Come on now WWE, put somebody else as the face of the company. Surely, he is not the best, so why do they keep putting him in the front like that. If he's the best that WWE has to offer than, WWE is truly in trouble and that's for real.

  • rocco

    we are big fans of wwe but we stop watching wwe when Lauranitis becames GM of both raw and smackdown i hate wwe now and my frnds too

  • _JIM_

    WWE seems to hover right around 3.0 from week to week like TNA is stuck around 1.0 every week. That’s a huge difference in the number of viewers between those two numbers, and like TNA, WWE is also stuck where they are in the ratings and can’t seem to do much better.

  • josh

    because of this raw super show they too away the best part of the wwe the wwe darft everyone tuned in to see the draft every year and all the goo supersatrs left like jeff hardy matt hardy kurt angel batista ken shamrock stone cold ect thw wwe went down hill after jeff hardy left and i think vine need to take the wwe back over and split raw and smackdown back up